the sidelines.

some annoying twat & their memes, reckons:

“dont sit on the sidelines. get in the game.”

guess what douchebag;

you get to see more of humanity from the sidelines than you do with some cunts shit up in your grill.

put that in a meme & go fuck yourself.



dear functioning kiddy fuckers.

the lawyer.










you lot have managed to stay hidden,

far away from the monster under the bed.

you lot pretend to reside in far loftier surrounds –

the boardroom, your leagues & gentlemen clubs.

it is a little more than amusing,

that you should categorise your dealings as normal.

pretty sure a kiddy fucker, is just a kiddy fucker.

like shit is shit.

putting icing on it, does’t make it a cake.

& your weaner is just as small as the rest of them.

the inadequacy that propels you to

surf for little prey, makes you inadequate.




you may have a blue collar, a white collar.

but you deserve less than a dog collar.

but i see you.


~ don’t leave your children unattended

~ don’t disregard our intuition

~ if you think that its dodgy; then it is

~ kiddy-fuckers don’t take vacations.




Pending thoughts: Ableism and its discontents.

Thoughts on ableism:

Excerpt: “But the fact remains, this is a society for the “able bodied” and the “mentally sound,” and this fact is attributable to thoughtlessness conditioned by a disgusting level of unspoken malice. There are philosophers who argue that the disabled should be treated as a lesser class of persons. Even if we remove sentimentality from the equation, I consider such openly and willfully malicious persons to not only lack a basic sense of humanity, but to lack a basic idea of what it means to be human. Such persons undoubtedly think they are liberating the human species from a “burden” by consigning the disabled to a lower place in the great chain of being. They want to privilege what they see as strength and effectiveness. I would argue, that humanity is not only not held back by prioritizing the dignity of those whose conditions of life give them different needs, but, that the ability to do this is among the highest human vocations.”

Source: Pending thoughts: Ableism and its discontents.

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