366 reasons to smile ~ +144.

+144. I was browsing through the word press stats thingy – which I don’t really do enough – and discovered this little beauty.

Turns out when I yell at the spell check for re-spelling my expletives and native languages (both cultural and natural language), it’s taken note, and has put them down as ‘Phrases to Ignore’ LOL! I have quite a few!


riddle Me this:

Q. When is a fitted sheet not a fitted sheet?

A. When it doesn’t fucken fit!


the elusive cup of coffee

Every morning I do the same routine.

Get up …

put the coffee on …

take a dump (twitter it at the same time πŸ˜‰ ) …

put the washing in …

pour the coffee …

Blog and update my social media who-hah.

And every single morning … I lose my coffee cup. How? How is that possible?

When I find it, it’s cold, but I drink it anyway cos theres no way I’m wasting that elixir of life … I pour another one … and promptly lose that one too.

Same routine.

I’ve tried travel mugs, smaller cups, brightly coloured cups (easily spotted was the hope) … and I still lose them. And when I say lose; technically they’re not lost, because they are still within my vicinity … but I’ll spend at least 5-7 minutes walking around the house looking for that cup every time I ‘lose’ it.

It’s never in the same place, which is also annoying. I put keys in the same place … so I can go back to them when I need them … I put my hair brush in the same place … my tweezers … nail clippers etc etc … all those little things that seem to get misplaced easily.

But A Cup?

What gives?

As far as 1st world problems go, this is up there … but I thought I’d just throw it out there … yah never know, the coffee cup gods may smile upon Me and help Me find my elusive cup more easily tomorrow morning πŸ™‚


366 reasons to smile ~ +142.

+142. I knew it LOL!


366 reasons to smile ~ +141.

+141. Not sure why this cracked me up … maybe its the irony LOL.


366 reasons to smile ~ +140.

+140. LOL again …

I wonder if Jesus and Peter actually had something chasing them like that???


366 reasons to smile ~ +139.

+139. Yup … LOL!


366 reasons to smile ~ +138.

+138. Think this will be Me in the not so distant future … just a slighter darker version … oh, and a big Tinorangatiratanga flag on the side of that walker πŸ˜‰


366 reasons to smile ~ +137.

+137. Just LOL ! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


for my friend Jim :)

Walking in the rain … should, or should not?Β I think Should!! I’m actually a dance in the rain kind of girl myself. But my friend Jim, over at “Random Writings On The Bathroom Wall”, finds he tends to get wet tootsies.

My solution was gumboots.

And just to prove that gumboots also look pretty good with shorts, heres the kiwi classic proof! Β His name is (was – he died recently) Fred Dagg πŸ™‚

Your Welcome Jim πŸ™‚