oh yeah. PSA:

public service announcement:

there’ll be a few random acts of poor-posting.

soz but not soz.

i am evolving.

or devolving.

what the fuck ever.



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mokos granny book

#throwback Jul 26, 2016 @ 12:16

Moko ‘just turned 7’ brought a tonne of books with her, for us to read … I think we only got through 3 or 4 … oh well, next time moko :)

But one of the books we did read, was called ‘101 things granny should do’, or know, or something like that.

I thought I was going to be greeted with a lovely little story about how granny should be loving and caring and give cuddles and extra ice cream … all that kind of stuff … but instead …

There was 101 menial chores, tasks and rules that granny should do and obey. Most of those things included doing laundry, baking cakes, gardening, going to games, cooking, keeping a clean house … yes my fuck, keeping a clean house! Now I could have a few of those things wrong; can’t quite remember it all, as I think the red ‘is this sexist or what’ rage had kicked in after the first two pages. But I read on and moko seemed pretty pleased with the whole reading process.

When we got to the end of the book, I quietly placed it to one side and asked moko: “What is it exactly the Grandpa gets to do?”

And just as quietly and ever so pleasantly, moko replies: “I don’t know, they didn’t have a Grandpa book”.

Well that just fucken says it all doesn’t it! LOL

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So, I’m a minimalist at heart.

I love decluttering things, getting rid of shit, cleaning stuff out…I love white walls, clear spaces, open doors, big windows…I like straight to the point, non poncy, blunt, don’t beat around the bush…

I decided to have a look at ‘minimalist design’…, I love design as well..and what’s the first thing I see…

“32 easy ways to become a minimalist” LOL

Well, in my minimalist world, that’s not minimalistic! That’s too complicated!

So let me abbreviate that…want to be a minimalist?

“minimise everything”

Sorted :)

#throwback Jul 3, 2015 @ 23:29

thats it.




on other peoples blogs / posts / twitter / ig, ‘Fuck’ appears as




f**k (excuse my language).


do they not know how to spell fuck?

thats it. ’twas a joke. IKR.




when you send the partner to the shop cos the chick on the counter thinks he’s awesome, and gives him free stuff.

“utilising the resources”

no photograph here. the words are enough. roll on.




ball sack??

Well this #throwback of Jun 5, 2016 @ 23:17, gave me quite the surprise ‘L O L’ of the day!

The other day in town, I noticed this atrocity … funny atrocity … but atrocity none the less. I think they were going for something ‘gang-y’ and ‘edge-y’ … but it ended up looking like the following possibilities:

  1. A deformed foot
  2. A tonsil
  3. One lone ball sack hanging from some humpy things


Tagging, graffiti artists slash learner gang affiliates handbook 101 – a few tips:

  • When your repping a certain ‘mascot’ or representation of something that means life and death to you, in a public place, make sure you do it justice!
  • Just because it sounds edgey doesn’t actually make it edgey. Think that shit through before displaying in a public place.
  • Don’t use your actual name!
  • Practice before you apply the final masterpiece.

By the way – it is supposed to be a fist!

I know right!



The go to guy …

He found it,
The ‘go to guy’
He found his balls

They was hiding
In his tight tighty whiteys

But he freedomised them
Changed up his panty size
And kicked some family ass


#throwback Jan 16, 2016 @ 01:50



b for boredom

They’d whine

‘I’m bored’

Really?, I’d say

And hand them the toilet brush

Not bored now are yah
Little fuckers

#throwback Jan 16, 2016 @ 00:55



MMMBop ~ Hanson (loosely tagging this in as ‘music’ ;) )

MMMBop ~ Hanson, 1997

I hated this song when it first came out, but my youngest daughter loved it!

And played it sooooo many times it was the theme song slash backing track to most of the road trips we ever took as a little family.

Wonder what ever happened to the Hansons??

Nope, don’t care ;)