fuck ups

have you ever seen

the escalation of

fuck ups

at work?

how they roll

one into another

like a giant snow ball?


don’t take your eye off the ball


just cos …

#meme reads:

When you gotta delete your post because you’re just not the same person you were 6 minutes ago.

too schedule …

or not to schedule …

that is the blogging

question, of thine day …


scrap that question …

how many to schedule,

that is thine question

of the day.



happy birthday :)

It’s no-ones birthday that I know of: But this is just the epic birthday meme (if you don’t offend easily … 😉 ).


#meme is an old school picture of a person (woman) in one of those old school high neck jersey thingys, holding a small ‘overly’ gift wrapped present.

The caption reads:

Happy Birthday you old slutbag.




I know I know … but are we not all guilty of this … hmm ? ?

#meme reads:

My favourite thing about being an adult is avoiding going to the doctors until I need to be hospitalised.


ummm … and then this happened!

Thankyou … every single one of you delightful human beings …

even the trolls … and even the spammers … and even the dude trying to sell penis enlargements (fyi, word to the wise, yah might wanna try your own supplements first before selling … I don’t think they work!).





#meme is a picture of a person underneath what looks like an office desk, with a look of desperate agony on her face. In her hand she a a bottle of red wine. The caption reads:

How I Feel Today.


when someone rings

and the first thing

out of their mouths


“i don’t want to alarm you”.

guess what happens?

thank the fems

feels like a



free the boobies





bit of a cull …

Had a bit of a cull of all the ‘advertising blogs’ yesterday and my Feed is showing up with blogs I haven’t been able to access or haven’t seen in ages!!! Which is awesome …

So if you see “Me” liking or commenting and hadn’t done so in a while, this is why …

I was just lost in the Feeds … and Now I’m back in control 😉