The go to guy …

He found it,
The ‘go to guy’
He found his balls

They was hiding
In his tight tighty whiteys

But he freedomised them
Changed up his panty size
And kicked some family ass


#throwback Jan 16, 2016 @ 01:50



b for boredom

They’d whine

‘I’m bored’

Really?, I’d say

And hand them the toilet brush

Not bored now are yah
Little fuckers

#throwback Jan 16, 2016 @ 00:55



photography .20

enough with the photos already

enough with the photos already

Regards: Moko :)

#throwback Sep 28, 2015



365 reasons to smile ~ 23.

23. I don’t possess this skill. Yet :)

#meme reads:

“Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”


MMMBop ~ Hanson (loosely tagging this in as ‘music’ ;) )

MMMBop ~ Hanson, 1997

I hated this song when it first came out, but my youngest daughter loved it!

And played it sooooo many times it was the theme song slash backing track to most of the road trips we ever took as a little family.

Wonder what ever happened to the Hansons??

Nope, don’t care ;)



#meme is a photograph of a large black and white cat sitting on the ground its ass; less and paws forward; it’s ears pinned back and it’s tail protruding from under its ass, and looking slightly annoyed.

The caption reads:

When someone tells me to sit like a lady.


reconciling the hormones #63

Hmmm what can I say about the hormones this week? They’re fuckers … and I’m having a hard time appreciating them, even though I said (in one of those fits of “oh, this sounds like a good idea” moments) I wanted to embrace the ‘end of an era of womanhood’. Yeah, turns out this ‘ending’ could be going on for like 10 years or so … fuck it.

Anywho … it is what it is … I’m still plucking, cramping, flushing (although these are calming thanks to the drop in temperature around these parts .. thank fuck), sweating, teary, dizzy, anxious, generally lethargic with random fits of rage!. I feel like Garfield … remember him? But more violent.

All I can say this week is womanhood sucks ass.

#meme is a cartoon picture of a ‘eclectic’ looking biological woman. The cation reads:

My husband said the Spark was gone from our relationship, so I tased him. I’ll ask him again when he wakes up.

on another note:

Have I ever mentioned how much I detest the automatic spell check / correct?

Panic Ducked,

is Not the same as:


At all!



reconciling the hormones #62

So far this week theres been:

ALOT of dizzy.

ALOT of headachey

A SMIDGE of cramping.

A CLUSTER FUCK of menstrual starting and stopping … Wtf is that about?

A FUCKLOAD of anxiety.

Topped off with a huge over serving of PANIC FUCKS … like 1 – 2 per day.

As disassociated as I am, I was still attempting to discern the difference between menopause, menstruation, being a biological fucking woman, stress, pts(d), ‘normal’ anxiety and panic fuck.

Then in amongst it all somewhere I did the ‘Fuck It’, it’s all fucked, lets just medicate that shit and get on with it … Then thought better of it … side effects and all … and just sedated my ass for the night, got a good sleep and am thinking slightly clearer today.

It’s Menopause Bitch.

It’s fucking pts(d) Bitch.

It just is what it is.

If you fucking die from it, so be it. But chances are (going from your history to date), you won’t die from it: it’ll linger on for quite a while longer and torture the shit out of you.

Then you’ll get up. Dust said shit off. Flip the bird at it and at all biological Men for just being Men … And go terrorise something or someone else :)

#meme is a cartoon picture of 2 biological women tending sheep (shepherd-ess’s??). The conversation reads:

S1: They just abandoned the sheep to chase after some star

S2: Must be male menopause

so heres the unfold of the unfold

Wait, what?

Yep you heard right … it’s like a double unfold … or an unfold within an unfold … pretty tricky shit really … but it is what it is … and it’s how I do’s it …

  • anxiety has definitely increased
  • why?
  • who the fuck knows!
  • literally!
  • but it has increased, and that is aside from the menopausal fuck
  • how do you know though?
  • cos i’m fucking clever, thats how.
  • the menopausal fuck comes with some serious hormonal tell tale signs
  • e.g.
  • a beard.
  • crying for stupid ass reasons – well stupid for Me anyways.
  • cramps.
  • fucking hot flushing flushes.
  • and anxiety is:
  • fear.
  • and all that leads to fear.
  • fear in it’s intenseness leads too:
  • panic fuck.
  • panic fuck leads to more drugs.
  • so to de-crease the anxiety, what shalt I do-est?
  • Not stress.
  • Not stress.
  • Not stress.
  • but I didn’t think I was stressing?
  • Really? Cos thats not what your dreams are telling yah …
  • oh, yeah thats right.
  • Kick ass, sweaty night mares.
  • They’ve joined in the party again.
  • Not that they actually went anyway.
  • but they had subsided to just annoying intense or busy dreams.
  • But the new round are leaving Me …
  • Breathless.
  • Hence, stress.
  • Fuck Me.
  • So what is all that about?
  • Control.
  • Being controlled.
  • Being out of control.
  • Being suffocated.
  • Not being able to move.
  • The same old same old … again.
  • Trapped under a huge weight that I can’t see.
  • Fuck Me. Again.
  • On a lighter note …
  • we definitely will be out of a house, again, in a couple months.
  • ‘Oh that was a lighter note was it’
  • Yes.
  • The lighter part is:
  • It’s not worrying Me like it did last time.
  • we may stay round here if theres a house available.
  • Or we might try another town along this coastline.
  • Or
  • we might end up some where completely different.
  • I know it won’t be in a city though.
  • I don’t like those places anymore.
  • They’re full of unnecessary shit.
  • Like an over be-dazzled t-shirt.
  • Nope. Not going there.
  • I’d rather live in a tent on the side of the road.
  • Anyway.
  • Big deep breaths.
  • Thou shalt not sweat this shit.
  • Thou shalt not stress.
  • Because thou-est is over being an anxiety ridden fucktard!