366 reasons to smile ~ +346.

+346. Now that must be a full street 😉


A photograph of a sign post on a curbed street corner, that points in one direction and reads:



reconciling the hormones #10







thank fuck for that!


366 reasons to smile ~ +345.

+345. Actually flag 1 & 3 and I’ll just settle for number 2 😉

#meme reads:

My Xmas list is short this year:

  1. $1,000,000 in cash
  2. The should of all who have displeased me
  3. A kitten

366 reasons to smile ~ +344.

+344. Now thats a tad ironic aint it 😉

#twitterquote reads:

Parents: Kids are more depressed these days, I wonder why?

Kids: You destroyed the economy for us, the earth is literally dying, we are going to work until we die and on top of that the Nazis are back.

Parents: It’s those pesky iPhones.

reconciling the hormones #8







366 reasons to smile ~ +343.

+343. Just a L O L 🙂


Picture of a dog (bull mastiff cross I think), sitting on a couch with it’s mouth gaping and doing, what looks like a sarcastic eye ball roll.

Caption reads: “And I was like oh my gawd”.

reconciling the hormones #7

wish the establishment

had’a taught us

this shizz

when i was

in high school!


reconciling the hormones #6

Hormones? or just 1st world problems? or both??

Whatever the fuck it is, heres yet another one … No its not earth shattering … its just one of my pet peeves that seems to have reached a pinnacle for Me.

I buy soap powder thats on special. I don’t do expensive, I do cheap and clean.

So I get the box, rip it open and am greeted with this:

To the untrained eye this is a normal scoopy thingy.

What pisses Me is it’s curves!

They drive Me nuts!! Why curve the fucking scoop? Whats the purpose? To make it looks artistic? It’s a fucking scoop!!

I know – OTT – but rationality has absolutely nothing to do with this equation for Me.

The scooper of my preference is this one:

Whilst rounded at the base, it is squared off at the top. Now for Me, thats more like it!!

So I decided to keep this beauty and biff the others. But every single packet of washing powder has those intruders in them, and every time I open them I have a melt down.

Ok, not a complete melt down … just a quick rant.

And this is the first time I’ve come out of the closet re my washing powder scooper utensil angst.

Whew … feels good to talk about these things and get that shit off my chest … 😉

Right … moving on …


366 reasons to smile ~ +341.

+341. Not really applicable to Me anymore because I shop online … but when I did, I always returned the cart LOL! Oh, but I’m still an asshole 😉


Reads: I might be an asshole but at least I push my cart to the cart return when I’m done with it, you piece of shit.


366 reasons to smile ~ +340.

+340. Just L O L …


A photograph of a newspaper clipping with the highlighted sentence which reads: “To all you hunters who kill animals for food, shame on you; you ought to go to the store and buy the meat that was made there, where no animals were harmed.”

The caption reads: Folks, just remember as you read this, this person probably drives, votes and may have already reproduced.