reconciling the hormones #45



#meme is of a close up photograph of a cat hissing.

The caption reads:

Menopause. It’s a thin line between love and homocide.


reconciling the hormones #4

i wonder if cabbage leaves would help the whole,

“my boobs feel like they’re going to fall off of my chest”


apparently it works for nursing mothers 😉

the things

tell yah wot i’ve learn-ded

over the 40 odd years

i been cycling

this existence:


its ok to be deep, dark

and sad;

as long as your

mentally ill.

but yah won’t get listened too;

just pitied.


its ok to be dark, angry

and sad;

as long as you rinse it




its ok to tell unwelcome truths;

as long as you don’t

say it out



pussy pictures and


get liked

all day.

in box translation: “ME … why don’t you organise your shit into categories …

….like ‘Morbid Mondays’, ‘Choosy Tuesday’, ‘Wanky Wednesday’ etc etc … it’d be so much easier to follow what your doing then…”

And Yes I get it … I enjoy following the Friday Gifs and Monochrome Mondays etc etc.

But …

If you’d read the about page  you’d understand that this is MY blog about ME and PTSD and the other shit fest that is / has been my life, and this is MY way of reconciling that.

If you’d also read My Challenge, the prelude to my ‘365 Reasons To Smile’ category, you would know that a. I’m usually as anal as fuck about categorising and editing shit and b. this whole category / blog really, is about NOT categorising shit … its about letting ME be ME; the unfiltered version.

If you’d also looked at anything from the little side widegety thingy –

there are fucking categories, just possibly categories that your well meaning ass won’t like > e.g…

a. The Me category, which I’m pretty sure only one blogger buddy has ever read in totality. In this fine category you’ll get the low-down on my life … its ME remembering ME. Not for the faint hearted or easily disturbed individual.

b. The Responding category: quoting the ‘what is this category about’ note:

“society teaches that our response to sexual assault and racism should be dignified, non-hostile, non-aggressive and preferably intellectual and non-emotional ~ fuck that i say … this is the frozen food section shit ~ the stuff that fucks me off; makes society completely ‘uncomfortable’ ~ that shit no one likes to talk about, but should be talked about! ~ buckle up bitches”

Reasonably clear explanation I think.

c. The PTSD category … wait, what?? PTSD … ohhh, so the latter makes a little more sense does it … *eye roll*.

d. The Music category … which is also my outlet … refer to the Me Category.

e. The lets have a cheesy Smile about shit category … which we’ve already covered …

f. And finally, the Blog roll … which virtually everything gets lumped into, just because.

Sooooo, in a nutshell, if you were looking for ‘Categories’ such as Wanky Wednesdays, may I suggest that you fuck off back to your own side of the wall, and write your own. Because you won’t find that sort of category here at the moment (… leaving myself open to change my mind if I see fit 😉 )

Hope this explanation clears that up for you 🙂




365 reasons to smile ~ 179.

179. Mmmmm Cake LOL 😉



365 reasons to smile ~ 172.

172. Just cos it appeals to my sense of humour 😉 🙂



365 reasons to smile ~ 126.

126. I’m not really a cat person; or a cat meme person … but this cracked my shit up! Partially cos our cat (yes we have a cat lol) went walk abouts for a couple days in protest to the new cat food we gave him … little bastard lol.


eulogy for my undies

ode to the undies

that have held


in place ~

that have comforted

and hugged

the ass cheeks

on a long winters night ~

that have been the forever


the ‘go toos’

the reliables.

May you rest in peace,




They are to be

cremated …

this evening





365 reasons to smile ~ 104.

104. Keeping with the Stars Wars theme atm … 🙂 🙂



holy undies ~ more random thoughts

I’m pretty sure everyone has those undies that are the most comfortable, in every way … I call them bed time undies 😉 … completely un-sexy, but my super uber favourites!!

Well, I have 2 pairs that are just lovely; comfortable; the ones I feel most at home in lol. But … I’ve had them for so long that they are pretty much non existent. The elastic lingers on its own; the body of them is so far stretched you could probably fit a couple asses in them … and there are more holes than a golf course!!!

But I can’t part with them … not yet … not till I have a decent replacement. Oh what to do…

I think I’m in mourning LOL.