reconciling the hormones #45

#TodaysFeels #NoFurtherExplanationNecessary #meme is of a close up photograph of a cat hissing. The caption reads: Menopause. It’s a thin line between love and homocide.

reconciling the hormones #4

i wonder if cabbage leaves would help the whole, “my boobs feel like they’re going to fall off of my chest” thing? apparently it works for nursing mothers ;)

the things

tell yah wot i’ve learn-ded over the 40 odd years i been cycling this existence: 1. its ok to be deep, dark and sad; as long as your mentally ill. but yah won’t get listened too; just pitied. 2. its ok to be dark, angry and sad; as long as you rinse it with humour….

365 reasons to smile ~ 126.

126. I’m not really a cat person; or a cat meme person … but this cracked my shit up! Partially cos our cat (yes we have a cat lol) went walk abouts for a couple days in protest to the new cat food we gave him … little bastard lol.