hey, i got an idea ..

how bout we just be.

like create shit & just be.

how revo-fucking-lutionary would that be ay.

*insert eye ball roll*

*sarcasm is flowing today*


too brown?

i am officially done with trying to ‘brown up’ the space.




fight fucker

one of the most pertinent things you need to understand about me, is that i will always come back fighting.

definition: fighting. it looks different for everyone. it makes it no less or more – fight.

i might be crawling the floor today; trying to find my motherfucking sanity & trying to get out the front door … & the nek day – the nek week even, i might do that all over again. but i will eventually slap back. that may be a twist, a renarrate, a rearrange, a rework, a revisit or an old fashioned ‘FUCK YOU CUNT’.

i will always fight back.

it is how i’m wired.

the end.


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reality shift.

formulated against your backdrop … where you believe you define everything that is relevant within the world – i can’t retain who i thought i was & what i wanted to be.

& atm, thats just fucking fine, cos i dont need it anymore.




Guess what niggahs …

“I” am not Now,

nor have I ever been,

part of the “We”.

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Racist murders, Black corpses, White entitlement.

Excerpt: “What are we doing when we do something and call it art? There are as many answers to this question as there are people who will ever live. We might reduce art to a statement, just as the words I write or say create a shared experience between me and my readers/hearers. Art arises from the mind of the artist and then creates an experience in the mind of those that engage it. Dana Schulz’s painting of Emmett Till’s mutilated corpse has created revulsion and horror. I will here explore my own horror and revulsion.”

Source: Racist murders, Black corpses, White entitlement.

For More on this go to https://thenegrosubversive.com/


Silence Will No Longer Ring in My Ears

An awe inspiring, most gangstah poem by an amazing poet-tress <3
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Brave & Reckless

I will not be silent

I will not maintain the peace

I will say the ugly words

out loud and I will not flinch







Domestic Violence


Discounted simply because we are women

To find our voices as women

to speak our truth

is a revolutionary act

that says that your voice

her voice

their voices

my voice



Have weight

Deserve to be heard

Are valid

If my refusal to be silent

Makes me a bitch

A shrew

A ball-breaker

Then I will be loudest damn badass bitch that I can be

Silence leaves us to blame ourselves in isolation

Silence benefits only those who have hurt us

Silence has been the noose around my neck

The soul ache of my pent-up screams of rage

Every 13th story window I have considered walking out of

How fucked up is that?!

© 2017…

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i am:




not entirely sure why im here:

Says a part of Me, whilst the other part rolls its eyeballs and says … cos its your fucken blog yah dick!

Lol. Yes I even speak to myself in that tone.

I know it’s been abit of a rough week, for sure; and theres a lot going on at home (house selling), but I think after the tonsillitis and trip to the hospital I came home feeling ‘different’. Not sick different, just different.

What I didn’t get into detail about in that post (because I was trying to do the high five Me shit before I let anybody elses shit take up room in my world …), but vaguely touched on in this post:

was speaking or voicing our / my truth, and not remaining silent.

Before I took my trip to the hospital, two things happened in quick succession to each other. And I don’t believe its an accident … shit like this never is. But I’ve been having a hard time connecting the dots.

The first, was someone sent me a screen shot of a post my father had posted on his FB page, with a photo of me, my (deceased) sister and him.

Heres the statement he made:

When I read it, with the photo, I was immediately angry. Not raving angry … just wtf type angry.

Being sick, wouldn’t let Me get into the repost and reply rampage I wanted to inflict at that time.

So I put it aside.

Not more than 10 minutes later, the second incident happened. I had someone ring Me and demand (no shit!) that I do such-and-such for them, Now. And when I told them No, that I wasn’t feeling well, they went into a tirade of abuse aimed squarely at my lack of nurturing and caring abilities. Not once did they take note that I could hardly speak or was clearly sick. I was so astounded I responded with my go too, and in an extremely pained and raspy voice said ‘fuck you and go fuck yourself’.

I was pissed though.

Annoyed at not being heard, understood … but more than that … different than that. I was just pissed. How dare they!

And then I continued to choke and then we went to the hospital lol.

The following day, as shit as I felt, I knew I needed to respond to my fathers bullshit.

So I attached my comments to the screen shot I’d been sent and let rip.

Now I figured one of 2 things would happen … yes thats how I WAS analysing it before I started writing it, and then something else kicked in, which was … fuck this shit … and fuck it.

So thats how this post made its debut; with no fucks given, just a gnawing in my gutt that wouldn’t go away … which is the Need to Voice … to speak the truth.

Theres plenty of posts throughout this blog referring to the biological douche-pool that is my father so I won’t go into that here.

What surprised Me, was those who actually replied. They had seen my fathers original post and thought I was dead. Another person had messaged my daughter and thought she was dead as we look similar in the photo. And this has been going on for a couple of days.

So, I posted in my comments the following:

One of my cousins posted it on my fathers original post.

The feedback for Me was awesome. I had cousins, relieved I wasn’t dead … and an aunty sent her love. I had my niece, who i haven’t seen for years, thank me, because she was over how this dick has treated her mama (my step-sister) for years.

Now those connections were well worth the post.

But still I am perplexed. And I feel different.

I think it has something to do with how I have been treated most of my life and that somewhere in me at the moment I have an amazing almost righteous indignation to the whole fucking lot of it.

How fucking dare he? How dare he!

I have no other explanations or reasonings that I want to fill the air with.

Just … how dare he …

More specifically, how dare he do that to Me.


Him and all his kind, that have taken and shat on and not listened and bullied and beaten and raped and manipulated and Silenced for complaining about their behaviours or questioning their behaviours or wanting them to take their behaviours some other fucking place.

All of them!

Fuck them.

I think I am done.

And if I am done, then theres going to be some blood-shed. Possibly more figuratively speaking than literal, but whatever.

I think this is whats changing. This is what is different.

That I am important.

I’m important because I am alive and here and I deserve to take up space.

Now this is new for Me.

I’m still unsure of all the logistics.

But I’m cool with that for now.

Note: of great interest to Me, was I felt not one shred on anxiety as all this unfolded. Now isn’t that fucken something.

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can’t hold us down ~ christina aguilera

can’t hold us down ~ christina aguilera, 2002



finished licking the ringhole

of the pakeha yet?

still think they have your best

interests at heart?


yah know:

they never did.

and they never will.


just like a rapist

their intent is not what it appears.

they have not


tendency toward equality.

they are here to take.

and take violently.





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formation ~ beyonce


beyoncé ~ formation, 2016


unfucking in process.




Homai to Aroha


Today, in  Aotearoa … it is “Waitangi Day”.

The link above will give you the brief mainstream rundown of what this day ‘means’, the controversy that has surrounded it and those that ‘celebrate’ and / or protest it and the reasons.

I’ve done all of the above for a very very very long time.

This year, I’m Not.

I didn’t vote this last election. The short reason is: there is No point.

And that is how I feel about Waitangi this year. It isn’t a cause for celebration. Our protests aren’t heard and if anything our actions are used against us.

I am over it.

I noticed a while ago that even though I had taught my kids the basics regarding the Treaty of Waitangi and the Crown breaches … there was still large gaps in their knowledge.  So a few years ago I decided, that instead of actively protesting, I’d teach my kids and mokos about what Waitangi Day was really about. But they weren’t interested. Well, not really. They’re still young enough to believe colonisation isn’t really applicable in their worlds.

So this year … I am recalibrating.

The photographs above are macros of our Tino Rangatiratanga Flag. It has been through many protests and events and Waitangi Days … and at every one of them, this flag has been flown with pride and protest.

But like Me, this year, it’s tired.

I’m tired of wasting my voice yelling @ the Crown when the Crown does not give a shit about tangata whenua.

Never Have. Never Will. History tells Us that much.

Like most things in my life at the moment though, I need to find my ‘new norm’. I know it no longer includes teaching or tolerating ignorant racists: both brown and white. They’re not interested in hearing or learning or de-stabilising the systems put in place by their ancestors. They are only interested in gaining more of privilege that those systems have afforded them. My fight with them is done. I won’t do it anymore.

Today these macros represent every staunch stand we’ve made; every tear we’ve cried; every spine tingling challenge we’ve given … every crease, every tear, every stain … they’re all laid bare today as my focus changes.

Tehei Mauri Ora 

#reframingit #stillresisitingshit


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By All Means, Be Your True, Authentic Self. Unless That’s a Rapist.

#feminism #rapeculture #reframing #redefining

A most excellent and straight to the point article by Shannon @ https://transwidow.wordpress.com. Just how I like them <3


On Golliwogs and Barbie dolls – and liberal double standards

#feminism #women #refocus #reframing #resisting
Another brilliant article by “Writing by Renee”.

writing by renee

Nip it in the bud. It’s a good principle, when it comes to expressions of injustice in general – and the Golliwog dolls recently resurfaced in a store on Waiheke island, New Zealand, in particular. While Golliwog dolls are not exactly a norm in New Zealand the way they are in, say, the Netherlands – we don’t want them back. Resisting them is also a way to remember their history, their connections to the institution of slavery, and their real symbolism and its impacts. This conversation not only keeps the dolls out of circulation, it makes us more sensitive to the racist caricature generally. So let’s have it.

At the same time, I cock my head sideways at liberals who love these conversations because of how comfortable they are, considering that we tend to think of the Golliwog doll as a bygone product of a bygone era. Boy does a…

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Guest Post: Liberals need to check their views on “violence”

I’m still perplexed at the idea of differing feminism … but I do wonder, if our up and coming ‘liberals’, or whatever they like to call themselves, didn’t have another club to join? Possibly?
I chose feminism, a very long time ago, as a political view / as a response / as an activist voice … I don’t particularly need a label to define what I am, however it assists with perception.
More importantly though, I chose feminism as a response, because of the ‘violence’ I had experienced, as a woman (with a vagina) … and I did not want my daughters (with vaginas) to be recipients of this type of degradation, because they were female. This is not a perception, it is a reality. It makes me wonder of our ‘liberals’ have actually experienced any type of violence other than breaking a nail?

I applaud this womans stance, and the ‘balls’ for saying it as it is!

For more on this topic and similar, please visit: https://reneejg.net

Source: Guest Post: Liberals need to check their views on “violence”


A call to feminists to remember the history and sex-based nature of women’s oppression

Excerpt from this article:

“The real brilliance of patriarchy… it doesn’t just naturalise oppression. It sexualises acts of oppression. It eroticises domination and subordination. It institutionalises them as masculinity and femininity. So, it naturalises, it eroticises and it institutionalises domination and subordination. The brilliance of feminism is that we figured that out.

– Lierre Keith

In recent months, so much legislation has been passed or proposed in the U.S. and elsewhere to indicate a frightening escalation in the war – yes, it is a war – on women. The Russian parliament just voted 380-3 to decriminalise domestic violence. This is in a country where an average of 40 women per day – 14,000 women per year – are murdered by male partners. The United States, where over 1,000 women are murdered by their partners per year, has of course just elected a president who boasts that “when you’re a star, they let you do it, grab them by the pussy”, and has been involved in pornography and sex trafficking. He plans to eliminate funding for 25 domestic violence programmes, and is ordering female staffers to “dress like a woman”. Texas is now looking to remove voting rights from women who have had abortions; Arkansas, to enable rapists to sue women for having them.”

For More Visit: https://reneejg.net



Dear * insert – name / corporation / government entity / ‘health-care’ professionals *

Fuck your opinion, professional or otherwise.

& stick your kindest regards up your ass.

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