limoncello, again.

i have a healthy obsession with limoncello. well i think so anyway.

so i decided to try a more ‘traditional’ recipe this time; mainly to see if like all westernised misappropriations – the traditional was in fact way better.

the limoncello recipe i had been using was what i would now describe as ‘quick & nasty’.

the more traditional take on limoncello, is what i would describe as, ‘an art’.

the 1st recipe took 3 days days make. the traditional, takes nearly a month.

so the first part of the process involved zesting 20 odd lemons & soaking them in 90+proof vodka. we had some vodka made up for us but it wasn’t 90 proof. geez, i can barely do 15% lol. ours was a 50 proof, which i think is still adequate.

ohhh, & the soaking process takes 2 weeks.

that’s right, 2 weeks!

so this is what i started with:

after 2 weeks the aroma of the lemon zest in the vodka was quite pungent. which was kinda surprising cos the vodka smelt like gas fumes for the most part lol!

so, i ended up with a tinge of yellow to the vodka: which i suspect would have be brighter, had i used the italian lemons that were suggested. but short of taking a quick trip to italy, our lemon tree was going to have to suffice ;)

next came the straining, which i decided to do old school styles.

i didn’t want to waste any of the vodka / lemon goodness, so strained it through a mesh food cover that used to be my nans … not sure she would’ve approved, but oh well ;)

while that was doing its thing, i made the syrup, which was water & a shitload of sugar … more sugar, i might add, than i am accustomed too!!

after the syrup has been boiled & then cooled, its added to the vodka & lemon mixture & mixed together well.

once mixed, the goodness is bottled … yass!!!!

this time they were bottled into freezer safe bottles cos the last part of the limoncello process, requires these puppies to sit in the freezer for 2 weeks.

thats right, another 2 weeks!!

& thats where they are at the moment. they’ve got another week to go.

i, of course, put aside a ‘taste test’ bottle, just to make sure that everything was kosher … & i am happy to report that this limoncello is the best i have made so far!!

i know … my skills just blow myself away sometimes ;)

i’m a happy camper @ present lol

ps: my measurements & scales are shit but if you google ‘traditional limoncello recipe’, that’ll see you right ;)


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limoncello and salsa verde anyone?

Limoncello and salsa verde, what the frick are either one of those? Well thanks to Aunty Google and Aunty Annabel, I have thus gangstah-rized both of these righteous creations!

All I can say is – The Italians have perfected the Art of eating and drinking to the ninth!


This awesome concoction will be the marinade for the lamb rack … it tastes better than it looks ;)

Salsa Verde

And as for making gelato without a ice-cream-maker-thing-a-me; turns out old Uncle Dave knows a thing or two about doing ice cream old school … and turns out, whilst ‘stirring constantly’ for half an hour, I discovered I still have some pretty awesome dance moves happening … just saying ;)

Gelato in the making ;)

The gelato is still doing its freezing thing … but I shall update with pics of triumph before it gets demolished lol.

All in all, it has been a freaking awesome day … I didn’t think I’d enjoy cooking so much! Turns out, I’ve been cooking the wrong things!

Bellisimo! <3

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ever made gelato? … nah, neither !

Oh My Lord … In my mind, I thought it looked pretty straight forward … and it is I guess …

If you have an ice cream maker-thing-a-me …. oh and one of those egg beater-thing-a-me’s LOL.

This is what it ‘should’ look like

I’ll let you know the out-come later, and whether the gelato will end up being ‘custard’ ;)

(not my pic)

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italian dinner … take 2

I decided to bust out my Nans dinner ware and silver ware for this dinner. Oh yeah ;)

Nan had amazing taste in the finer things … that none of us appreciated at the time of course. But she had one of those sets of dinner ware that had everything, and like 12 – 20 of everything. All matching; for different elements of a dinner.

Pleased we’ll actually get to use it all again.

I think she’d be pleased too … mind due, she may cringe at the way we end up setting it all up … but oh well xo

Love you Nan.

And we are making progress :)

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italiano fine dining …

So, did I mention I decided to do a 9 course dinner for my familia?

No, didn’t think so …

Loosely a birthday celebration, for Me, my Mama and Moko #2 .. we’s all gangstah April babies ;)

I had wanted to do this for the wedding that we won’t be having now, but figured it was gonna cost shit loads; so instead of whinging on about how I didn’t get to have the dinner / wedding I wanted, I revised the cause and am now getting ready to cook the shit outta this bitch LOL. (Which BTW, is very unusual for Me, as I generally detest cooking … later post on that TBA ;) ).

Based on the ‘traditional’ Italian meal structure, my menu now looks like this:

And why Italian I hear you asking?

My Grandad :)

He fought at Cassino during WW2, and I guess, the only good thing he came back with, was a passion for Italian cuisine. And that gave Me some awesome memories.

So, I shall keep you updated over the next few days … my kitchen is looking like the apocalypse has hit it … but it smells fucking fabulous! I am currently perfectly the Brodo (broth) and gangstah-rizing the Limoncello ;)

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