these eyes

these eyes have seen


there and here.

crimson fog

orange hue.

glazed, yet glassy. moving

through the halls

down the stairs.

noting the darkness surrounds


the smoke in the air

the spoons on the stove

the oil dripping

from the caps.

no food in the darkness,

but bottles and bottles.

of tears

of piss

of losses

of pills

the haze it follows

her. me.

through the dark.

fuck 1

fuck 2

fuck 3

it makes no difference.

a woman once was.

her womb a sacred store house.


slaughtered and wretched.

and she passes dem pipes


watching them inhale


their lives.

but no high

no low.

just sweet balance.

tranquil balance.

tomorrow, she will shit not.

too constipated to care.

to heavy.

eventually wiping her ass

hole on yesterdays news.

and no food.

just drink.

no touch

just invasion.


sweet balance.

have these eyes

seen to many.


to readjust

in the light.

to remember.

is to smell.

to feel.

to weep.


are held in

these eyes



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366 reasons to smile ~ +222.

+222. Toodles 🙂




photography ~ black & whites #35

black & whites #35

black & whites #35

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back to the land of the living

funny thing with being ‘bilocational’; i can feel both … the land of the living and the land of the dead. weird as it may seem its completely plausible for someone like Me. not sure when or how it ended up like this, but i know i’m not the only one, which makes Me feel a little more comfortable in my oddity.

sleeping on the death thoughts made Me awaken with a sense of life. hence the land of the living.

you know the dead don’t care ay. they’re dead; as we all will be one day. it’s the fore runner foray. the prelude to it. and if that death is sudden then the prelude smashes headlong into the present, causing shock. that sucks.

but i wonder how on earth we all ended up being so devoid of the thought that is the inevitable plight of death.

back in the day, my ancestors – both white and brown – had an uncanny knack for embracing both the living and the dead. my Nan would say they are always around Us. they never leave. and with that thought, one would wonder what the angst is for. that we won’t be able to SEE them with our eyes anymore? TOUCH them with our hands anymore?

when did we stop seeing with more than those senses?

when we became separated from the land? from life? from those cycles?

or when we decided that earning $ is more important than those around us; those we love?

their essence … never leaves. they live within us … around us … along side us … through us. they can never be separated from us, because they are part of us.

its that simple.



life ~ k-ci & jojo

Life ~ K Ci & Jojo, 1999


Transsexuals, Sex Reassignment Surgeries & Prostitution In Barcelona — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Photographer Paola de Grenet is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this social documentary photography. From her project ‘Life as a Transsexual‘. To see Paola’s body of work click on any image. Barcelona is a liberal city with a vast community of gays, travesties and transsexuals. It is a […]

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oh yeah …

I Like My Friends.

They’re Gangstah 🙂



366 reasons to smile ~ +136.

+136. I didn’t … but I hope I will someday 🙂


366 reasons to smile ~ +124.

+124. Life Goal Status: Achieved 🙂 😉


~ Soren Kierkegaard ~

Life can only be understood backwards;

but it must be lived forwards.

 ~ Soren Kierkegaard ~