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“Resistance” is in my blood … just ask my Mama ;) … and as I look over my unique heritage, I’m not really surprised at all.

Theres the Irish and Scottish colonisation’s, that resulted in their Response and continued Resistance. A few of those ancestors were sent to these ‘colonies’, and tahdah, our line changed. They weren’t perfect humans by any means, in fact there’s a couple who were down right assholes, but I’ll leave that for another post. But their Resistance to the invasion of their countries, was second to none. I admire the fuck out of that part of their narrative.

Then there’s the Jewish blood; the English blood; the French Canadian blood … and of course … the tangata whenua – Maori blood.

Learning about my tipuna and the layers of my Indigenous culture, has given Me a tonne of strength; it’s answered a heap of questions for Me; it’s made Me realise that I already know, deep down, what I need … Who I am … where I want to be. It’s given Me layers upon layers of beautiful healing.

And I am made up of multiple layers of Resistance and Response.

That Resistance has been voiced regarding colonisation and the social justice issues We continue to face as tangata whenua, through my art; and more recently that has extended to responding to, and re-framing sexual violence.

This love of justice … fairness … questioning … reframing … is what gives Me that fire in my belly. It’s probably what has helped to keep Me alive at times and I am grateful for it.  I’d rather have it, than have nothing at all <3

“Thou Shalt Not Concede”

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Watch the stars – we navigate points of light in the dark

An artist of many forms. Huka speaks of all the things that are near and dear to Me.

For More of their writings and art, please visit “huka can haka”.


“Whakapapa helps Māori people keep memories alive over aeons, through practices of re-storying our lives. Through whakapapa, I am always able to locate myself at the core of my accumulated experiences, even though at times I can feel fragmented and disoriented. Whakapapa resists marginalisation and centres identity, because I can see the ‘today’ of my life through the lens of many generations – I can see the bigger picture. Te Ātiawa, Ngāti Māhanga and Ngāti Māhanga ā Tairi activist and social theorist Leonie Pihama asserts whakapapa as an analytic tool, employed by Māori to understand how we relate in the world . Whakapapa connects Māori to every aspect of existence – when I make art I use whakapapa to re-image lived experiences of marginality many different (but also the same) globalised contexts.”

huka can haka


Whakapapa is generally translated as genealogy, although can be understood in many different ways. Whakapapa can mean to lie flat, to place in layers, to recite in order; or considered in parts as ‘whaka’ – cause to be, to become; and ‘papa’ which can mean – the Earth, or anything broad flat and hard. In te reo Māori ’papa’ has many meanings associated with ideas of ground, site and layer. Papatūānuku, often shortened to Papa, is the female personification of Earth. The word ‘kaupapa’ can mean the woven foundation for a cloak and has the figurative meaning of a platform or purpose. ‘Whakapapa’ has a literal meaning of placing things in layers. That extends figuratively to reciting genealogical links in their proper order and from there to the word for ‘genealogy’.

Whakapapa is a critical cultural foundation for understanding who you are, where you come from, where and who…

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Post-Snot and Tears Day

Alright I got shit to get off’ve my rather saggy chest before I can move on with my day … weekend … Christmas …. arrghhh;  Post- Snot and Tears day.

To back track slightly; I laid a complaint with the Health and Disability Commission about my GP over a year ago now, about the same time as I laid a complaint with ACC about their bullshit. I haven’t been back to my doctors since April 2016I’ve made do with the excess drugs I had and pretty much got what I needed from family or alternative remedies.

I had to go to back to the doctors on Wednesday because that cunt was supposedly ‘qualified’ to fill out the ACC form that will start yet another lengthy process with ACC and their reviews of a. their fuck ups re treatment and compensation and b. the lengthy lengthy fucking lengthy process that accompanied – their fuck ups!

As noted previously, I was trying to do ‘calm’ on Wednesday and it spiralled down pretty quickly as we entered town. With snot and tears spilling over in large amounts however, I spoke with the doctor and went through what I needed him to do. Whether he actually did it properly is yet to be ascertained, grrr.

Now this all brings up 2 issues:

It would appear to the logical peep that one should change doctors and find someone that was a. helpful and b. good at their job at the very least!

Fuckery 1:

Since the dictatorship of the National led government, for the previous 9 years, we saw our health system decline even more than it had been already. Now I’m not here to discuss politics (for a change) on this post … suffice to say, that even though National are a centre-right party – in my opinion they are just a wing of the same fucked up Crown bird.

So … getting another doctor is virtually impossible now. There are temporary GPs everywhere; which cost nearly double to see and there is no guarantee that you’ll actually get to see them when you need too. Pretty much – if you have a doctor you should be grateful even if they are shit at their job.

Fuckery 2:

You can’t get anything ‘official’ done without a GPs stamp.

That sorted … I am sitting there telling this douche what I need from him … “An ACC 18 form, filled in and emailed to ACC, stating I can’t work”.

Simple enough.

“So … this is related to the ‘Sensitive’ issue?”

Yes dude, it is.

“Oh, Okay … so were you working when this happened?”

Ummmm, No cunt … I was 3!

“OH, Okay … well I’m just wondering what I should put in the box that says, ‘date of injury’?”

Ummmmm, Really?

“I’ll just put that you were a student …”


“Well, how long did “IT” go on for?”


“How old were you when the ‘issue’ stopped?”

What the fuck?

“Well, I need to put a date …”

Put whatever the fuck you like mate … just sign it and send the fucking thing ….

“So … You can’t work now because ….”

Oh my god …

“As in I need to put something in this box here … see … ”

  • Diagnosis

Put what the ACC letter says: PTSD and related symptoms.

“OH … Okay, that seems reasonable”


and that continued for about 20 minutes; then he prints off the form and hands it to Me … “Just drop that in too ACC …”

“I just told you I can’t go in which is why you need to email it in …”

“Oh yes … do you have an email then?”

ACC. You have the email as You are the healthcare professional are you not??

Another 10 minutes pass and I am still snotting and tearing and angry as fuck. But I needs the form Ma’am … I needs it!!

I end up taking the printed copy and giving it to the receptionist to sort out, fingers fucking crossed they did it.


“So, medication … ” … You need something for the anxiety do you, he asks?

A brief conversation ensues whereby I give him a run down of what I use now (Zopicloneand how I use it and is there anything that stays in the system short term that isn’t a sedative as such …

Ahhhh … he reckons … try this:


Now I have a history of bad ass reactions to all anti-depressants of the SSRI variety and the TCA variety and any other variety they’ve biffed at Me in the past. This is on the paperwork in front of him. He should know this shit. He knows that the side effects and contraindications of all medications that I have tried in these genres, apply to Me. And even though the reviews are shit, and he is not sure if it will work, but ‘it might just be the miracle you’re looking for’, he prescribes it anyway.

By the time all that was done I had been there nearly 40 minutes; 30 minutes to long for Me. I conceded and nodded my head …”write that script and let me get the fuck out of here”.

He prescribed more Zopiclone so I shall continue using that … grr.

All I can say, is:

What the Actual Fuck?

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one small victory …

Posted on my FB page:

One small victory for OUR children, everywhere.

And a large fucking warning to kiddie fucker porn scum everywhere: I’ll find you bastards!!

Links below are where you can also report anything dodgy relating to child abuse.

Don’t be one of those waa waa people that say they don’t like child exploitation – rape – abuse – and then do nothing but complain about it over a cup of tea with your mates.

1. Take a screenshot / save the URL.
2. Report it to FB – note it as ‘ I think it shouldn’t be on FB’ – ‘It’s sexually explicit’
Web and FB:
3. Put URL into http://www.whoishostingthis.com

Check with : https://www.google.co.nz/landing/protectchildren/

4. Report to https://report.cybertip.org
(at the bottom of this site you can report websites)

5. Save all correspondence.

Again: Your welcome.

You can also donate to http://www.missingkids.com/cybertipline/.
These poor bastards get to view this sort of filth everyday: and you would think in this day and age they wouldn’t have to be scrambling for money to make the job easier … but they are.
And for every site they remove, others pop up somewhere else, photos are kept and exchanged and perps go undetected.

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response to copyright infringement and child porn

As I am reasonably inept in regards to the functioning of cyber world, and posting educational material and uplifting photographs are the realm of my know-how; so stumbling upon a copywritten stolen photograph on a pornographic website featuring underage girls, came as a bit of shock to the system.

Needless to say, it has been an enlightening couple of days.

I am grateful that said photograph was not personal in nature and it has been a lesson in what I will be posting in future. Whilst I am not inclined to be dictated by some pervert thief, and a network provider that abdicates any responsibility in assisting with the provision of details because they do not ‘control the content of their customers’; I will be taking down all photographs from my websites, that are family related.

I thank all those that have genuinely ‘liked’ and commented on these photographs and perused them for the pleasure they were intended.

This post is to inform those who are unaware of the process re filing a complaint about stolen material, but more importantly, reporting and protecting the vulnerable.

If you should find any material or photographic depictions of persons who appear to be ‘underage’, you should lodged a complaint with the provider of that website (if you can find it). This can usually be done through the following website: http://www.whoishostingthis.com. You can then report the site and/or the incident here: https://report.cybertip.org. You will need to provide personal details and the URLs the offence is related too.

For New Zealand, you can also go to the following links:




As you know, well for those of you who actually read my shit: some fuckwit decided to pinch a photo of mine … of ‘sea foam’ ffs … and repost it, with my site name on it … to a fucking porn website depicting underage girls in all manner of fucking disgusting-ness.

For those who know my shit, you would’ve guessed by now, that this has fucked with my world slightly … for a few reasons … the obvious being – kids being fucked with!! Yes it pisses me no end that some cunt has violated my ‘space’ … but hei aha: my shoulders must have gotten a little broader over the last couple years; fuck that I say.

But then placing my shit on a site that depicts the violation children has gotten all my heckles right up there!

So the point of this post – aside from having yet another rant about it, in true Me form … is to let you know that I will be removing all photographs over the next couple of days, relating to my family, especially my mokos. If anything, this has all been a valuable lesson in what is ‘not’ protected on the net … Children!

So I won’t be doing my usual posts for a couple of days until I have ‘reconstructed’ my sites adequately … Soz about that … but not ;) [ this kinda of fucks with my organised, anal as fuck feng shui, but its worth it ;) ]

And finally, I wanted to make sure those that are unaware, as I have been, of the process you need to take if you should come across kiddie porn scum and their filth in the course of your surfing the web. Yes, theres shit we can do. If you’ve been anything like me, you’ve just tried to get rid of whatever is on the screen, hoping that’s the end of it.

But it isn’t.

Just remember, you may be able to delete it off’ve you’re screen; but whoever is in those depictions, is someones child!!!!! Even if they look 16 or 17, they’re still someones child! And they are people … little people! That require our notice and fucking protection! And btw … the age of ‘consent’ (I’m not talking about ‘giving’ consent here), is six-fucking-teen!

So, in conclusion … here’s my photographic depiction of the debacle thus far, and since no cunt wants to take full responsibility for the ‘questionable’ site, feel free to peruse these closer to get a real ‘feel’ for the abdication of responsibility that is so readily evident here.

Cheers … See yous on the flip side … aka coupley days ;) 

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discussing ‘mental health’

added August 2018

Good old Wikipedia, the lay-woman’s authority on everything from mental health to when a song was first released; notes the following:

“The DSM-5 was published on May 18, 2013, superseding the DSM-IV-TR, which was published in 2000…. Notable changes include dropping Asperger syndrome as a distinct classification; loss of subtype classifications for variant forms of schizophrenia; dropping the “bereavement exclusion” for depressive disorders; a revised treatment and naming of gender identity disorder to gender dysphoria, and removing the A2 criterion for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because its requirement for specific emotional reactions to trauma did not apply to combat veterans and first responders with PTSD.”

So I wondered to myself, who made the DSM the bible of mental health diagnoses?

Google and Wiki say – “the American Psychiatric Association‘s (APA)”.

Okey dokey I say…who the fuck put them in charge of diagnosing shit? Did their overpriced education make them an authority, or the authority on all things ‘unexplainable’? And…what the fuck have they got to do with me? I’m not American? And these Americans, are they speaking for all ‘Americans’? And do they realise that there are indigenous peeps that were there long before them and Columbus or whatever his handle is…long before those crusty dudes? And their exquisite ‘mental’ make up aint anything like the crusty’s? And do they understand that the peeps they snatched up from all around the world, to demoralise and enslave in the land of the ‘free’; they also don’t have the same ‘mental’ makeup as the crustations. Do they understand that those that have chosen to migrate to the all great America, also don’t have the same ‘mental’ makeup? And if the ‘non white’ population out number the ‘non coloured’ population, how is that they can have an authoritative say on anyone’s health, mental or otherwise, other than their own?

To my country and all their mental health theories, I’m rocking the same thought pattern. How can they have an authoritative say on Maori mental health, when they know nothing of our state of being? How can they diagnose and medicate after dissecting and eradicating our own health system and ancient forms of healing? How can they know when they don’t know shit?

People are all the same, in the sense that when we are cut, we bleed. We inhale air…however that may be…we are alive.

But we are not all the same.

I’m not talking division and one peep is better than another type bullshit. I’m saying that we are all distinct, different, unique, individual and a ‘one off’. There is no one like me. There is no one like you. Similar, but not exactly the same. And that right there is what makes it all so fucking beautiful.

But to say I have a mental health issue, based on some crusty American Psychiatric bible; that neither pertains or relates to me, is some of the most backward thinking bullshit that makes absolutely no sense what so ever!

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