lost ~ six60

lost ~ six60, 2012

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its kinda like getting lost, then realising ..

shit that landscape looks fucking familiar.

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lost ~ frank ocean

lost ~ frank ocean, 2012

we all lost stuff. ay.

when its gone

it’s all gone.


your stuff

your dignity

your loved and love.


nothing hurts. there’s no more.

threat to you.

you can rest in nothing.


he was officially homeless.


he smiled more than most.

he wore sun glasses.

with no lenses.


he said it was an irony.


he possessed a guitar.

and the clothes he wore.

and a blanket.


he drank as much as me.

just different liquid.


when everything else was closed.

we’d find each other.

we’d laugh and sing.

and drink.

and drink.

and drink.


first night he found me.

i was holding up McD’s window.

i couldn’t see 2 fingers in front of my face.


you a’ight babe

you got’a home babe.

he asks.


nodding all the while

he says:

you lost.


that wasn’t a question.


picking up my drunk ass

he took me to his ‘place’.

tucked me in with his only blanket.

one last nip.

a pat on the head.


you be a’ight.

he says.


don’t know where you are now.


i hope youre still alive.


you showed me more kindness

by the hand of a strange man.

than I had ever had


or deserved.


when I told you about my girls

living with their daddy.

you said.


we all have a story.

we all lost stuff.

lots of stuff.


thank you.



i hope you found more than your lenses.

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dear ex

You didn’t own anything.

Not even a toothbrush.

And you had never owned one.

Your mama bought silk sheets.

Not toothbrushes.

I know life fucked you.

In more ways than one.

I know that you were always destined for.

The life you live now.

It was your goal.

I don’t have regrets.

I don’t even really get us.

But you taught me a Shitload.

About what neglect looks like.

What the absence of any care, Looks like.

And what it grows up to be.

God I hope you are not the complete.

Asshole you always wanted to be.

You know, not everyone deserves to be punished.

For the neglect of a few.

I get it though.

#throwback Jul 28, 2015 @ 01:16