embracing the weeds.

turns out,

they’re healing.

and edible.


da ill out ~ redman

Da Ill Out ~ Redman, 1996


do it,

on purpose.


nightshift ~ commodores

Nightshift ~ Commodores, 1985

who would have thought

turns out,

the fight

is for me.

doing for me,

like i did

for my kids.


liberian girl ~ michael jackson

Liberian Girl ~ Michael Jackson, 1987


the photography of: “let me photograph you softly”

I’ve been enjoying the beautiful photography @ “Let Me Photograph You Softly”.

See for yourself @ http://letmephotographsoftly.wordpress.com ❤

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let me photograph you softly

v0995-297title   shibuya/winter/in front of a huge monitor at a station square

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abstract photography #2

abstract photography #2

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a few minor adjustments …

After my secondary ‘Aha-Aha Moments’, I decided to make some immediate and then minor adjustments to my world. Instead of re-minimising everything (which I do rather well I might add), I figured a few tweaks would do just as well.

The first was this:

Don’t get Me wrong, I give a shit about a lot of things … too many things actually; well too many for own well-being at the moment. Yes, I give a shit about world peace, racism, sexism, injustice, in-equality … I give more than a shit actually – I give so many shits about this shit, it hurts. This is how I was made. It is my character and the fabric of my nature. But right now … I need to give more than just a few shits, about Me.

On to the shit I can change:

  • ACC – done.
  • Father – done.
  • Minimising drugs – doing.

So I decided to add 3 things.

  1. More Art for Arts sake.
  2. More healthy shit.
  3. Before the end of this year, pick somewhere to go, that I want to go too … and Go.

Art for Arts sake, means creating without a purpose. My art has always been in response to something – colonisation, abuse, anger etc. It has never been just because I want to create something. It’s actually quite hard for Me to do something that has No ‘purpose’; it goes against every minimal thing about Me.

More healthy shit: this is two-fold. In a few weeks I will try the ‘mindfulness’ walk, with my new found knowledge. This is purposeful, so should counter balance the art-for-arts-sake.

Second part of the healthy shit is practical:

My tipuna were foraging and healing themselves long before the Crown set foot on these islands and long before I came into being. So instead of waiting for ‘the cure’, Me and aunty google set about to find some practical things to do. I’ve added the following to my daily health regime:

Green Smoothie

1x clove of garlic

1x banana

1x cup organic raw milk

1/4 cup water

6-8 puha leaves (raw)

2 dandelion leaves (raw)

2 doves foot geranium (raw)

6-8 coriander leaves (raw)

4-5 sprigs of mint (raw)

I’ve included the health benefits of each of these ‘weeds’ and herbs, in the links. The idea is to increase this a little bit at a time over the next few months. While it may not sound very pleasant and definitely looks a bit dodgy – I figure Chartreuse is way worse 😉 And so far so good on the ‘health benefit’ angle.


On to picking somewhere I want to go:

I wanted to go to my art classes this year and felt like a big fat failure because I hadn’t been able to make it all year. Soooo, instead of wallowing in it, I’ve decided to go the the Exhibition Opening on the 4th of November. I may need drugs; I may need all my bits and pieces that I use … and that, I have decided, is just fine! I am going!

I’ve asked my daughter if she’d take Me and hold my hand etc lol, and she said Yes 🙂 And she’s going to bring my beautiful mokos too. I said to her – ‘are you ok with Me freaking out if that happens?’ … and she says, ‘sure ma, we’ll just throw a blanket over you, put a hat on you and hold onto you’. I cried 🙂

So thats Us, well Me … and the mish from now till the end of the year at least.

And guess what?

I’m OK 😉




paulas jam ~ paula perry

Paula’s Jam ~ Paula Perry, 1996