365 reasons to smile ~ 51.

51. The Toodle-loo Motherfucker meme 😂 – my daughter sent me this and said it reminded her of me: L M F A O, I did 😆😆😂😂

#throwback Feb 20, 2016 … yep and it still makes me lol x



unfucking thyself 101.94




Homai to Aroha



Now this isn’t my photo or meme, and this isn’t where I usually make mindful statements about someone elses arty / meaningful shizz … so apologies to whoever wrote this … my train of thought today was more in response to this rather than to criticise your truth …

So, that said … I found this in my stash of memes and was about to repost, as it had obviously resonated with Me somewhere along the way …

But yah know what … it just doesn’t anymore … and I got issues with it.


Little girls don’t learn to be strong and independent from being broken … they learn to walk with a limp. They learn to hate and disassociate … they learn to cope, strategise, steal and survive.

Little girls Should Not Have to Broken to learn how to be strong and independent.

Little girls should be able to depend on those around them, to love her and protect her.

That isn’t her issue … it’s Theirs.

Theres no high-fucking-fives to be had out of being strong and independent from being broken … it’s a stain on our fucking nation that any child is broken!!!

Get my fucking drift????

Strength comes from survival, sure. But would you really wish a whole lot of brokenness on your child so they can become strong and independent? Fuck No!

I think it’s an excuse we’ve all made up so we can justify not having intervened, spoken up, asked the right questions, made the phone call, held the gaze a little longer … all those things that people know they should do but it just feels to darn uncomfortable.

Justifying the strength of a woman later on in her life with the brokenness she has experienced … is not a reason / justification.

It’s a poor fucking excuse for humanity.


365 reasons to smile ~ 45.

45. The fuck-it bucket 😆

#throwback Feb 14, 2016 … and still as valid AF! x



365 reasons to smile ~ 29.

29. Taking the piss out of NZs PM, meme 😂

#throwback Jan 29, 2016, and still as accurate AF – mind due, I think the States may have won the award here … JS.

#meme reads:

I hope the aliens don’t land in New Zealand and say take me to your leader .. how bloody embarrassing …


365 reasons to smile ~ 27.


27. <3

#throwback Jan 27, 2016

#meme reads:

“Teach your daughters their battle cries are needed far more than their silence and hear then deafen the world with their fearlessness”

by Nikita Gill


365 reasons to smile ~ 23.

23. I don’t possess this skill. Yet :)

#meme reads:

“Tact is the ability to tell someone to go to hell in such a way that they look forward to the trip.”


365 reasons to smile ~ 22.

22. I know I know … but are we not all guilty of this … hmm ? ?

#meme reads:

My favourite thing about being an adult is avoiding going to the doctors until I need to be hospitalised.

#throwback Jan 22, 2016 


note to self:

Easier said than done sometimes: But I get it …

And Breathe –

#meme reads:

If it fucks with the vibe of your soul you got to let it go.