reconciling the hormones #48

Dude, I don’t even know what to say …


#meme is a cartoon depiction of a biological woman in your swim suit, walking down a snow filled street; in her slippers, also looking rather stressed and hot – pushing a trolly with a generator and fan on it.

The caption reads: Kathy’s hot flashes were becoming severe.


reconciling the hormones #47

I actually have a sneaky suspicion that this is partially true!


reconciling the hormones #46

So today I had a ‘moment’ … a moment of deep appreciation or respect I think. Not for Menopause per se … I’m still ruminating on that one.

My respect is for those that ‘choose’ to biologically transition from biological male-to-female and vice versa.

To choose to actually do this, I decided, takes a deep knowing and understanding of what you want to / need to be. So to choose to go through a transition like that – with all its chemical / hormonal changes – with all of the angst that happens  – with all the changing and moving that happens:

I respect the hell out of anyone that would willingly do that. You have bigger balls than I!  What I do understand though is the conviction that this would take to transition into a complete and whole You.

#MuchRespect to my transitioning compadres ❤


reconciling the hormones #45



#meme is of a close up photograph of a cat hissing.

The caption reads:

Menopause. It’s a thin line between love and homocide.


reconciling the hormones #44

Slightly derogatory … but pretty bloody accurate at the moment 😉


reconciling the hormones #43

Alright, all jokes aside …

This is like one of those rollercoasters (which I have avoided for most of my life!) that just won’t quit!

It’s like 1,000 shades of emotion all in the space of an hour … with 5  minutes rest .. and then right back to the beginning again!!



reconciling the hormones #42


Think I need all 3 actually, exactly in that order too 😉

#meme is a picture of cat whose hair on top of his fuzzy little head, is standing on its end.

The caption reads: I can’t decide if I need a hug, six shots or three months of sleep.


reconciling the hormones #41

Guess who found the Menopause jokes 😉


#meme is a cartoon picture of a biological woman ordering a coffee and a cafe. The heading on the counter reads: New! The Menopause Special.

She says to the barista:

I’ll have the cafe mocha vodka xanax latte to go, please.

reconciling the hormones #40






reconciling the hormones #39

Researching, and look what I found …

Now this makes Me all kinds of angry …

Wonder if thats part of the incurable ‘condition’ grr.