happy motherfucking mothers day:

ok, small(ish) rant before i move on with the day:

in my motherfucking opinion, mamas (not gender specific) have been wiping tears, noses, asses & trying to ‘make it all alright’, alone, for far too fucking long. i cannot count the amount of mamas i have known that have turned themselves inside out, for hours, days, years … to make life ok, better, bearable for their kids. & all the while they shoulder the ‘i hate yous’, ‘youre a horrible mother’ & ‘you don’t understand me’s’, & watch / listen as the sperm donor gets a free fucking pass.

if your purpose in life was to replicate, & you’ve done that, then move the fuck on.
hanging around taking up space, leeching breathe & dropping false hope, is not the tahi.

you think your penis entitles you to discounts, subsides, and a side order of understanding with immeasurable forgiveness?

i dont fucking think so. that shit is way old & way done.





moko #1 made dinner for the fams … he was so proud of himself xo

I had a quick glimpse of a medium sized epiphany this morning … on my way from the laundry to the kitchen, which was the wrong way I might add … carrying the 4th pile of random clothing and miscellaneous items in about 15 minutes.

“Ahhhh, thats right … this is what motherhood looks like …. Faaarrrrkkkkk”

I didn’t think I had forgotten, but I had lol.

My girl and her partner now have 4 little darlings. The youngest is a few days old … the oldest is 11 next year. Theres like a 10 minute gap between the oldest and 2nd oldest (just kidding … theres like 13 months … which I might add, is really like juggling twins, but worse … ), and then theres a 5 year gap between 2nd and 3rd and now a 4 year gap between 3rd and 4th.

I didn’t have that.

And as I was rubbing my extremely over tired puffy allergy infested eyeballs and trying to get my equilibrium back on track whilst listening too 3 little people talk flat tack and eat their breakfast and put on sock and scream at the other that ‘thats not how mama ties my laces’ … I was thinking …

“How the fuck …. ”

Mothers and fathers all over the world, doing their do, raising their babies, picking snot off clothes and dry food outta hair … trying to find matching socks whilst convincing their babies that ‘unmatched socks are the in thing now, don’t you know …’ – they are all freaking fucking amazing.

You know, they have our next generations in their hands and they’re shaping and growing those little people … equipping them to be game changers, open thinkers, challengers … enjoyers of Life.

And thats a fucking hard job.

And I wonder … why the fuck doesn’t our government acknowledge and pay that shit? And closer to home … whose thanking the parents daily, for doing what they do?

Well today, I honour my daughters and partners of, for the most fucking amazing jobs that they do with my beautiful mokos … for the unseen jobs they do daily to raise awesome little humans into big humans.

Love Yous!!!

kpm ©


hey lady who told me I was a shit mother

you don’t know me.

not then, not now.

you assumed to. and you judged without asking.


you have the right to an opinion

but I don’t owe you any explanation.


take your self-righteous opinions.


jam those bastards back

up your ass.