this movie … Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close

I watched Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close last night. A 2011 movie that I seemed to have missed somewhere along the lines.

The little dude in it has an anxiety disorder – or possibly Asperger’s, not sure .. his father seems to get his groove and does all these little expedition things so he can use his big brain and he can ‘socialize’, as such.

Anyway, the father dies in the 9/11 attack and the story unfolds with this little dude coming to terms with the whole experience, in his own anxiety ridden way.

Up shot for Me … I loved the movie :) Even the title I got …

And I completely got all the little nuances of the anxiety fuelled episodes and the more clinical or ‘particular’ things that he did … having to organise and categorise shit. They did a great job of portraying those ‘things’ that happen when everything gets to loud, to bright, to close, to enclosed …

I think what I loved the most, was the responses he got from those around him. The ‘understanding’; the love and support – so he could be himself.

And his little self – I completely got that.

Very cool movie … and one I’ll be watching again soon :)

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