scary canary …

so, apopo (tomorrow) i go in and do my art installation and im nervous – fucking nervous – but different nervous. lol.

i think cos this year i’m focused on different things / goals, and am more ‘present’, the ‘feelings’ are hell’ah different. thats it in a very small nutshell … and no doubt as i unravel this part of my shizz, i’ll repeat my angst and toss it over and re analyze and regurgitate and throw it out …. on and on, until i get some peace with it all.

its not bad though. thats what i can ‘feel’ this time. that its not bad. and i’m not ‘scared’, like scared shitless … i’m just nervous of the unknown but excited as well … of the unknown!

now how fucken cool is that!! it’s all progress!!

so, be prepared for more random updates and random pictures and random unidentified feelings as i roll on to the exhibiton on friday …


love & gangstah light <3

kpm © : ig @kpm-artist



in between it all:

theres 10 fucking days till exhibition.

yes, i’m nervous now lol.

i’m organised as fuck of course. and my house is looking like a cross between a studio and a half way house … but i’m getting my shit together.

i think it’ll be sweet.

and if it’s not, i’ve got drugs!

this whole, excitement versus nervousness is doing me feng shui in lol.

‘i can do this’, is my mantra today!

kpm © : ig @kpm-artist



I’m nervous.

Funny that.


He’s a bitch.

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