choices choices

What does one do when you have no money and no insurance …

and you’re sick?

we have choices you know:

  1. You can let your temperature rise and the infection fester, ring for an ambulance. Cost: Ambulance: $90 (invoiced). Hospital – free – but a 18-48 wait and no guarantee they’ll treat you unless you are literally dying.
  2. Stay home, try home remedies. Cost: Nothing. But no guarantee it’ll work.

Welcome to 2017 where the healthcare is as fucked as it was is 1817.

Good one NZ.


interrupting the routine commentary for an nz update:

$6.20 for 500g of butter!

Wtf New Zealand!

Land of milk and honey my ass!

#photograph: 500g block of butter


activism ~ #lestweforget: operation 8

Yes: #lestweforget this little fucking atrocity New Zealand.


how we do this ~ flowz

How We Do This ~ Flowz ft Shogun & Teaksta, 2014

*Music Video by Flowz performing How we do this ft Shogun & Teaksta. Directed by Diamond Cut Media. [C] 2014 Make Music Aotearoa Ltd.*

raro ~

Rarohenga ~

Underworld, nether-world –

the place where

the spirits of

the dead


tā ~

Tāwhirirangi ~

Spirit energy


sweeping rains.


Ruaūmoko ~

Spirit energy of

volcanoes –

volcanic activity.

Tang ~

Tangaroa ~

Spirit energy

that lives

in water.

tu ~

Tū-te-wehiwehi ~

Spirit energy of


and bravery.

te ~

Te Ihorangi ~

Spirit energy of rain

and clouds.