thats awesome ACC, insert *sarcastic eye roll*

The assessment is back. Noted. Added to the pts(d) is mdd. Awesome.

So todays conversation with the almighty ACC, went a little something like this … hit it:

  • so, you (meaning ACC – thats, Accident Compensation Corporation) will assist with counselling, right?


  • and?

You are covered for mental injury, as noted on your new assessment.

  • which means?

We will assist with your recovery from your mental injury.

  • which means?


  • does that include practical help … like, transport to and from appointments?

We can assist with more than 80ks worth of travel in a month.

  • defined as, what?

Your own transport, and we can reimburse a percentage.

  • and if I don’t have my own transport?

We can look at paying for a bus, possibly.

  • pardon?

Where preferably, you should make your own way to and from appointments and we can reimburse a percentage.

  • what about something else, like self defence for instance?

No. We won’t help with physical activity.

  • what about, art therapy, or something along those lines?

We can assist with the recovery of your mental injury.

  • what about helping with future career or job prospects? getting back to work scenarios?

We will assist with the recovery of your mental injury. So, No, not work prospects. We can pay for a Social Worker to assist you with a CV and possibilities for further assistance.

  • Oh, Wow. Now thats helpful.

mauri of me #18


“NZ has a rocket base that’s received $25 million Govt funding & is financially supported by the world’s largest weapons trader, Lockheed Martin”

In other posts, I’ve recently touched on my Father and Land Issues.

Both of these things are things which have shaped Me.

The land that my Father has been wanting to ‘return’ too, and build on, is next to the land in this article.

This has also been a point of dis-contention between us.

Throughout the generations there have been what the Indigenous have referred to as Kupapa, or supporters of the Colonial Cause. Their infamy has taken on a few forms, but selling off land at a pittance, or defrauding their own people are 2 of their most loathsome traits.

In this day and age, Kupapa still exist.

Their rhetoric however, has been tweaked.

Now they tend to espouse that We are not ‘utilising’ our resources properly; or We should ‘collaborate’ with the Crown, usually in the form of receiving their ‘assistance’ … that assistance usually comes with a clause in the documentation which states (in a nutshell), that if the rates are not maintained; the land is not maintained (to their specifications) etc, then the Land becomes the Crowns. We are advised to form Trusts and borrow from banks, using the Land as collateral.

The Land in question at the moment (in the re-blogged article), is next to this Rocket Base.

The long term environmental impact is unknown.

The long term cultural impact can be predicted really.

Again, We will be shafted.

This angst; this fuckery; this … ‘please listen to some kind of reasoning’, but they don’t … is a huge part of my make up … that churns in the depths of my gutt.

It’s why I Respond.

Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

Rocket_Lab_Launch_Complex_1_(Sept_2016) The new rocket launch-pad at Mahia NZ …  Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Rocket Lab is an American aerospace corporation launching out of New Zealand

Did you know that NZ now has a rocket base? This news seems to have flown under the radar for many. I only noticed it myself a month or so ago. The base is actually situated in Mahia on the East Coast of the North Island, however it was originally planned for the South Island at Kaitorete Spit near Christchurch, also near Birdling Flat and the Radar/Haarp Station there. The length of time obtaining consents appears to have been the deciding factor about a change in tack.  Rocket Lab noted one thing that prevented it from launching close to Christchurch which was the need for a cultural impact assessment from the council. A decision was made to locate the launch pad at Mahia instead. A cultural…

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366 reasons to smile ~ +106.

+106. Glad I got my scream / swim in before this made its way over our little island.

It’s so pretty viewed like this though 😉


white lines ~ six60

White Lines ~ Six60, 2015


moko #1 and our love of music <3

Moko #1 left yesterday 😦

I so enjoyed having him here … he’s a little darling … and sooooo smart.

He’s abit of a musician, so its a love (of music) that we share. He has a set of drums and has just become the proud owner of an Amp for his electric guitar.

We did abit of discussing of ‘genres’ … as in he’s still finding his groove … and what he likes to play too versus listen too.

Now Moko is also a bit of a know-it-all (dunno where he got that from lol) and he wanted to know why I was singing along to a song he’d been singing most of the week. This song:

  • I’m Still Standing – Elton John, 1983

Apparently it was a ‘new’ song and had I ‘seen the movie’??

Well, this started a 2 hour convo on music. With YouTube in hand, I took him on a very long journey looking at where his ‘new music’ originated from … that ‘Sing’ didn’t make up these songs, but they were in fact ‘covers’. Nothing wrong with covers I said; but plugging that he needed to know where they came from. Just like family 🙂

Then we did a check of music genres, as he was certain that he should be playing his other ‘grandfathers’ music. Little bug bear for me … his ‘other grandfather’ (my ex-husband), is a critical twat; and he’s told Moko #1 that he ‘hits the drums too hard’, ‘can’t follow the beat properly’ and ‘needs to listen better’; which has quite successfully, taken Moko #1s joy away re playing the drums … or anything for that matter. My mission is to give that back to him 😉

So, I proceeded to play him this, for abit of inspiration 😉 :

  • Alien Weaponry – Raupatu, 2017.
  • No copyright was found, however, because I’m down with promoting Tangata Whenua, the following is on the YouTube blurb:
  • Published on Jan 31, 2017
    Produced By Tom Larkin
    Mixed by Samuel K Sproull at Studios in The city Melbourne.
    Recorded at Roundhead Studios New Zealand.
    Videography by Dave Thomson & Piotr Ziomus.
  • You can also follow Alien Weaponry here:
  • What is ultra ultra brilliant about this band, is that they are all Tangata Whenua, and they are all young men 🙂

Now not a thrash metal fan myself, I wasn’t too sure how he’d take this … but much to my surprise … he loved it! And the reason, I figured … was because if nothing else … thrash is pure artistic expression! And Moko #1 could feel that!

So today, we have an old friend of ours …  and a thrash metal drummer … going out to Mokos house to show him how he plays the drums 😉 Excellent!!!!

So back to the lessons: Moko #1 was insistent that this song:

  • Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing (Cover) – Tori Kelly, 2016.

… came from the movie ‘Sing’ … again … and again, a long winded disagreement ensued, until I found this:

  • Don’t You Worry Bout A Thing – Stevie Wonder, release 1973.

And now we have a new Stevie Wonder fan in Moko #1 … who is also apparently impressed that a blind guy can play the piano like that!

Which got us back to the topic of

“Feeling the Music”

Big smiles as Moko got it, finally !!!

Yuss – my job here is done!



wassup for today?

Apparently the following is whats on the NZ natural disaster agenda for today:

I’m not a disbeliever but I also haven’t been following this whole thing very closely.


Because I have enough earthquake related anxiety going on already!

So while the rest of NZ is in a state of perpetual panic I am trying to remain calm …

I’ve done all I can … I’m as ready as I can be …

Now to find something calming and soothing to do as a distraction …

Another coffee? Yes please 🙂


watching you ~ ardijah

Watching You ~ Ardijah, 1988

The Horowhenua DC’s Economic Development Committee that Looks Not Unlike Insider Trading

The Corrupt Are Going To Be Exposed Very Soon … Front row seats, with popcorn when it happens 😉

“These business associates of the Mayor actually came to our table at Council the other night and addressed us and advised us to vote for the policies that would benefit them!”   Cr Ros…

Source: The Horowhenua DC’s Economic Development Committee that Looks Not Unlike Insider Trading


Reality Check … Me Styles

After shocks are about 5 minutes apart and are ranging from light to weak at the moment.

I had a reasonably decent sleep / sort of … thanks to the aid of a sedative or 2.

Yesterday was hellish in all its wonderment.

I checked my heart rate etc because it felt like I was in full-scale panic mode. But my heart rate was good and steady. So I had to take stock. Drastically.

Day before I semi replenished the survival kit and made sure our (or my) plan for leaving, if necessary, was down pact. No more 10 minute lingering around for the partner to get his shit together so we can leave … if there had’ve actually been a tsunami I wouldn’t be writing this now!

The initial earthquake was ferocious. I don’t think I’ve ever been in one like it in my lifetime. Everything literally rocked and rolled … there was no standing, walking or even sheltering from it for that matter. It felt like it folded everything in and around us.

One of my worst things. I hate them!

I thought it was just the vertigo, but nah; I dislike them for plenty of other reasons besides vertigo.

Unpredictability being on top of the list. And you know, they (the powers that be) seem to be able to predict all sorts of shit .. but apparently NOT earthquakes.

Then there’s the movement. That’s right, I’m NOT a roller coaster kinda Chickie … those things are hell on little tiny wheels. No thanks!

And so yesterday I decided to do a bit more research into the whole earth moving thing. It’s surprisingly not something I’ve researched – Why – because I hate the bastards and would rather just hope they don’t happen. Sure, I prepared; small survival kit and all … but that was for the zombie apocalypse, not earthquake slash tsunami.

Turns out (which I sorta kinda, loosely knew), 2 tectonic plates run right through the middle of New Zealand –


See that awesome red / orange line that is pretty much blotting out our entire country? Yeah well that’s where the two plates meet – The Pacific Plate and the Indo-Australian Plate.


And according to the old school fishermen round here, every full moon, as the earth is closer to the moon and the tides rise, we are more prone to earthquakes.


Enter – Supermoon.

Apparently these old school bastards knew we were in for a few jolts, because as nature does, it has a system. And so far, it has never failed.

Awesome-est – I wish some cunt had filled me in on this prior to the pretty full super fucking moon!!!

So, back onto GeoNet, I started trying to figure out how long this shit is going to last. Turns out it could be anywhere from a few days to at least 30 days … the latter is more likely.

They have 3 likely probabilities … to simplify … 1. aftershocks that slowly decrease then possibly stop. 2. a smaller earthquake than the first but enough to set off a tsunami, depending on where the earthquake is centred – possibly, and 3. a bigger earthquake than the first – yes that’s right “Possibly”.

How absolutely, positively, reassuringly, possibly – Awesome!.

Another words they don’t really fucken know.

So What Would Me Do?

I would plan the fuck out of all possible scenarios and then try to chill the fuck out … I don’t have enough sedatives for 30 days!

So today we (I really mean ME) are filling the water bottles, getting more candles, matches and butane for the portable cooker; we are packing more canned goods, gassing the fucking car up, packing the supplies in the car … we are moving all breakable / shakeable objects off’ve the shelves (and just as well I’m a fucking minimalist!) … and packing enough coffee and period shit for at least 2 months! They say 30 days; I’ll plan for 60+!

So lesson in all of this – all well and good planning for the zombie apocalypse and all well and good living off the fucking grid and all well and fucking good loving the ocean and all – BUT earthquake + ocean = tsunami … how about planning for that dumbass!

Never mind … thanks to pts(d) I am as anal as fuck and will have this shit sorted by the end of the day … hopefully all stays still till then LOL.

And I’ll continue breathing … because the other thing that has become very fucking apparent, is I have No control over mother nature, and she is paying no mind to Me, My Vertigo or My PTS fucking (D) and my lack of anti-anxiety medication or sedatives! Bitch. So I’m gonna have to handle it somehow or I’ll be a basket case by the end of the 30 days.

Peace Out.



365 reasons to smile ~ 283.

283. Now, I’m not smiling because of the pollution … I’m smiling at the irony of it all … we’ve portrayed ourselves as one of the most beautifulest, cleanest, greenest countries in the world, and because of the plunder and greed that carries on via government consent, we haven’t been clean and green for a very very long time. Where I live, we have one of the worst Lakes in NZ for pollution, on our back doorstep. It was tested awhile ago and results stated that if a small child were to drink any of the contaminated water, they would more than likely die!

Good on you NZ government; you’re doing a completely fucked up job!!!