A for

I am



The colonisers


their ‘discovery’

New Zealand.


already had a name.



choices choices

What does one do when you have no money and no insurance …

and you’re sick?

we have choices you know:

  1. You can let your temperature rise and the infection fester, ring for an ambulance. Cost: Ambulance: $90 (invoiced). Hospital – free – but a 18-48 wait and no guarantee they’ll treat you unless you are literally dying.
  2. Stay home, try home remedies. Cost: Nothing. But no guarantee it’ll work.

Welcome to 2017 where the healthcare is as fucked as it was is 1817.

Good one NZ.


interrupting the routine commentary for an nz update:

$6.20 for 500g of butter!

Wtf New Zealand!

Land of milk and honey my ass!

#photograph: 500g block of butter


activism ~ #lestweforget: operation 8

Yes: #lestweforget this little fucking atrocity New Zealand.


how we do this ~ flowz

How We Do This ~ Flowz ft Shogun & Teaksta, 2014

*Music Video by Flowz performing How we do this ft Shogun & Teaksta. Directed by Diamond Cut Media. [C] 2014 Make Music Aotearoa Ltd.*

raro ~

Rarohenga ~

Underworld, nether-world –

the place where

the spirits of

the dead


tā ~

Tāwhirirangi ~

Spirit energy


sweeping rains.


Ruaūmoko ~

Spirit energy of

volcanoes –

volcanic activity.

Tang ~

Tangaroa ~

Spirit energy

that lives

in water.

tu ~

Tū-te-wehiwehi ~

Spirit energy of


and bravery.

te ~

Te Ihorangi ~

Spirit energy of rain

and clouds.

rongo ~

Rongomaraeroa ~

Spirit energy of

cultivated foods

and peaceful pursuits.

Guardian energy sanctioned

related to the preservation and

protection of occult arts,

rituals rituals related to greeting,

granting, declining, arranging or supporting

attitudes, acts, and position

of all things

as planned or pertaining to

Atua entering the realms of heaven and earth.