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unfucking the dark.




Homai to Aroha


So, for now, I’ve decided to keep with my nighttime, dark thing. The darkness, for Me, is way less stress inducing; on the senses and just in general. I think I am a natural ‘night owl’. It’s the time of ‘day’ that my thoughts are clearer, I have more energy and generally feel more ‘at peace’ … I know right … typical.

At night it’s easier to find something that is my version of beautiful. Aside from the fact the darkness in and of itself, is My version of beautiful.

These are my fairy lights. I’ve photographed them before; not recently though.

I love these little buggars. They make Me smile every time I walk past them; or see them through the window when I’m outside … I find them soothing … they’re my version of ‘glitter and sparkles’ lol. They cover an entire archway and down one wall of our lounge / dining room.

What I find interesting, is in the daylight / daytime, they’re just a long black piece of wire with little bulbs on it. Switch off the daylight / daytime, and they’re a perfect beauty unto their own.


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