see .. look

their inadequacies are crippling us.


try to move, but it’s like a weight.

their weight.

& its too hard to just drop.

needs to be buried?
like a death?
a dead body?

buried. properly.

not in anger. not in remorse. or hurt.

just respectfully buried.

dirt & grieving.



the same space doesn’t exist.

time changes it.

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fyi: don’t grow old

not on this western front anyways.

we despise the old.

much prefer the new.

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“aren’t you a little ‘old’ for that?”

by whose standards?

yours? you crusty cunt?

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photography .30

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yeah, ok …

So,as I sit here downloading more episodes of Dora the bloody explorer, for moko #4’s impending arrival … listening to the fire roaring, cos its also bloody freezing … feeling toasty in my birthday slippers … and looking super comfy with my Nanny bun on top of my head …

A thought occurs …

‘When did I stop being gangster?’

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photographic art: [deconstruction / power meter box]

Our old house:

our first beach house.

There lived an old

power meter box.

Lovely old thing.

Full of character,

and cobwebs.

At night you could hear

It tick over.

And gently hum,

as it racked up the dollars.

But I’m going to miss it;

Miss it’s ticking and humming.

They don’t make them like this


And tend to rip out these and replace

them with those over-rated

digital fuckers.

But I prefer these.

Old and glorious models.

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