chastised [usually part of a larger group, whether real or imagined]

I have been mincing around gods green earth for 45ish years now, and during that time I have been chastised for almost everything by almost everybody. Slight over-generalisation you say? I think Not.

Theres been christians, mormons, a hare krishna, a psychologist or 2, family, extended family, strangers, random passerby-ers, doctors, bosses, colleagues, teachers, students, children (even!), old people, older people, homosexuals, anti abortionists, straights, marrieds, non-marrieds ….

You get my drift ay?

I shit you not … this list is as long as my arm pit hairs at present!

But as I was recently pondering on my latest chastisement, I got to wondering … Why?

As this phenomenon seems to know no bounds, it would then appear to be a glitch that covers all races, sexual preferences, religions, ages, schools of thoughtings  ….

So what is it?

What is it that gives one person (usually part of a larger group, whether real or imagined), the belief they have the right to share their heavenly or scientific or self enlightened bestowed-ly knowledge, on another?

In this instance, that ‘another’, is of course, Me :)

What gives a person (usually part of a larger group, whether real or imagined) the inkling of thought that the ‘other’, being chastised, is even remotely interested in their version of ‘the universal truth’?

Is this Arrogance?

Is it a miniature version of a colonial/patriarchal mentality being replayed on the daily life scene?

Is it even a thing????

Whatever it is … I am WAY over it! Way, Way Over It … see, I’m using Capitalisation ;)

So heads up y’all:

I do Not need to know that you think I should not speak ‘that way’ …

I do Not need to know Why …

I do Not need to know who supports your theory …

I do Not need to know what you have done to prove your theory as being scientifically correct …

Guess What …

I Respectfully don’t give a rats fucking ass.

Scroll On.

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to speak

forgot, that speaking,

or more specifically,

espousing a desire, want,


brings silence.

not of the golden variety.

but the punishment variety.

the variety that silences, You.

that silences Your World.

Your truth.

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My Pledge

#throwback Nov 13, 2016 @ 11:24

Written by my friend: Johanna <3

In all my readings over the last few days, no-one has responded better, in my opinion, than this self proclaimed “old woman who happens to be white” and is “not proud of what other members of” her “race (and the electoral college) have done in electing Trump. What can I do?” <3

All Things Chronic

As an old woman who happens to be white, I’m not proud of what other members of my race (and the electoral college) have done in electing Trump. What can I do?

I pledge to stand up with every group that Trump has denigrated. I pledge to be vocal about my support for the LGBTQ community, people of color, women, veterans, the disabled, those who suffer from mental health conditions, the homeless, and of course, pain patients.

If you want to be a racist or a bigot, you cannot do so if I’m around. This has nothing to do with political correctness. This is about being a human being.

On the internet or out in public, at Walmart or in Walgreens, if you behave like a racist, sexist, or homophobe, be warned that I will call you out on it. I’m not afraid of you. You think Trump has given…

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hey, guess what:









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heres a little something, ya’ll should know …

well here’s a little ramble that’s been digesting in my psyche for the past 48 hours or so … and i think it probably, actuals, started after my ‘discussion’ (tentatively termed) with my father …

I write as I speak … I speak as I write.

the dots in between my written words, pretty much represent the pauses I take when I’m talking

duly noted …

it would seem (as i have pondered many times) that this is not the ‘norm’ (once again, very tentative term).

or polite societal norm’, anyways.

thank fuck i don’t do polite societal norms, i say to myself, and anyone thats left to hear me …

but … (theres always a but … or butt ;) )

the ‘norm’ gets uncomfortable …

who cares right?

apparently e-very – one, except Me.

There are rules of engagement, apparently, in polite society. They are, loosely … You ask a question, I answer, followed by, Me asking a question and You answering. In there somewhere there’ll be a few opinions and niceties … but generally (whilst avoiding politics, sex and religion) we discuss and exchange pleasantries. Those pleasantries don’t include ‘vulgar’ language or expressive references pertaining to the forbidden trio.

Now, I can’t do this.

Not won’t, but Can’t.

It isn’t in my construction.

And the more I’ve gotten to know Me, and the more I’ve let shit go … the more offensive, it would appear, I am becoming.

I reiterate:

I write as I speak … I speak as I write.

I don’t have an – ‘other’ persona. I am what I am. Shitty when shitty. Lippy when lippy. Calm and peaceful when calm and peaceful.

Is that due to shit happening? Possibly.

But who really cares?

Do THEY need an explanation for the reasons I am what I am?

Fuck No.

…….             according to the partner,  ……

previously (before being assaulted with my theories and getting abit of insight into the minutiae of who I am), he ignorantly stated that I should ‘forget about it’, ‘go with the flow’, ‘suck it up’.

And the response he got (well, has gotten for many years) is: “remember that guy that gave your father a hiding? how about forgetting that ay?” … No? …

“whose flow? your flow? why can’t you go with My flow?” … No? …

“suck it up??? Suck It Up? Really … you try juggling a pair of rotten nuts in your mouth when you don’t even know how to tie your shoe laces yet … and then you can have an opinion on whether I should ‘suck it up’ or not … until then … get fucked”. Got it? Got it!

Yeah … so he doesn’t go to those places anymore … he thinks a little more before he opens his trap to respond.

…………      so,

when this latest fuckery comes up, the partner, quite thoughtfully and wisely, I might add … says …

… “you know what dear … its a rare thing to find someone that says and does the same thing … that doesn’t do one thing at home and then change when they leave the house”

… duly noted dude.

So why am I surprised when a fucker backs up when I speak to them … not looking at my face, but my highly decorative, tattooed arm?

Why am I surprised that I get a different response if I put all the letters from my credentials after my name when I sign off? Or if I open a conversation with … ‘When I was studying for my undergraduate degree ….  ‘, the person I am conversing with straightens up and looks me in the eye?

Why am I surprised when I drop a few social science-y psychological-ised terms on someones ass, their pie hole stops flapping and they change the conversation to something more ‘weather related’?

It’s bullshit.

Today, …. its utter bullshit.

And I’ve had a cunt sized gutts full of it.

Yes see … if I espouse an opinion, it is mine. Not because of my quals or because I can read a fucking thesaurus … but in spite of them!

How is ‘not using vulgar language’ productive?

Pretentious bullshit gives me hives, cramps, thrush and a headache.

And I’ll be fucked if I’ll do it.

For anyone.

Especially, Not, my Father.

… …. … … .and there it is … …    …… … ….      …

Part 1 decision, is made! Cunt …

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hey lady who told me I was a shit mother

you don’t know me.

not then, not now.

you assumed to. and you judged without asking.


you have the right to an opinion

but I don’t owe you any explanation.


take your self-righteous opinions.


jam those bastards back

up your ass.