#orangetheworld #day15 ~ for fathers, to sons

#orangetheworld to end #VAW and girls #16DaysOfActivism #day15

for fathers, to sons


#orangetheworld #day14 ~ violence by an intimate partner

#orangetheworld to end #VAW and girls #16DaysOfActivism #day14


#orangetheworld #day13 ~ all women, all nationalities

#orangetheworld to end #VAW and girls! #16DaysOfActivism #day13

The abuse of women, knows no bounds. It is prevalent in every nationality. For the indigenous, it is also a direct effect of the colonisation process. But women are strong courageous beings, and are also responding to these effects with righteous indignation.

“Alberta First Nation women hold rally after another sex assault charge laid against chief”


#orangetheworld #day12 ~ empowering ‘victims’

#orangetheworld to end #VAW and girls #16DaysOfActivism #day12


“Normally, victims of sexual abuse and sex-related crimes automatically have their names and identities protected, but the Smith sisters asked permission from a judge to waive name suppression so they could tell their story.” “…[they] want to empower others to find their voice and not be ashamed.”

“Sisters, victims of sexual abuse, ditch name suppression to tell their story” 


#orangetheworld #day11 ~ artivism

#orangetheworld to end #VAW and girls! #16DaysOfActivism #day11

Women respond in a myriad of ways, to the invasion that is violence. Here, a collective of women are responding to their experiences through art, or ‘Artivism’.

“WAI are a collective of women making art in response to our experiences of violence.” 


#orangetheworld #day9 ~ everyday acts of feminism

#orangetheworld to end #VAW and girls #16DaysOfActivism #day9


“Despite Clooney’s tentative hope that Trump could help fight ISIS, she made it clear she doesn’t support any sort of misogyny. She urged women to perform “everyday acts of feminism” for each other and to support each other at work as in everyday life.

“The worst thing that we can do as women is not stand up for each other, and this is something we can practice every day, no matter where we are and what we do — women sticking up for other women, choosing to protect and celebrate each other instead of competing or criticizing one another,” she said, adding the key HRC quote, “Women’s rights are human rights.”

“Holding back women is holding back half of every country in the world,” Clooney said.”

“Amal Clooney Urges Women to Perform ‘Everyday Acts of Feminism’”


#orangetheworld #day8 ~ prevalence of ‘other issues’ over family violence

#orangetheworld to End #VAW and girls #16DaysOfActivism #day8

Excerpt –

“Ms Ingram attributes the silencing of indigenous women to two factors: reluctance by white feminists to highlight the issue and a male-led indigenous social justice agenda that privileges ­issues such as constitutional recognition, native title and justice system failures — which she ­acknowledges are important — over family violence.”

To read more on this subject, you can sign up and pay to recieve a copy of


activism ~ #orangetheworld #day7 Daisy App

Violence against women is unacceptable. Daisy is an app that connects women around Australia to services.

“Domestic and family violence affects one in three Australian women, and sexual assault affects one in five women over the age of 15. Daisy connects women who are experiencing or have experienced sexual assault, domestic and family violence to services in their state and local area. Daisy provides women with an easy way to find a wide range of services.

Responding to violence requires a whole-of-government approach, so in addition to specialist services Daisy also lists legal services, housing and finance services and children’s services. You can create a list of favourite services for easy reference.”

#orangetheworld #16DaysOfActivism to end violence against women and girls. #day7 End #VAW


activism ~ #orangetheworld #day6 the dangers of being Women

“Women Face Dangers In This World Everyday”.

Excerpt: “… I have daughters and I worry about them because the world is and has always been more dangerous for women than any other group. Whether that danger is overt or covert; how men talk about women or think about women. As recently as last week when a presidential candidate, Donald Trump expressed how he felt about women.”

#orangetheworld to end violence against women and girls #16DaysOfActivism #day6


activism ~ #orangetheworld #day5 Salute to Mereana Pitman

Salute to Mereana Pitman!

Mereana is a longstanding social justice and Tiriti O Waitangi activist. In the attached symposium she speaks passionately about her work with tangata whenua and women. She speaks to the longstanding question of Why our people are labelled as violent and Why we act violently towards our women and children. She speaks to the act of colonisation and the need for tangata whenua to work to empower tangata whenua.

#orangetheworld to end violence against women and girls #16DaysOfActivism #day5