pain ..

pain grounds. brings you in to the present.

however, is also referred to as ‘self harm’ by some.


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its currently a cunt of a day.

hormonally. horizontally & intuitively.

random as fuck you might say?

not really. as i’ve come to realise about my pedantic little self.

whilst my brain is clear (ish) & i’m full of ideas & energy: my body is not so fucking willing.

vertigo is through the roof, or the floor as the case my be. my tummy is doing somersaults & i’m guessing this is PMS in all its fucking glory (after referring to my anal little calendar), or i’m hungry … again. my head is aching, but that seedy sorta ache. oh & i’m as nauseous as fuck!

i’ve done the ’emotional’ check, such as it is, & i know there’s shit going on in there, i just cant quite put my weasely little finger on it yet.

i’ve done the ‘body’ check, such as that fucking is, & am taking an educated guess @ hormone fuckery.

whatever the fucks going on it’s lending to an ever increasing anxiety that’s building to a nice little panic fuck … possibly scheduled for … soon … if i cant catch my fucking breath.

yah know, some days are just cunty-er than others.

*rolling with it*

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thats me.

& now i’m fucking paying for it.

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the hormones.

Captains Log –

feels like me uterus is crawling out through my ass.

an interesting feeling.


doesn’t quite encapsulate

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fkn hormones.


is it supposed to feel like

your uterus

is being pulled

through your asshole

in a slow,

freddy krueger like fashion??

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