the unfucking of.




Homai to Aroha


Heights have always bothered Me … I’d much prefer to be down below than teetering on hilltops … and this is in more ways than one. I’d prefer to be with those that have nothing than those that believe they have everything. The latter tend to ‘feel’ so full of themselves and their own importance that they suck all the moisture out of the air and give Me a panic attack! It’s the same feeling as being on top of a high hill looking down, but nicer than the aforementioned scenario.

But when your lying on your tummy, peeking through the grasses at the layers of universe that lay beyond, your own insignificance is blindingly obvious.

In the vastness of nature, I am but a speck on it’s landscape. I really do wonder how the European forbears (some of which were mine as well) thought they could ever conquer and Own this countryside.

Papatuanuku does as she pleases. To think we can dominate her and not live in harmony with her is actually pretty bloody stupid reasoning, even for Us humans.

I’m grateful for our lands. For the lands … the earth … the water … the depths … that we still have here to traverse if we so desire.

Today I feel Full Of Life.


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official. unfucking.

Had to do 2 photographs today, cos the angle of one just didn’t quite capture my excitement … oh, or their beauty.

Yep, I grew beetroots!

This is nearly 3 years of learning, learning and learning some more … how to something grow from a seedling to an actual real live ready to eat plant / vegetable. Many attempts and epic fails have come before this glorious little achievement … and my best-est teacher has been Nature :)

Thankyou Paptuanuku.


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bite back

we think


can damage

the world?

have yah seen

the size of her?

and she bites back.


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