Ossh the O

I’ve been staring at the computer screen pondering on what I think I may have forgotten to do. Ever had one of those? Where you know you haven’t done something … or you’ve forgotten something … even though the list on the whiteboard says you’re all up too date …

Well I’m having one of those moments.

And then it dawns … I haven’t a had rant in a while. Sure the everyday occurrences and a few ‘off notes’, but not a thorough Me rant. But honestly, I don’t know that I can string a decent paragraph together at the moment …

So whats brewing, I ask my inner blelf (brown self ;) )?

This shizz:


I don’t watch TV anymore so only just found this in my Newsfeed this morning.  But this shit has been brewing for a long time now. That ‘times up’. That biological women all over the globe have had a guts full and the time of the patriarchy is indeedy schmeedy well and truely Up.

Good old Oprah has managed to embody something that has been in the air for a very long time now … and her speech says it better than any rant that I can muster right now.

Enjoy <3

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i often wonder about the patriarchy


Yes. Yes I do.

I wonder sometimes if I was a middle to upper class white guy, how much different my world would look right now.

Bare with Me.

Would the pts(d) have gone undiagnosed for so long?    … No.


Because as a middle to upper class white guy, I would have had access to some dam fine resources; both personally and professionally.

Would a middle to upper class white guy had his bank insurance denied because of a ‘pre-existing condition’, that was not diagnosed by a ‘professional’? …. No.


Because he just wouldn’t have! Thats why! And technically speaking, refer to the above reasons.

Professionally speaking, as a middle to upper class white guy, would a “medical discharge” from my profession been my only available option? … Also No.


a. There would have been another ‘niche’ for Me to fill that required ball sacks only. b. There would have been professional avenues extended to Me as an ‘executive’ with ‘formal qualifications’. c. The doors of opportunity would have been thrust open, using my ‘incapabilities’ as an avenue for ‘climbing the ladder’.

As a person with a lack of ball sacks, were these things offered? … No.

Instead, motherhood was a ‘hinderance’ and stifled my ladder climbing abilities apparently.

Although aptly qualified, those became ‘over’ qualifications.

And although security and safety were sadly lacking at my place of employment, and probably led to the re-awakening of pts(d) panic fucks; I was instead asked about my hormones … whether I was having issues at home … whether I was to ‘small’ to work in this environment … and whether my dress code was in need of de-sexualising.

I worked in a kiddy prison for boys aged 14-17, for 4 years and if I had’ve known I had pts(d) prior to working there, I would have re-thought my strategy. Instead I walked in blind, to a patriarchal, systemically misogynistic and racist system, that I was unprepared for.


And here I am.

Qualifications still framed on the wall; breathing deeply so the anxiety doesn’t become unbearable … typing away, so I don’t dwell on this shit all day … trying to figure out how on earth I’m going to pay for my tooth to be pulled out … and looking down the barrel of Christmas, again, as a 40+ year old biological woman, whose hormones are fluctuating like fuckery, who owns virtually nothing but the computer gifted to her by her shrink; holes in her undies a massive headache and sweet fuck all to offer ‘the world’.

And … I can’t even say “At least I have my health”.

Days like today … I really do think that being a middle to upper class white guy would’ve been nice.


Please Note: No middle to upper class white guys were harmed during the writing of this post.

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A call to feminists to remember the history and sex-based nature of women’s oppression

Excerpt from this article:

“The real brilliance of patriarchy… it doesn’t just naturalise oppression. It sexualises acts of oppression. It eroticises domination and subordination. It institutionalises them as masculinity and femininity. So, it naturalises, it eroticises and it institutionalises domination and subordination. The brilliance of feminism is that we figured that out.

– Lierre Keith

In recent months, so much legislation has been passed or proposed in the U.S. and elsewhere to indicate a frightening escalation in the war – yes, it is a war – on women. The Russian parliament just voted 380-3 to decriminalise domestic violence. This is in a country where an average of 40 women per day – 14,000 women per year – are murdered by male partners. The United States, where over 1,000 women are murdered by their partners per year, has of course just elected a president who boasts that “when you’re a star, they let you do it, grab them by the pussy”, and has been involved in pornography and sex trafficking. He plans to eliminate funding for 25 domestic violence programmes, and is ordering female staffers to “dress like a woman”. Texas is now looking to remove voting rights from women who have had abortions; Arkansas, to enable rapists to sue women for having them.”

For More Visit:

dear dude in the dress

You won’t remember me, you were more wasted than I was

Somehow I remember you though

You gave me that, are you gonna fuck with me?, look

After you came out of the toilet stall, and we collided at the basins

Having trouble standing, leaning, looking

I wore sneakers and you wore six-inch stilettos

I had just finished throwing up, you were applying lipstick

Both trying to pretend we were alright

I tried smiling, so did you

You had a penis you said, so which toilet do you choose?

You’d stood outside for ages, waiting for everyone to leave

Last time you used the mens, they raped and beat you

Even though they had penis’s too

You couldn’t walk or talk for weeks

I nodded, I understood, but I couldn’t explain

I complimented you on your dress and the legs I wished I had

Then you wobbled off, and so did I

I didn’t get to say

That ignorance raped you and ignorance beat you

It does that

But that I admired your courage and strength

To be who you are, still

To be that dude in the dress

And not give a flying fuck

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