the other half of the ‘flash back’:

whilst opening the car door ffs, included a forgotten little gem, in line with the other one.

i was pregnant, vulnerable. fat as fuck.

i showed up to my grandparents house to find the pedo fucker there in all his filthy glory.

he had a habit of showing up there uninvited & just sticking around & torturing the living shit out of them for as long as they’d let him.

he’s such a cunt.

anyway, i was pretty young & timid back then. & feeling vulnerable, like i said.

no-one had any real idea of the effect this cunt had had on my existence, & i was only really just starting to feel the tidal wave of the havoc he’d reeked.

i was married @ this time, & for some reason, the husbands job hunting came up in conversation. he’d decided to apply for prison officer work …

well pedo cunt flipped his lid.

& when he flipped he became more of a scary motherfucker than when he was in his ‘resting’ mode.

i cant really explain the fear he caused, but i knew it was amplified by the fear i felt from everyone else around me. this had been the same all my life.

no-one except my grandmother, ever stood up to him; & she was admonished for doing that mainly because it caused the pedo cunt to escalate.

long story short … he escalated & i froze with fear … gathered my senses slightly … & then took off.

i drove & sobbed for an hour.

this was another piece of the reason i decided to out the filthy cunt.

kpm ©


our version of most wanted

I came in for a drink

and they said

the pedo cunt was on

‘the most wanted list’. Our version of it anyway.

Did I know? No.

‘How come’ they asked. I didn’t know why I didn’t know.

I got the Down Lows:

Home Invasion, Kidnapping, Resisting arrest, Assault of a Police Officer.

The pedo cunt had fucked up.

Big time.

All I felt was Relief.

It might not have been, For Me –

For the shit he did to Me –

But cunty was going to rot

And I was going to be

Free from the fear

For 7 long, blissful years

kpm ©