open letter: dear functioning kiddy fuckers. PS:

yes thats right,

i haven’t forgotten, about the teeny tiny


belonging to the

teeny tiny –










ohhh, don’t worry

i would hate to leave you out.

you lot have managed to stay tucked up

as snug as a bug in a teeny weeny rug,

far away from the monster

under the bed.

you lot pretend to reside in far loftier surrounds –

the boardroom

your leagues

and gentlemen clubs.

a little amusing

that you should categorise your dealings.

pretty sure a kiddy fucker,

is just a kiddy fucker.

like shit is shit.

putting icing on it,

don’t make it a cake,

you fuckers.

oh, but i lose my manners.

you are not immune

from the tiny weaner syndrome.

the inadequacy that propels you to

surf for little prey.

yes, you are just inadequate.




you may have a blue collar,

a white collar.

but you deserve less



dog collar

but i see you too.

to the rest of humanity

~ don’t leave your children unattended

~ don’t disregard our intuition

~ if you think that its dodgy; then it is

~ these fuckers don’t take a vacation

open letter: dear kiddy fucker, heres part three ~ from, Me

I should

feel sorry for you

but nahhhh

I should

feel sorry for your

pathetic frame,

Your lack of skill

and knowledge
which you try to make up for

by dominating

the vulnerable

what a wretched creature

you are


the professionals,

have given you a

super scary persona

to embody

little do they know,

what i know

that you are less than pathetic


you don’t hold

monster status

grooming a small child

isn’t a skill

not one you could put

on a CV anyways

and to try to bend them

to your will;

parents have been doing that shit for years

but for very,

very different reasons

yours are selfish and


But now the cats out of the bag

Now we know

You couldn’t really engage in any meaningful relationship
with someone of your own size

…pardon the penis pun…

but as a matter of enquiry…

did you get rejected

from the army perhaps

the police force?

were you wanked on as a small child

humiliated maybe?

that you feel the need to dominate something so much smaller



than you feel

you know corpses are easier ay?

Not such a flash name for

those fuckers though.

But because you do not have the balls

….lol pardon the pun again…

for real intimacy

You will eventually die alone


but thats about it


you may have your kiddy porn

to place under your

dead head

and some fucked up memories

to ponder on

but you will be alone


knowing somewhere in your


that all your unfortunate victims

will be living full





ragingly successful


specially after they figure out

how to

exorcise the demons

you inflicted on them.

For now,



And  take your time


ponder on these


of wisdom…

Remember how you felt when you when raped up the ass
By the bigger person, back in the day
Remember what it felt like to be little and afraid
And as you cleaned up the blood and semen from your asshole

Remember you were alone then and your alone now
because you chose, to inflict pain on others
Instead of healing yourself
You are a damned wretched

With a teeny tiny pecker
That you couldn’t get up

sparrow vs emu

is there such thing a thing as

sparrow hunting?

i figure it would require

skill, stealth

a bit of knowing ~ how;

it’s the kind of prey that

looks vulnerable, but actually takes some skill



i would surmise.


an emu on the other hand.

i’m guessing would take

a different set of skills

to hunt, to catch.

i don’t see the emu

as easy prey.

i would surmise.


so if i was to go ~ a hunting,

a bird hunting .

i think i would choose the larger, prey.

just cos

i don’t wanna fail.

first time hunter and all;

i would hate to embarrass




i wonder.

is that how a pedo

views their prey?

and their woeful


their hunting


or lack,


i wonder,

if they were originally



unseasoned hunters

of a more seemly game?

but were so useless at it.

the relating and being un-creepy,


and shit.

that they decided to move

to easier

more vulnerable,



sounds like a plausible dam theory

to me.


pussy cunts.




activism ~ apparently pedosexuality is a thing

According to ‘some’, pedo-sexuality is defined as:

Adjective(not comparable)

  1. (uncommon, of an act or behavi) Being or constituting pedosexuality, sexual activity between an adult and a child.

Noun(plural pedosexuals)

  1. (uncommon) An adult who is sexually active with children.

This has given the ‘some’ a kind of licence to make this practice sound normal.

I shit you not. These cunts are now pedalling their sexuality as being ‘normal’ and in some cases, healthy.

Recently I found a Facebook site that was trying to espouse this type of bullshit. To make it worse, they were ‘practicing’ under a rainbow banner, trying to align themselves with the LQBTQIA communities.

There was only 1 person amongst the shittone of followers, which in itself is revolting, who also espoused this theory of pedosexuality to be deemed as normal behaviour. The rest, from all walks of life, from all communities, were reporting the Page, after venting their disgust and revolution.

I, of course, had my say. What disturbed Me, apart from the obvious, was that they were not advocating consent, at, all. They were only advocating for the right to be accepted as pedo-sexualists; being attracted too and therefore having the right too, engage in sexual behaviour with children.

They never replied to my questions and after a lengthy complaint to Facebook, the Page was finally removed.

What continues to disturb Me; is there are those in this world, that believe it is their god given right to take the innocence from children.

Well … Not on my watch Fuckers!

#equalityforall my ass!


“An Open Secret”

An interesting and severely fucking tragic movie.

Pedophile freaks are everywhere, even Hollywood … anywhere there is an opportunity and children.

It’s interesting to see that they believe their own bullshit.

And that no matter who they are, we (society) have this undying need to make sure they’re not exposed.

Whether its just that it makes us uncomfortable or we can’t believe it or don’t want to believe it; by being silent about it, we are all just as fucked up as the pedo freaks doing the deed. By doing nothing and normalising it we are all just a little fucked up too.

Source: Watch An Open Secret Online Free Putlocker | Putlocker – Watch Movies Online Free

(Online Free – Putlocker)