what if

i was absolutely perfect just the way i am.
roll with me for a sec.

if i had nothing to master, strive for, or attain, where exactly would that leave me .. knowing that i already am enough.

eg ..

i love playing music.

i could succumb to the notion that i can’t play music properly. that there is a proper way to do it.

a flow to be had, a way to learn.

and until i had learned-ded it, i wouldn’t never be completely competent in that genre.
i would probably need to spend a large sum of money to attain this attainment, some kind of degree or something, so a large wad of debt perhaps ..
then maybe i could play music.
but what if all i needed was

love for it.

wouldn’t that make me competent already.
how and when i play music isnt really the point ay.

i can push play
i got ears to hear.
toes to tap.
hips to swing
doesn’t that make me competent enough.

Now take that theory and lay it over everything we’ve ever been taught about achieving and attaining shit.

The End.


so ..

turns out there is no perfect way to do things.




unfucked thought.




Thats what a flower bud tells Me.

They’re perfect – even before they’ve bloomed.


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