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First Published on: Jun 28, 2015 @ 19:07

A pikorauru (double spiral) pattern carved into wood ❤




i got there …

It’s been a while cos it’s way too peopley in our neck of the woods at the moment … holidays and all … and with all the sunshine, every man, woman, child and their pets have descended on our little paradise … argghh.

But yesterday afternoon it was over cast and everyone had decided to buggar off, so we went down to our beach.

She’s still glorious …

I even made ‘sand angels’ (equivalent to snow angels, but with sand 😉 ) and watched the clouds roll by.

Just what I needed.


unfucking thyself 101.9




Homai to Aroha



Nature really does amaze Me some. Not just it’s striking beauty, but it’s symmetry and flow.

Now according to aunty google this isn’t symmetry – perfect or otherwise – In my world though, this is perfect. You could almost put those two together to make a perfect whole. Now how cool is that!

#Photograph is a macro shot of a bright green pumpkin leaf in all it’s symmetrical imperfection 😉


unfucking thyself 101:6




Homai to Aroha



‘OMG – she’s depressed! She’s posted a pitch black photograph … theres absolutely nothing there!’

Not quite:

It rained. It rained and rained and rained!

At 10pm (ish) I actually went for a walk in that rain. By my little brown self. It wasn’t peopley. It was pitch black as fuck and pissing down with cold rain and it was freaking glorious!

Here’s what happens to my senses when it rains …

They calm. They go tranquil and peaceful. Everything ‘unheightens’ and feels relieved.

Some of us love the light and the heat and the sunshine … some of us absolutely love the dark and the rain and the cold.

I am one of the latter.

It’s reminded Me about a whole heap of things I’d forgotten, that I used to do: walking at night was one of those things. I thought I did it because there was no-one around; but I think, unknowingly, I probably knew what worked for my composition.

Time to re-frame my larger ‘plan of attack’.


the painting #feels …

What I discovered today, was this shit, like the rain … also soothes shit, way faster than anything else can (except the sedatives! … gotta love the sedatives!) …

So I did the do, and enjoyed the hell out of it …

I’ve never used ink before and it turns out ink on house paint makes this marvellous mess. Btw … I re-purposed the ink from an old printer I dismembered 😉

#Photographs are of Me doing my arty thing 😉 Some are macro shots of the black ink ‘moving through’ the white paint. It’s on a semi-large canvas so I was able to make one hell of a beautiful mess, all finished up with a large thick, blood red, heavy, dripping line, straight through the middle of all that glorious mess 🙂


the Need to paint …

thats the feels today … and paint I did … threw that paint onto canvas till I felt better 😉 … 1st of 2018 and I reckon theres gonna be A.Lot of this sort of shit happening … good lord I’ma gonna have to get creative with the paint sourcing 😉

All I can say, is it was a good mess and I needed it.

#Macro Photographs of my process / processing for abstract painting. Lots of paint … lots of mess 😉


un-fucking thyself 101.1 … aka ‘mindfulness’




Homai to Aroha



My god.

I let Go.

Bring Love.

I Agree.


I didn’t want to do ‘outside’ today: it’s too peopley out there … the influx of holiday makers argh …

But … I was pondering on being all mindful and shit, wondering “what the fuck am I going to take a photo of .. fuck, should’a left this whole thing till next fucking year” … when I spotted this:

So, the photograph is a macro shot of an abstract of mine on one of our walls. It’s huge … the actual painting that is. It’s part of my story, hence the blood red 😉

But, apparently one of the first rules of thumb when painting, is don’t add a semi-gloss to an acrylic. Pfft … Fuck … I didn’t know that back then, and I still do it and don’t care.

So, what I noticed today … that I love … and still love … Is the cracks … the places where it hasn’t come together but has moved around each other to form something else … the colour that the red holds without intruding on the rest …

I guess I found beauty in the ‘imperfection’ of it.


todays conundrum …

No, nothing too intense …

Just …

Do I eat the chocolate chip cookie dough and tell the fams they didn’t work out … OR, Bake half and eat the other half of the chocolate chip cookie dough … Hmmm



2 litres of vanilla creamy goodness:


Vanilla Gelato ❤

Now I just gotta make sure i don’t eat it all before Monday 😉


today was a good day :)

After feeling completely ‘ Meh ‘ most of the week, today was a pleasant relief. I managed to tidy up my house, like I like it … and rearrange abit … as I do.  I decided to keep once piece from the exhibition, not because I was emotionally attached to it, but because I Like It 🙂 Now thats a new thing for Me.  So I found him a new home on one of my walls.

I made some chocolate chip cookies for the moko midgets and didn’t eat all the cookie dough for a change, so there was plenty for their little personages 😉

I planted my broccoli / possibly cabbages … not sure what they are … and hopefully they’ll take to the soil and grow. Fingers crossed.

Oh and I forgot to say yesterday: Me and my beautiful Mama went and had a celebratory coffee at a Cafe yesterday! I know right! How did I forget to brag about that one!

I was hell’ah nervous before we left so Mama gave Me a cuddle and said I’d be alright … and I was! I so enjoyed it … so much so I didn’t even take photos!

Yah know what … It’s nice to feel Nice!