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kpm © : ig @kpm-artist


the rain. me. & photography.

i love the rain.

like, absolutely, love the rain.

not sure why & i don’t really care to figure it out.

all i know is it makes me feel good.

so, i tried to take photographs, in the rain.

i’ve tried before, unsuccessfully. & i’m sure theres expensive little doo-hickey things i could purchase if i had the money & felt like wasting it … but instead, i covered my trusty little camera with a plastic bag.

yes i did lol.

it was funny AF & awkward AF & out of like, 20 odd photographs, there were only a few that came out alright.

but, by fuck, i had fun!

that last one, is me trying to dry & straighten up the plastic bag … in the rain lol


& looking forward to doing it all again the next time it pisses down xx

kpm © : ig @kpm-artist