sullen learns.

i guess i was kinda hoping that i wasn’t right & that our little town wasn’t really as racist AF. that mabes i was being a little sensitive *insert eye ball roll* & that it was all in my head.

well, i had some valuable learns. sad learns. but valuable.

i learned-ded that our little town is indeed as racist AF. that they decline a brown person housing, supply & participation, based solely on colour / ethnicity.

i was privy to half a dozen stories, of being declined last minute for housing, after the owner discovered the applicant was actually brown. another story of being declined over the counter sales @ our local shop, based on colour. another story of ‘modifying the brown’ of a worker so she could properly serve the white clients. another story of a family leaving our community because of the racism her & her children had suffered.

there were a few others but i’ll stop there.

so … where does this leave us?

now that the guts feeling has been confirmed, do we wait for the next covert racist comment that comes our way? do we chose to ignore it or confront it head on? what if that racism comes from the people who own the house? or who have the potential of renting to us? how much ass licking & pride swallowing do we do?

this is a real thing.

it’s a choice. & most of the time we suck it up & ignore the racist remarks … because we have shit to do & the choices are limited.

its all well & good preaching rights & activism. the reality is though .. we y’all gonna live? what y’all gonna eat? whose gonna fill in your scripts if your confront the motherfuckers about their racism??

non-racist country my ass!




is it just me …

or are there white people everywhere?

on every channel i switch too?

on every movie i pick to watch?

they’re every fucking where.

so guess what …

i decided i aint watching anything now that isn’t At Least a 50/50 split of white & POC.


cos i’m sick of seeing peeps that i don’t look like.

i want my mokos to see they are not the minority here.


kpm © : ig @kpm-artist


the right to be white?

If I was white for the day …


what would I do?

probs not wotcha think.


i’d go shopping.

1st to that little boutique,

the one that has absolutely gorgeous couture,

even though its prices are waaaaaaaay to inflated.

i’d browse.

and not be followed.


then I’d do the bank.

just the credit card pamphlets,

at my leisure of course.

i know no-one telling me

‘yah need a job for one of those’,

or ask security to stand next to me.


next I’d do lunch at that french patisserie place –

with the croissants that have chocolate in them!

i’d point to the food cabinet as many times as i like

and ask a tonne’a questions about ‘what’s that made from’;

knowing no-ones calling the manager or asking me how I intend on paying for anything here.


over lunch, i’d ring and apply for the house

round the corner

that declined me on sight.


after lunch, i’d go back to the store

that wouldn’t serve me,

asking me to wait for the ‘lady’ behind me.

i’d run up a huge purchase,

getting her to package all my unpaid goods.


and when she was done,

i’d change my mind and go elsewhere.



not big things, would I do.

not big things, to you.

call it, ‘exorcising my demons’.

the little things, that i avoid,

not being white.


and as a twist of fuck you fate,

i’d post the video footage of my day on FB,

quoting: ‘NZ is racist as fuck’.

kpm ©