re write ~ twenty eight

“at least its not as bad as what happened too …”

oh cool …

*generally used to minimise any and all feelings you may have that make the ‘others’ feel uncomfortable*


re write ~ twenty seven

“you just have to get used to it …”

really? because you got used to it? or cos you think i should be just like you?

Or … is there another reason?

re write ~ twenty six

“all your kind are the same …”

my kind???

*where to start with that one … *

the visit

#throwback Jul 2, 2015 @ 14:46 …

Jesus, mary and joseph .. just found this .. an attempt at venting, poetry, getting that shit out .. I did aight ;)

mum said you were coming to see me

I was in labour

but it might be nice to have a visitor,

‘don’t you think?’

I looked at him for help


useless bastard

inside my head I said


outside my head I said

“sure, that’s nice, it’ll be nice to see him”

so you came, with your girlfriend

you pedo cunt

you sat there

and told me about your trivial

disgusting life

fuck I hated you

but I didn’t want all that hate

to touch my baby

I didn’t want you to touch my baby

you sicko freak

I listened to you

I put up with you

but guess what fucker

I don’t have to any more!

I hear your rotting away in some

god forsaken town

with god forsaken low lives

like yourself

I hope you all infect one another

and die slowly



and when your dead

I’ll come visit you

that’ll be nice won’t it?

like you did me

when I was in labour

but I’ll be knocking on the box

flicking that lid up

giving you a big prod with a big stick

just to make sure your dead

and then I’ll nail that bitch shut

with big ass nine-inch nails

and then I’ll follow that box to the cemetery

I might even dig the hole myself

and once you’re in there

I’ll offer up a prayer of thanks

to the gods of justice and peace

I’ll fill in that hole

and take a dump right on top

don’t worry

I’ll come visit every year

just to make sure

your still rotting with

the pedo hell hounds





365 reasons to smile ~ 50

50. This poem ~ actually made me laugh out loud, rather than just smile 😂
Author Unknown: From Facebook

#throwback Feb 19, 2016…and it still does LOL

re write ~ twenty five

“oh, it’ll be alright …”

you know this, how?

*said by those who have no reliable evidence but want the recipient to Stop Asking Questions”

re write ~ twenty four

“thats a little ‘out there'”

as opposed to?

*usually said to deter one from wearing or doing something that makes the speaker feel ‘uncomfortable’*

re write ~ twenty three

Where the fuck are yah going with all this re-write bullshit:

bending the mind:

bending the ‘norms’:

bending the comforts:

bending mainstream:

bending it …