is it actually broke?

Don’t fix it if it aint broke…think that’s what I remember Nan saying.

And I wonder…

Why do we feel like things need to be fixed?

What is broken, actually? Reality or the perception of?

Am I broken because I have shit ass nightmares and flashbacks? Am I broken because I don’t like public spaces…strangers? Am I broken because I don’t do the unexpected well? Or am I broken because I am not able to hold down a conventional job? Am I broken because I don’t socialise 2-3 times a week? Am I broken because I am not a ‘productive’ member of society? Am I broken because I don’t feed back into our economy?

They say pts(d) is what happens to some peeps after a traumatic event…google the technical terms, I can’t be bothered explaining.

But isn’t a freaked out reaction to a traumatic event(s), normal? Healthy? Isn’t that what we’re – our bodies and minds – supposed to bloody do?

If the traumatic event is the invasion into the still of our lives, or the normality of our lives…shouldn’t there actually be an adverse reaction to it?

And yeah yeah, I get that when it becomes debilitating then its an issue blah blah.

But I’m wondering if the society we live in actually fuels that trauma by wanting it to be fixed yesterday…instead of waiting for that process to happen naturally, in its own time.

I’m wondering if the pressure to be alright is what makes it harder to actually be alright.


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