a love bizarre ~ sheila e

A Love Bizarre ~ Sheila E, 1986


kiss ~ prince <3

Kiss ~ Prince, 1986



366 reasons to smile ~ +332.

+332. It’ll be a short but very precise list ;)


A picture of ‘Prince’ and it looks like he’s giving a speech or receiving some reward. He’s got one of those: “Really?? Are you ready for this??” looks on his face :) The captions reads:

Me when I’m bout to announce all the ppl (people) I aint fucking wit this year.


when the doves cry ~ prince

When The Doves Cry ~ Prince, 1984


kiss ~ prince

Kiss ~ Prince, 1986



366 reasons to smile ~ +242.

+242. A few words from the Man <3





while my guitar gently weeps ~ the legends <3

While My Guitar Gently Weeps ~ The Legends <3, 2004

From YouTube:


a re – do ;) ~ my tribute … of sorts

I’m not usually one to ponder; reminisce over a ‘celebrity’ death … but as you’ve probably figured out … i’m having an extra long moment for Prince.

Heres why…

I grew up listening to this dude … in amongst other genres of music … but this dude … well …

Aside from being a sincere musical genius … vocally; instrumentally … he was way ahead of his time in terms of breaking gender stigmas … stereotypes … things considered to be ‘taboos’ or norms, of that time.

For someone trying to ‘find’ their place in a fucked up world … a dude like this, was essential. He was revolution for that time.

He basically didn’t give a fuck … he just did his thing.

And that more than anything else … is what I appreciated the most.

His music will always be my music <3

Kiss ~ Prince, 1991


365 reasons to smile ~ 260.

260. Hehehehe :)14222335_797322433744025_4684607966275307099_n


365 reasons to smile ~ 119.

119. Words to live by ;) thanks dude.



u got the look ~ Prince – Sheena E

Princes music has been hotly copywriten and has always been taken down from YouTube moments after they go up … and fair enough I say … but at the moment his music is blowing up … and I am hell’ah enjoying! So before this possibly gets taken down … another one of my all time favs with Sheena E <3

U Got That Look ~ Prince ft Sheena E, 1987

~and its gone lol~

[but i found it again ;)]


Enjoy bit of Sheila E instead  as well ;)

Sheila E. at Prince concert in Oakland. Ca., 2011


Summertime ~ Prince

Prince playing ‘Summertime’ at Soundcheck, Koshien, Hyogo Prefecture (1990)

Published on Apr 22, 2016
Originally uploaded by Steve Purcell. (YouTube)

‘ This is August 2, 1990 sound check Osaka Japan. I spent six years of my life working for, creating with and laying the foundation for the rest of my career with Prince. Long nights, remote parts of the world and creative growth beyond my wildest dreams. This may not be the Prince you think of but it is the Prince I knew. Those years were and will always remain the highlight of my career. Thanks for the good times RIP Kid. ‘