kiss ~ prince

kiss ~ prince, 1986


when the doves cry ~ prince

when the doves cry ~ prince, 1984



while my guitar gently weeps ~ the legends

while my guitar gently weeps ~ the legends, 2004


Summertime ~ Prince

Prince playing ‘Summertime’ at Soundcheck, Koshien, Hyogo Prefecture (1990)


a love bizarre ~ sheila e

a love bizarre ~ sheila e, 1986


u got the look ~ Prince – Sheena E

Princes music has been hotly copywriten and has always been taken down from YouTube moments after they go up … and fair enough I say … but at the moment his music is blowing up … and I am hell’ah enjoying! So before this possibly gets taken down … another one of my all time favs with Sheena E <3

U Got That Look ~ Prince ft Sheena E, 1987

~and its gone lol~

[but i found it again ;)]


Enjoy bit of Sheila E instead  as well ;)

Sheila E. at Prince concert in Oakland. Ca., 2011



the legend that is: prince ~ kiss


kiss ~ prince, 1991

I’m not usually one to ponder; reminisce over a ‘celebrity’ death … but as you’ve probably figured out … i’m having an extra long moment for Prince.

Heres why…

I grew up listening to this dude … in amongst other genres of music … but this dude … well …

Aside from being a sincere musical genius … vocally; instrumentally … he was way ahead of his time in terms of breaking gender stigmas … stereotypes … things considered to be ‘taboos’ or norms, of that time.

For someone trying to ‘find’ their place in a fucked up world … a dude like this, was essential. He was revolution for that time.

He basically didn’t give a fuck … he just did his thing.

And that more than anything else … is what I appreciated the most.

His music will always be my music <3

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