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“NZ has a rocket base that’s received $25 million Govt funding & is financially supported by the world’s largest weapons trader, Lockheed Martin”

In other posts, I’ve recently touched on my Father and Land Issues.

Both of these things are things which have shaped Me.

The land that my Father has been wanting to ‘return’ too, and build on, is next to the land in this article.

This has also been a point of dis-contention between us.

Throughout the generations there have been what the Indigenous have referred to as Kupapa, or supporters of the Colonial Cause. Their infamy has taken on a few forms, but selling off land at a pittance, or defrauding their own people are 2 of their most loathsome traits.

In this day and age, Kupapa still exist.

Their rhetoric however, has been tweaked.

Now they tend to espouse that We are not ‘utilising’ our resources properly; or We should ‘collaborate’ with the Crown, usually in the form of receiving their ‘assistance’ … that assistance usually comes with a clause in the documentation which states (in a nutshell), that if the rates are not maintained; the land is not maintained (to their specifications) etc, then the Land becomes the Crowns. We are advised to form Trusts and borrow from banks, using the Land as collateral.

The Land in question at the moment (in the re-blogged article), is next to this Rocket Base.

The long term environmental impact is unknown.

The long term cultural impact can be predicted really.

Again, We will be shafted.

This angst; this fuckery; this … ‘please listen to some kind of reasoning’, but they don’t … is a huge part of my make up … that churns in the depths of my gutt.

It’s why I Respond.

Rangitikei Enviromental Health Watch

Rocket_Lab_Launch_Complex_1_(Sept_2016) The new rocket launch-pad at Mahia NZ …  Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Rocket Lab is an American aerospace corporation launching out of New Zealand

Did you know that NZ now has a rocket base? This news seems to have flown under the radar for many. I only noticed it myself a month or so ago. The base is actually situated in Mahia on the East Coast of the North Island, however it was originally planned for the South Island at Kaitorete Spit near Christchurch, also near Birdling Flat and the Radar/Haarp Station there. The length of time obtaining consents appears to have been the deciding factor about a change in tack.  Rocket Lab noted one thing that prevented it from launching close to Christchurch which was the need for a cultural impact assessment from the council. A decision was made to locate the launch pad at Mahia instead. A cultural…

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366 reasons to smile ~ +57.

+57. Now this was a good’in !! LOL



366 reasons to smile ~ +47.

+47. The beauty of protest 😉



mauri of me #5

My Mama is an activist … presently her activism extends to the Environment and Social Justice issues. I guess I didn’t really appreciate her stance on anything because it seemed so passive at the time. But she’s got an almighty strength about her … and perseverance, that is hugely admirable!!

What I didn’t realise as a kid, was that growth and strength – voicing – has fluctuations, depending on what you have available to you at the time. In essence, what you know at 20 is not the same as what you know at 50 😉

And my Mama responded with what she had, in the ways she knew how – at the time. When I was little she was involved with the 1974 ‘Not One More Acre’ hikoi; the first of its kind for this nation. The purpose was to stop the Crown from writing legislation that alienated what was left of indigenous land, from us.

This first interaction with protesting, birthed something in Me, that I wasn’t fully appreciative of until recently. That there is something quite cathartic and dignified in being able to ‘respond’ and letting your voice be heard; no matter what that looks like and no matter what it sounds like.

Since the first protest in 1974, I’ve been involved in 2 more large scale protests related to the Crown and their dodgy legislation. Both of these protests I have taken one or both of my daughters on.

Mamas strength is My strength is My daughters strength 🙂

#3 2012 protest ~ wahangu

#3 2012 protest ~ wahangu

Today is aptly, ‘Waitangi Day’. And what Wikipedia doesn’t explain is the angst that is felt for people like me during this day. That being Indigenous is righteous, but comes with a duty to our children … to teach them their history, prior to colonisation and post colonisation. So they can continue the struggle long after we have gone.



366 reasons to smile ~ +28

+28. Protest sign of the decade: and the award goes to this lyrically righteous individual 😉



365 reasons to smile ~ 246.

246. Our second protest with moko number one 🙂 (2012) Some people do picnics … we don’t lol284919_171784039623910_222409127_n


365 reasons to smile ~ 40.

40. This wahine! Exercising her right to protest 😆

me; tppa fb view

Via FB page:

“so tv1 says its been signed…and its too late. But that is exactly the point…this is the point where NZ usually goes…ohh fuck it, we cant do anything more…but tangata whenua have been fighting for these freedoms for nearly a couple hundred years, and even though its been tiring and heartbreaking for generations and generations…you can not give up….its not an option, especially if you have children, moko. And now for middle NZ, who are finally directly affected by this (not yet entirely legal) legislation….I hope they won’t throw their hands in the air just yet, and give up…


live coverage tppa protest


365 reasons to smile ~ 35.

35. New Zealanders/Tangata Whenua protesting!