it goes

hobble, limp


head up

shoulders back


fall, flat

eat dirt

spit that shit out

start all




Love and light and F R E E D O M

What a long ass day…moko 2 and 3 kept me on my toes aight!
And I loves them heaps!! But am I pleased they’re in bed? Hell yes! Lol.

But, I can say, I actually enjoyed them…for the first time in a long time…I enjoyed being Nanny, without freaking out or feeling trapped or trying to cover all my bases so nothing bad would happen…that shit has stolen enough from me already…it’s nice to have some freedom back!

Freedom to just be me…and enjoy being me!
And enjoy everything and everyone that is around me!

Loads and loads of love and light and supremely fluffy stuff 😄

its been;

Christmas was one of the best I think I’ve had in a very very long time! Possibly ever. It was simple…real. We did family…we ate, laughed, ate some more, hung out with the babies, caught up, reminised, loved, took the piss out of one another…relaxed…did genuineness…it was good! I think all of us have gotten to that place where we can appreciate each others differences and embrace each others ‘flaws’, such as they are.
For me personally, I was able to pace myself, but enjoy, really enjoy all that I was involved in. And for me, that is huge progress…to be present and to enjoy, or embrace, everything that was happening around me and not freak out!

New Years was similar, but the fams had all headed home by then and we got to chill. We did the beach at midnight and even dropped into a mates place for a drink! The old PTSD kicked in along with heightened senses, at about 230am…but for me, that’s huge progress!

I now look forward to a New Year and shitloads of new experiences…which I am going to enjoy :)