sure, that’ll be a hit with the natives ..

so says the ‘inclusion, diversity & we need to be seen giving a fuck but don’t really’ commitee’


ummm ..

can someone please explain to me what on earth is the purpose of sitting with ‘the’ discomfort.

that shit just don’t make sense.



forgiveness isn’t for me. it’s to help you feel better.

a thought / feel

somewhere in there, i can hear my insides wailing. groaning with distress ..  ..

watching my body break, my muscles contract, my soul contort.

why didn’t uze help me ..

what was so awful about me that uze couldn’t

See .. Act.

ignoring the most basic of humanities ..
how could uze.
How. Could. Uze.

you could see the demon. & ignore it’s actions.

you didn’t just let it live, you let it thrive.