artivism ~ #lestweforget – te ngutu o te manu

translation : ‘the Beak of the Bird’


every year we remember the queen and her god dam birthday.

it has no relevance to us and if anything, is a fucking insult.

her imported colonial disease ridden troops,

borrowed from all corners of the globe.

stolen from other countries and cultures they had killed off.

absorbing their people into their front line troops.

expendable i think they call them.


of this batch, came mongrels.

commemorated mongrels.

that have streets and parks named after them.

plaques and crosses erected in their honour.

scattered all over our land

stand their erections of dysfunction.

it reads the dead memory:

this cross is erected in memory

of the officers & men who fell or died

from wounds received near this spot

in engagements with the maori tribes on the night

of August 20th and the morning of

August 21st 1868 and on September 7th 1868.

and 1oo years on

they remembered tangata whenua

as an after thought they named one,

and mention those

who were not caught up in an engagement.

but were defending their lands.

their homes.

their families.

their right.

to live.

their turangawaewae.

it reads:

Te Ngutu O Te Manu

This domain marks the locality of the fortified village Te Ngutu o te Manu

which in 1868 was the headquarters of the Maori tohunga and warrior chief,


On 21 August 1868 it was attacked and partially destroyed

by colonial forces commanded by Lieutenant~Colonel McDonnell.

A second assault made on 7 September by a combined European and Maori force,

resulted in a decisive victory for the defenders.

Among those killed on this occasion was Inspector Von Tempsky

of the Armed Constabulary who led one of the three

detachments of the attacking forces.

and still its commemoration

is polluted with blaming language.

the type that makes the engage-ees

complicit in their own demise.

and places the perpetrator in a more

respectable, victorious and historic light.

but no mention, other than the word ‘village’

denotes the sanctity of this place.

the place; when your feet touch the ground

you can hear the children,

and the soothing song of their mamas.

where; as you brush your finger tips over the branches,

you can smell the blood.

the tears.

where you can feel the war cry.

where you can feel the strategy,

the survival.

in the sunshine and the rain

you can feel their voices

whispering their strength

whispering their lives.

you can feel their voices

raging against the invasion

standing under the power of their ancient maunga

and their beautiful tipuna.








what #NoDAPL said that isn’t said

The Dakota Access Pipeline is projected to extend 1,134 miles and connect the Bakken and Three Forks production areas in North Dakota to Patoka, Illinois. The DAPL is designed to transport 450,000 barrels of crude oil per day along this route, and it will cross the Missouri River less than a mile away from the Standing Rock Reservation.” 

Although it wasn’t covered by mainstream media to begin with, the peaceful protest started by Standing Rock Sioux Tribe was eventually covered by all media. Eventually known as ‘water protectors’, these righteous people fought long and hard (and continue too) to protect the environment and their right to water.

The process and ‘protest’ that ensued was been nothing short of a re-hash of history in relation to the continued breach of rights and ‘insights’ of Tangata Whenua. The treatment of both the rights of the people and the environment were publicly butchered throughout the process.

Excerpt taken from

“Native Americans say the pipeline threatens sacred sites and drinking water resources, and that no meaningful consultation took place. The Army Corps of Engineers disagrees. During the court hearing, the agency said the tribe declined to be part of the process. The tribe in turn said they didn’t want to legitimize a flawed process. The company building the pipeline, DakotaAccess, says the project is safe and will benefit the region and boost energy independence. They have, however, agreed to stop construction in that area of North Dakota until the court rules on the injunction.” 

Interesting to note, for Me, is this:

The beginning of this excerpt says: ‘Native Americans say … ‘. For Me, what else is there to discuss? The Americas was their land to begin with. Yes, we have all been taught that the ‘Indians’ were savages, uncivilised and war mongering peoples. We were taught that they didn’t ‘utilise’ their lands therefore it was alright to steal it from them, slaughter them and make ‘america great’ in the process. It is the same genocide the colonial mentality has been employing for eons throughout the ‘colonies’.

Moving forward to this moment, they are now ‘quarantined’ to a minuscule amount of land, and that is again, as always, being threatened; as are they. The rest of the excerpt screams imbalance and ethnocentrism and doesn’t begin to scratch the surface of colonial failure toward the Indigenous of the Americas, not to mention the preceding ‘experimental’ environmental fuck ups under the colonial belt.

The brilliance of the Indigenous however, is we have all learnt to be ‘bilingual’ and ‘bicultural’. We understand how to walk their walk and their talk their talk. We adjust.

The savagery of the colonial / crown / government / corporation mentality; is they still don’t give a fuck. They do what they do for their own greed and to hell with whoever and whatever gets in the way of that profit.


So, really, what was all the fuss about? It was just a pipe line. It creates economy and will benefit everyone … Right?


This is what it comes down too:

A. Government Corporation and Private Enterprise do not have a great track record when it comes to taking care of the environment.

B. Government Corporation and Private Enterprise do not have a great track record when it comes to the preservation of culture, language and identity.

And why does the latter even matter?

Because for Indigenous, their culture, language and identity is all about the earth, environment and nature. No-one preserves this better than Indigenous. No-one has better foresight and motivation for care than Indigenous. Native Americans are not asking for anything different than what the rest of the world should be asking for. That there is a reassurance of clean water now and in the future!.

Basically, that we NOT fuck up the environment any further, for profit or for any other reason. It does not take a genius to figure out what is more important. It does however, take the Indigenous to point out and make a stand for the obvious!







feature artist: hank willis thomas

The artist, Hank Willis Thomas, talks here about ‘reframing’ what we think we know; what we perceive, or how we view things. His work is designed to challenge our perceptions, misconceptions and views.

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I’m Not sure if I would call the Cops. My Skin is too Dark.

A brilliant article on ‘Afrophobia’ and its intricacies.
Quote ~ “Afrophobia is the irrational fear of black people…”

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Too Many Murderous Cops Go Free

On the 6th of July, 2016, A police officer murdered Philando Castile.  Jeronimo Yanez, the police officer who committed the murder, was acquitted of all charges on the 16th of June, 2017.

Yanez Shooting Castile

The fact that Castile’s murder was video recorded live on Facebook, with clear audio where you can hear this poor man moaning towards his death, didn’t matter.  The child in the back seat, didn’t matter.  The fact that he volunteered information that he is a licensed gun owner, didn’t matter.  A woman driving the car, didn’t matter.  Castile being in the passenger seat, didn’t matter.  Seemingly, the only reason why the family was pulled over, was because someone had, by the cop’s description, a “wide set nose”.

“The victim did everything right, everything he was supposed to do.  The victim was very respectful, very polite, letting the officer know what he was…

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activism ~ Bob responding to disparity, ignorance, racism, indifference

W A R : B O B ~ 1976

Until the philosophy which hold one race superior
And another
Is finally
And permanently
And abandoned –
Everywhere is war –
Me say war.

That until there no longer
First class and second class citizens of any nation
Until the colour of a man’s skin
Is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes –
Me say war.

That until the basic human rights
Are equally guaranteed to all,
Without regard to race –
Dis a war.

That until that day
The dream of lasting peace,
World citizenship
Rule of international morality
Will remain in but a fleeting illusion to be pursued,
But never attained –
Now everywhere is war – war.

And until the ignoble and unhappy regimes
that hold our brothers in Angola,
In Mozambique,
South Africa
Sub-human bondage
Have been toppled,
Utterly destroyed –
Well, everywhere is war –
Me say war.

War in the east,
War in the west,
War up north,
War down south –
War – war –
Rumours of war.
And until that day,
The African continent
Will not know peace,
We Africans will fight – we find it necessary –
And we know we shall win
As we are confident
In the victory

Of good over evil –
Good over evil, yeah!
Good over evil –
Good over evil, yeah!
Good over evil –
Good over evil, yeah!

War~Bob Marley, 1976.