6th thought for the day.

10 years of alone in my misery & learning.

what the fuck you think I been doing mate.

yep, figuring out my own shit & how to live with it.

to live.

& now you wanna have prayer circles & speak to the dead.

now you want to decolonise and admit how terrified you are.


after all the bs.

hey .. it’s emotionally fucking draining.

& is this what they call “emotional labour” ??

for me,

it’s a new phase of radical self care as I watch those who gonna implode, implode.

cos, like i says :





decol ..

I realised quite a few years ago, ( as another part of this whole decolonising hikoi ) that all the info I was being ‘fed’, was white. that’s just the way it is, or so I was told.
so I decided to remedy that by filtering out all white white resources .. which means, I don’t do white news, or white movies, or white ‘scientific’ facts, or white medical facts .. my first port of call is ancestors, brown / indigenous & black. white is an after thought.
easy peasy you might think?
but No.
it took about a year, after filtering out the other, to build up decent go-to resources of the BIPOC persuasion.
lately, as I’ve watched our world implode, I’ve realised that Most, not all, but most peeps, even my own, still refer to the white methodologies, resources, references & advice first .. & everything else .. maybe .. as an after thought.
you want to understand? like, really? change who & what you listen too.
it won’t take you long from there, to see & understand the disparity. feel & understand the struggle & the tenacity of survival. watch & witness the resilience & brilliance of thriving.
you can’t fuck with that.
Ps, the whitest resource I own is FB 😂 JS .. & that is coming to a close real soon ✊🏾
(I don’t own & can’t take credit for the picture)



too brown?

i am officially done with trying to ‘brown up’ the space.



what i learnt from the white supremacist cunt.

not sure if i’ve ever talked about this bit or not: so buckle up & scroll on if need be. ps: thats my version of a trigger warning soz.


so the kiddie fucker that assaulted me as a child, was a self professed ‘white supremacist’. donning the skinhead label, he thought it was a good idea to have it inscribed in ink, on his mug. as idiotic as it sounds now, it also made for a scary as motherfucker to look at.

hindsight says: that was the point. a scared man trying to hide behind something he could relate to.

but it was his constant adolph hitler & nazi rants, that schooled my little self on what an actual racist cunt was. as my years have rolled by, i’ve heard the same rants come from some of the most unexpected places.

i learnt that the superiority of white skin and blue eyes was bred. that jews were filthy creatures that needed to be eradicated, like rats, from the earth. that hitler was the only person strong enough to have attempted and nearly achieved such a culling. i learnt that the jews that were left had infiltrated all sorts of important positions in government and were responsible for wars, killing, greed, banking fo-pars … i learnt that if hitler had achieved his goals then we would be living in a different world.

i learnt that the jews that were gassed by nazis were heard screaming and choking through the doors. that nazis laughed outside. i learnt that the clothes of those that were gassed, were infested with fleas therefore proving the filth of the jews.

i learnt that black skinned people were inferior & also needed eradication. that slavery was the beginning and should have been the ending, if hitler had been in charge. i learnt that all dark skinned people were unintelligent & a by product of some great sin committed on the earth. i learnt that my own skin was in this category & was not good for anything other than fucking and killing.

i learnt that an inverted pentagram was evil as was a goats head. that both of these could call demons who would come and tear my throat open if i was lucky, or stay around and torment the living shit out of me if i was unlucky. i learnt that anger was a tool. that violence was a pretty word for suffering.

i learnt that children were idiots. they were toys to be tortured. that small was unfortunate just because it was small. i learnt that if someone yelled loud enough then a child would cry and a bigger person felt important.


& then, i learnt that i was a jew.

& i learnt that i was a dark skinned person. a maori.

i learnt that i was a child. small. & that everyone around me was afraid of the cunt that was my uncle. so afraid were they, that they were ‘unable’ to confront him about anything. including his racist rants. his actions. his hatred.

instead it was appeased, fed & consoled.

you may have wondered why i go on about intersectionality & racism.

& this is why.

its pretty fucking hard to watch a world unfolding before me, at the moment, where all the things i was told as a child, are ideologies that are being celebrated.

xenophobia, racism, homophobia, misogyny – are not new things. but they are putrid & have no place in any society.

i learnt this shit more than 40 years ago. i had an up front, cold, cruel experience with one deranged self confessed white supremacist.

from that experience i also learnt however, that what i was told was utter bullshit. that any type of superiority is not worth the latrine its shat into. & more importantly i’ve learnt that ‘they’ are far too fucking tolerant of bigotry & way to quick to turn the other way cos it makes them feel uncomfortable.

wake the fuck up world, before history repeats itself. again.


kpm ©



they like superiority.

they like being in charge.

the like defining

and redefining.

they like the constraints.

they like being in charge.




cell therapy ~ goodie mob

cell therapy – goodie mob, 1995

When the scene unfolds
Young girls thirteen years old
Expose themselves to any Tom, Dick, and Hank
Got mo’ stretch marks than these hoes
Hollin they got rank
See Sega ain’t in this new world order
Them experimenting in Atlanta, Georgia
United Nations, overseas
They trained assassins to do search and seize
Ain’t knocking or asking
Them coming for niggas like me
Po’ white trash, like they
Tricks like her back in slavery
Concentration camps lace with gas pipes lines
Inferno’s outdoors like they had back
When Adolf Hitler was living in 1945
Listen to me now, believe me
Later on in the future look it up
Where they say it? Ain’t no more Constitution
In the event of a race war
Places like operation heartbreak hotel
Moments tear until air tight vents seat off despair
Them say expect no mercy
Foot you should be my least worries got to deal with
Where my W-2’s, 10-99’s
Unmarked black helicopters swoop down
And try to put missiles in mines

Who’s that peeking in my window, POW nobody now

Me and my family moved in our apartment complex
A gate with the serial code was put up next
The claim that this community is so drug free
But it don’t look that way to me cause I can see
The young bloods hanging out at the store 24/7
Junkies looking got a hit of the blow it’s powerful
Oh you know what else they tryin to do
Make a curfew especially for me and you the traces of the new world order
Time is getting shorter if we don’t get prepared
People it’s gone be a slaughter
My mind won’t allow me to not be curious
My folk don’t understand so they don’t take it serious
But every now and then, I wonder
If the gate was put up to keep crime out or to keep our ass in

Who’s that peeking in my window, POW nobody now

Listen up little niggas I’m talking to you
About what yo little ass need to be going through
I fall a victim too and I know I shouldn’t smoke so much
But I do with the crew everybody on the average ’bout 4 or 5
I’m lucky to be alive at sunrise now I realize the cost
After I lost my best friend Bean I recognize as a King
Who am I to tell you to stop smokin
Now you’re open to disease and colds
And ain’t sixteen years old, this shit has got to stop
Let’s take a walk through detox
I want outta this hold I’m in a cell under attack
Lock up folks they in the hood, got an eye on every move
I make open your face to info you ain’t know
Cause it’s kept low how the new world plan
Reeks the planet without the black man

So what’s your angle, try to separate me from the blood
Is disrespect like coming in my home and not
Wiping your feet on the rug
The Citron Absolut has got me bucking no hang with no phony
Look out for the man with the mask and the white pony
On my back are bills staying off my toes always on my heels
Insane, plain, soldiers coming in the dark by plane
To enforce the new system by reign
Tag my skin with your computer chip
Run your hand over the scanner to buy you dish now
No more fishing for your fish
Kiss the days of the old days past ways gone
Mind blown, conception, protection
My name on your selections but I caught you coming POW!

Who’s that peeking in my window, POW nobody now

in a hand basket?

yah know that saying … “something something, hell, something, in a hand basket?”

yeah well its actually (after aunty google’ising) : ‘to hell in a hand basket’, meaning somethings turning into shit faster than expected (my interpretation) …

& where was i going with that …

oh yeah … NZ is in the hand basket, on its why to hell.


after ‘the events which transpired last week’ aka, after the mass shooting / terrorism attack by a white supremacist which left 49 people dead … the country is reeling.

seriously. reeling.

but not as you’d think: from my point of view anyways.

reasoning, denial, tokenism & of course, blame, is all settling in.

& i’m tired.

kpm ©


“nz is racist AF.”

so says our bro taika waititi.

so, this happened today.

headline: forty-nine dead in mosque mass shooting.

& let the blame games begin.

am i surprised this has happened in clean green new zealand?

fuck No.

& this is all i had to say about that:

“yep ill say it:

this is exactly what NZ is. there is a part of the population that is awake, aware & not racist AF … but the time for letting the other part of the population, that are as racist AF, get away with their racist little snide remarks & their openly cowardice actions … yeah that time was way the fuck over years ago. this is not the first time this soil has seen a ‘culture’ decimated by white men. & today is a wake up call. 

this is not about religion or even politics IMO. its about the notion of superiority. in this case, white superiority. which we all know is some bullshit.

y’all need to get your ‘culture’ in check.”

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racist af

did i tell yah, that 2 days before the gregorian christmas celebrations, we met the new landlords?

suffice to say, which is not an understatement – but they are as racist AF.

old school racist. ignorant racist. ‘all the cliches’ racist.

i spent about a half hour listening to a tirade of ignorant white woman racist rant.

& it wasn’t pleasant. at all.

what was interesting was that she was completely deluded in her reasoning for us ‘maaris’ being dirty, lazy, unemployed, pregnant & broken. & she didn’t like being corrected or educated or disagreed with. she disliked it so much she broke into the nasty ‘i’m in charge’ white woman that had been lurking beneath the surface, just waiting for me to agree with her bigotry.

but she, & her kind can go get fucked.

turns out, they going to bulldoze the house and rebuild a big fat retirement monstrosity on the land. in the meantime, we can stay until their permits come through.

fuck her and her permits.

which brings me to this:

i’ve decided, even more so than i have been, that i’m not here to explain history or colonisation anymore. i’m not explaining for all first nations people or for black people or for the currently oppressed or incarcerated. i am espousing my intersectional experience & what i will be doing about it from here on out.

backstory: my mama is white. she has blue eyes and light brown hair. she gets served first if we are both standing in line. she is also the person who schooled me on just how fucking racist our country is.

i’ve heard a lot of conversation about how ‘this thing’ is not about racism, or colour because we are all human.

but i’m sorry to say, that that is incorrect.

some people see nothing but colour or more accurately the lack of whiteness. & not all those people are white. my father is a racist piece of shit & he’s darker than me. in his case i can understand that he is a product of old school colonisation. will he ever realise that? i’m uncertain.

my recent experience with this openly racist white woman, has shifted my focus slightly. i’ve made it a mission to stay away from negativity and general cunts whilst i get my pts(d) feng shui tweak on. i’ve got no time for left field cunty behaviour…. & this is where its seems i have gone – a little left field myself.

racism is a reality. one that a shittonne of people choose not to see. white priveledge? maybe. whatever the reason, that is not my main concern. my concern is that these people have absolutely no desire to rectify it. in fact they’re quite content with their beliefs because it suits them.

no matter where i place myself on the spectrum, there are always going to be racist cunts present.

talynne kel, an author whose blog i’ve followed closely for some time, explains it like this :

“So, when white people and Black men get irritated with me and say I’m difficult, it’s usually because I’m not conforming to the behavior they expect from Black women. When white people and Black men say I’m opinionated and argumentative, it’s usually because I don’t fall in line and agree with their bullshit. When white people and Black men say I am intimidating and angry, it’s usually because they couldn’t get me to do something they wanted. And when white people and Black men say that I am uncooperative and not a team player, it’s definitely because I wouldn’t do something they wanted.”

so, this is me. unapologetically brown & not fucking with racist rants anymore.

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conversation with mama

I had a conversation with my mama recently … our conversations are usually intense, partially due to the fact that we are both slightly intense people … partially due to the fact that we are intellects and activists ;) … tidy combination I reckon lol.

This particular conversation started with racism and cognitive dissonance and ended with pedophilia and cognitive dissonance. Light topics, I know lol.

Mama had a run in with a couple of old school racists where she lives and the effects that this had on her, were pretty profound, to say the least, and those effects, pissed me right off!

Now my mama is a lady that is down for the people … she believes in equity and freedom and knowledge and learning. She has strived for parity in race and gender. And she is still walking and learning her talk … which is what I admire the most about her I think.

My Mama is also a devout Christian. This has shaped her and saved her and released her and moved her. The flavour this Christianity has taken has also changed over the years that I have known her. What was once, well what I thought to be, blind obedience; is now fervent research and the acquisition of the truth … well, sound logic and truth.

So, Mamas ‘run in’ happened as she was assisting an older woman with some of her business that she couldn’t handle, due to her elderly-ness ;) … we’ve all known this lady for years … us kids grew up with her around.

Anyway, this lady made a remark about a ‘coloured’ person that walked past her and Mama on their way to the doctors. It was one of those comments that white people say to other white people when theres no coloured people around … its one of those remarks that they wouldn’t say out loud in a room full of gang members or Black Panthers or Activists … its one of those ‘good ole boy’ comments that they high five themselves too … one of those comments that has everything to do with the stereotypical racist view perpetrated by the colonialist or KKK, either or … the kind that makes sure it keeps its receiver in a negative and derogatory position … it adds to the myth that people of any colour … indigenous or otherwise … are lazy, dirty, uneducated, foul, fat, won’t ever amount to anything types …

Her remark didn’t leave room for possible interpretation or reinterpretation … it was out right racist, and Mama knew it. Mama has been around enough free thinking peeps and is educated by and in the world enough to know whats what re: racist bastards. I think this one caught her off guard slightly, because it came from an old school friend … a little old lady that we all used to picnic with on a Sunday avo … she didn’t really seem like the pointy hat wearing type!

Mama said her blood started to boil as she contemplated how best to confront this ignorant racist comment. And as Mama started to gently bestow her knowledge about equality and perceived racism on this lady, Mama started to realise that this lady just didn’t get it…and didn’t really care.

Now for me, this pisses me off. Me and my Mama haven’t always seen eye to eye, but she is a gentle soul who believes the best resides in people and that if they are ignorant it is just because they haven’t been taught better, yet. But as she started to try and school this little old lady … gently … she realised that the lack of caring on the old bitches part .. wasn’t just ignorance, she really didn’t want to know about it!

The old white is right mentality.

My Mama has pale skin and bright blue eyes … besides gender, she’d be an Ayran Nation favourite … until she opened her mouth lol. So peeps like this old bitch (lady) have a certain freedom around her, well think they have, to spill whatever they like. Mama is therefore privy to all the comments that they wouldn’t say if I was standing next to her. And Mama has put up with it and tried to gently correct it for many years.

This time, although she started off gently, she let rip … she said to this lady that her children, her grandchildren are all of colour (as is she!), and if anyone was to say the sort of thing this old bitch had said, to them, she would not hesitate to knock them out! Thats pretty fucking fierce for my Mama … I knew she was well pissed off.

But what pissed me most, is that this encounter had really hurt my Mama … like I said, she is a gentle soul and likes to believe that people are innately good … slightly ignorant maybe … but that can always be corrected, or so she thought. The fact that she had cried when she got home, so upset that the ignorance she had encountered was real … and it really didn’t care … disturbed and grieved her!

I’m more of a pessimist … but like to hold out hope that ignorance can be re educated … and i told Mama, the good thing about who and where she is, is that she has the ability to re educate or chastise those ignorant bastards who like to drop racist remarks like that .. because they will do it around her, not us. She has a front seat pass to inside racism.

But for her, that it hugely daunting!

For all that she does and all that she is and all that she feels and all that she learns …. I Love My Mama xoxo

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a story of colonisation ~ ‘imagine this’:

Sitting quietly watching a bit of TV on a Sunday avo, having finished the dishes and washing, and the lawns and gardening … time for a beer and a feet up.

Theres a knock at the door and upon answering it you find the family that lives 4 doors down, on your doorstep. Enquiring if they’re alright, as they appear a little disheveled, you hear that they have just been moved out of their abode. A little surprised you invite them in and offer them a coffee, getting ready to hear in great detail the escapade that is eviction.

A couple of hours later, you decipher that the family hadn’t exactly been evicted but had left because the house had become overcrowded. They are now asking if they can stay for a couple of nights until they can find alternative accommodation. You look around at the family of 6 (2 parents and 4 kids, aged from 2 to 15). Feeling slightly overwhelmed, but feeling for them, and knowing that it will only be for a couple of nights; you have an in-depth discussion about what they will do during the 2 days, when they will leave, what they will put into the house while they are here, where they will sleep etc.

With everything seemingly sorted, you show them the downstairs ‘sleep out’ you have, for when family come. They seem grateful and appreciative and promise they’ll be considerate of the space. They make themselves comfortable.

Day one rolls by.

Day two rolls by.

There’s been no movement in the sleep out and you go to check what the haps is. It’s then that you notice the family of 6 has increased to the family of 12. What happened you ask? Apparently the other family members had heard that there was a welcoming abode 4 doors down and had come to stay as well, just for a couple of days.

You say that it’s not really the dilly and they should have asked first; they apologise. 2 more days ONLY you say.

You are awoken by a huge commotion in the early hours of the following morning and when you get up from your slumber to check whats going on, you are greeted by the family of 12, and their friends. Apologising for the noise they state that they were hungry and thought you wouldn’t mind if they helped themselves to a feed, that they’d clean up and make themselves scarce very shortly. You protest and tell them they need to hurry up and that tomorrow they’d have to find themselves somewhere else to stay as this was becoming too much for you.

730am, you’re getting your rather tired ass ready for work, and father of original family of 6 calls you into your lounge. Waiting for you are the origin family of 6, the add-on 6 and their friends, and their families. They ask you to sit down because they would like to talk.

Thinking, ‘fucken ay, finally they’re leaving and they want to thank me for my hospitality’, you sit your ass down and gather your senses as the room goes silent.

Mother of the original family of 6 gets up, clears her throat and speaks.

“It has come to our attention that you have been complaining about our conduct. Need we remind you that there are more of us than there is, you”

….Hang on a minute….

“Because we are growing in numbers here we think that it is only fair that you take the spare room now and we use the rest of the facilities, including the kitchen, dinning and outdoor spaces. You are welcome to utilise these but it will be under strict supervision and we’ve put rules in place now to safe guard us all”

….ahhh, this is a joke right….

“So with that said, we’d like to know what you think”

So you get up, and state the obvious.

“This is MY home, I took you (the 6 of you) in for 2 days on the understanding that you would find alternative accommodation within that time. You have taken my hospitality for granted and have abused every kindness shown to you. You are now trying to dictate what happens in MY home. You all need to pack up and leave NOW. You have 5 minutes before I ring the police”

Then the father of the original 6 gets up with about 5 other men and says:

“You need to move on, the agreement we had originally doesn’t suit us anymore. This is how it is now. We won’t be leaving and it is unfair to expect us too as there is more of us than there is you. Ring the police, they won’t believe you anyway. Who in their right mind would let a family of 6 plus stay in their home right? We are here now, deal with it and stop bitching on about the past”

…Oh my fuck, you have got to be joking…

So, you ring the police, they show up and sure enough, even though you have all the documentation stating that this is indeed your home, they are inclined to note that the majority rules. They tell you to let it go, and if you don’t like it, find somewhere else to live.

So, next, against all advise, you lay a complaint with the police and file for a trespass notice on the 6 plus family and friends from 4 doors down who have occupied your space. There is a hearing set and its in 6 months from now. You state that is too long to wait, but they tell you … ‘tough shit, 6 months it is’. Six months roll past, you get to the hearing and your told it has been delayed for another 6 months as there are more pressing matters that need to be dealt with else where … apparently there are ducks crossing the motor way and shit and yeah, come back. You complain again, and are told again, ‘tough shit, see you in 6 months’.

12 months later, your house is completely overtaken; the 6 plus original family from 4 doors down have renovated, expanded and are planning on digging up the back lawn for a ‘decorative feature’ relating to their heritage. You complain bitterly, and they concede and note that you can have a small plaque at the bottom of said decorative feature. Just so future generations know you were there.

This is getting fucking ridiculous you decide, and as you head into the hearing after 12 months and are greeted with another delay, you decide more aggressive moves should be taken to get rid of this lot out of YOUR home.

You buy yourself a semi automatic and head home; you know that place where just over a year ago, you were quietly sitting, having a beer, minding your own business and watching a little television.

You kick the door in, semi automatic pointed straight ahead. It’s occupants look somewhat startled, but don’t move. In a loud fuck off voice, you order them to get the fuck out of YOUR house. They don’t blink, instead father of 6 family gets up and says, in a quiet, slightly patronising tone:

“Why the hostility? We’ve made your house better than it was? We’ve added on and extended its value? We’ve let you stay here and we even gave you a plaque. You really need to stop being so angry and definitely not be so aggressive, you know its unbecoming. We said you could stay, but you really need to let this go … it doesn’t make for very good living ‘relations'”

And as the frustration builds and the indignant ‘oh you’ve got to be fucken kidding me’ tightens in your chest … you can see you popping a cap in all their asses … some cunt has rung the police, and as you turn around there are a multitude of guns pointing at you and they tell you to hit the floor.

And as your being carted off in a paddy wagon, your told you are being arrested under the anti-terrorism act. When you get to the police station you are given a speech about your kind being ungrateful and inconsiderate; about how you should have embraced the people around you and done things their way more often and maybe you wouldn’t be in this position; about how pent-up aggression can do you more harm than good; about how you should have just let it go; how the consequences of your actions would cost you dearly.

Really??? you think … more than what its cost you so far?

Sitting in your cell after court, and knowing you’ve got at least 15 – 20 years inside, you wonder, what the fuck happened???

Moral of the story …

Don’t answer the fucken door on a Sunday afternoon!

*And that right there is the arrogance of colonisation at its finest*

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sullen learns.

i guess i was kinda hoping that i wasn’t right & that our little town wasn’t really as racist AF. that mabes i was being a little sensitive *insert eye ball roll* & that it was all in my head.

well, i had some valuable learns. sad learns. but valuable.

i learned-ded that our little town is indeed as racist AF. that they decline a brown person housing, supply & participation, based solely on colour / ethnicity.

i was privy to half a dozen stories, of being declined last minute for housing, after the owner discovered the applicant was actually brown. another story of being declined over the counter sales @ our local shop, based on colour. another story of ‘modifying the brown’ of a worker so she could properly serve the white clients. another story of a family leaving our community because of the racism her & her children had suffered.

there were a few others but i’ll stop there.

so … where does this leave us?

now that the guts feeling has been confirmed, do we wait for the next covert racist comment that comes our way? do we chose to ignore it or confront it head on? what if that racism comes from the people who own the house? or who have the potential of renting to us? how much ass licking & pride swallowing do we do?

this is a real thing.

it’s a choice. & most of the time we suck it up & ignore the racist remarks … because we have shit to do & the choices are limited.

its all well & good preaching rights & activism. the reality is though .. we y’all gonna live? what y’all gonna eat? whose gonna fill in your scripts if your confront the motherfuckers about their racism??

non-racist country my ass!




Racist murders, Black corpses, White entitlement.

Excerpt: “What are we doing when we do something and call it art? There are as many answers to this question as there are people who will ever live. We might reduce art to a statement, just as the words I write or say create a shared experience between me and my readers/hearers. Art arises from the mind of the artist and then creates an experience in the mind of those that engage it. Dana Schulz’s painting of Emmett Till’s mutilated corpse has created revulsion and horror. I will here explore my own horror and revulsion.”

Source: Racist murders, Black corpses, White entitlement.

For More on this go to https://thenegrosubversive.com/


I Am Not Your Negro

Tonight I watched “I Am Not You Negro”.

And what is there to say?

‘Not everything that is faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced.’

James Baldwin

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“Pakeha Anger: Why Do They get Mad at Maori?”

Cognitive Dissonance succinctly explained.

For More Please Visit: https://kupumamae.com

Exploring the depths of the Maori Experience

So on one beautiful Sunday arvo in downtown Auckland, I was out having a couple of catch-up beers with the cuz, when we unexpectedly got talking to a Pakeha, let’s call him Joe. In his late thirties, living in a predominantly Pakeha populated, small town in Southland, Joe has worked hard his whole life, made a decent way for himself and his family, which forms his philosophy and worldview towards living – work hard and reap the rewards. And so, according to Joe and his life philosophy, anybody that can’t make a life for themselves should suffer the consequences for being lazy and useless, which led him to offer opinions on Maori issues such as;

“Maori come from an aggressive culture and so Maori need to whiten up”
“The land is not Maori’s, as the Maori sold it and so Maori need to get over it”
“Maori/Pakeha conflict is a North Island thing…

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I am Racist, and You Probably are Too

A realistic, refreshing and informative read on Racism and what I essentially call, white privilege and a reality check.

Comments are turned off here. Please visit Peas and Hominy for more.


Peas and Hominy

“Hate and ignorance have not driven the history of racist ideas in America. Racist policies have driven the history of racist ideas in America.”

– Ibram X. Kendi

It is quite disheartening to realize that the people that need to read this will not. I assume that if you are reading this, you probably already have an open mind and are willing to engage. I think I have come to terms with this because we have to begin somewhere. We cannot keep sitting on the sidelines waiting for the world to change.

Now, you may think that racism is not truly an issue, or at least not an issue in your immediate context. You may claim that you are not a racist because you avoid hating others because of their skin color. I have believed both of these things, and I was wrong on both accounts.

I can only really…

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White Genocide and You: The troubling truth.

Excerpt – ” Slave holders called their slaves lazy, both as a way to justify and explain the cruelty which was required to make them labor without requite and as a psychological trick which allowed them to avoid grappling with the fact that they were committing a massive crime to avoid honest toil.”

Source: White Genocide and You: The troubling truth.

An insightful and informative article re White Genocide. For more visit https://thenegrosubversive.com.



finished licking the ringhole

of the pakeha yet?

still think they have your best

interests at heart?


yah know:

they never did.

and they never will.


just like a rapist

their intent is not what it appears.

they have not


tendency toward equality.

they are here to take.

and take violently.





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featured artist: hank willis thomas

The artist, Hank Willis Thomas, talks here about ‘reframing’ what we think we know; what we perceive, or how we view things. His work is designed to challenge our perceptions, misconceptions and views.

To view more of his beautiful and extraordinary work visit: http://www.hankwillisthomas.com

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just cos, updates :

For some reason, as my hot flush started taking over this fine ass bod, I thought about the update I have been pondering on but haven’t got around to publishing …

So here I am :)

So, I’ve started packing up the house. I’m an anal fucker like that. But after the feng shui got disturbed with the partners dodgy agreement with the landlord, and although we’ve declined his white priveleged offer … there could be repercussions.

White privledge doesn’t like to be offended.

Oh, and the other reason I’ve started packing is I got shit to do and aint got time for packing in the next month or two.

Moko number #6 is due toward the end of August so I’ve planned on hanging out for a month. Cos thats what Nannys do ;)

By October though she’s on like donkey kong.

Well, for Me anyways.

I got like 4 more personal goals I want to meet before the end of the year. And the collaborative exhibition is in November.

This should be a doozy!

For Me, the process in preparing for it has been similar to the last … but my work has changed abit … which is also normal I’ve come to realise.

It’s all cathartic … it’s all a process …. its all processing.

I’ll be returning to my ‘protesty’ art lol. It’s what I started painting with. As in, I started painting because I had no words to explain the horror I felt as I learnt about our history. Our real history.

Honestly … the pain is horrific … and quite encumbersome. Painting was the only relief I could find.

So this time, our collaborative exhibition is based on the myths related to domestic violence. Completely my jam …

And as I started to try and get my head around what to paint, something completely different happened … as it does. You would have caught little snippets of it throughout the year and my painting related posts.

So this year, I’m addressing the whitewashing of our culture and our position as ‘women’ … of the reverse racism and the result of colonisation that sees Us now at the top of every violent, addict and victim statistic that is presented to Us via government and social justice groups.

As you can imagine … it’s caused a bit of angst ;)

But it’s been good. It’s brought another wave to the story.

In and amongst all this, I’m also going to respond to my daughters father, who was my first ‘grown up’ experience of ‘relationship’ violence. Not actually sure if it’s grown-up violence considering I was 15 … but oh well, there it is.

In the shitfest that was the rest of my life lol, I’m not sure that I ever really got to respond to / about him. I grew up and it turned out there were way worse things in store for Me than being beaten about the head with a telephone book.

But yeah …

So, I’ll continue to pop into my awesome blog and update randomly and have a giz around … catchup with the blog world happenings and post random posts and poetry about sexual assault, violence, racism and casual sexism … the usuals ;)

Love and light to All y’all xoxo

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