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Homai to Aroha



I’ve been helping my Mama clean out her art space, and she has the library of doom in there!

And look what we found 🙂


It will be.


australia day?

From My FaceBook yesterday:

#Racism has always been one of my points of #Resistance. ‘No shit’ I hear y’all say For me, it’s taken its many forms over the years and more recently, ‘direct angry response’ has led Me to a more sarcastic non-hikihiki approach. By this I mean … If you cannot understand what it is Indigenous / Coloured folk have been Resisting for, for hundreds of years; it is not my job to educate your ignorant asses. By ignorant, I mean those who are Unwilling to learn.

So on the eve of what I deem to be yet another tyrannical ‘holiday’, which is disguised as the ‘unification’ of ALL, but which is actually the brutal assimilation of ALL – which disregards history and continues to ignore the immense cost the Indigenous Peoples have endured … I have but 2 thoughts:

#WhiteAustralia (@theCrown) and it’s following, really need to get with the program. You are way way behind the times. And I think I would actually dub you the colony that is still playing catchup re history, colonisation, racism, acknowledgement and change.

To All Our Indigenous Compadre, whose whanaus were murdered, brutalised, raped, stolen … left hanging from trees … We Hear You!!! We acknowledge your grief and your loss and Your #Resistance.

For your viewing … Some Australian History we don’t get to see on mainstream media:

The First Australians Fight Back  – John Pilger – The Secret Country – 1985



the block ~ akua naru

The Block ~ Akua Naru, 2012




#meme is a tweet that reads:

Excellent questions from the wallow my daughters classroom:

Always ask yourself:

Who writes the stories?

Who benefits from the stories?

Who is missing from the stories?


Donald Trump’s racism is a White American value.

#racism #reality #history and #truth from “The Negro Subversive”.

The Negro Subversive

I’ve long since lost track of when I first heard it. In all likelihood, it was during the primaries, maybe it was after Trump said that Mexico was dumping rapists and murderers across its northern border. Maybe it was after he attacked the parents of a dead Muslim soldier, implying that his grieving father had beaten his grieving mother into silent submission. Maybe it came earlier: Maybe after it became common knowledge that Trump took out full paged ads calling for a return of the death penalty, just so the state of New York could kill five Black teenagers falsely convicted of raping a White jogger. I could have first heard it in a thousand places, but, I can never ignore it when I hear it. It grates. It twists itself into my abdomen, it triggers a mild but unmistakable bullshit induced stress response. Trump says something hateful: pundits respond:…

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so, not

Not Black


Not White.

But somewhere

in between.

Story of my




heres why:

My experience as a ‘Person of Colour’ (which is apparently the New Politically Correct terminology to use when referring to my ‘shade’) in ‘New Zealand, is not an unusual experience.

Those of my ancestors that sailed here from the Pacific Islands, set up shop along the east coast shorelines and the westocast shorelines. My Indigenous ancestry comes from both sides of my parentage.

I am not Black. I do not have the same history as Persons of Colour within the Americas, Native or Stolen.

I am not a descendant from an African continent, with a history of ancestors who have been stolen, sold and bought.  My history with the coloniser is closer to that of the Indigenous from the Americas and other ‘coloured’ continents. In my opinion, while the Blacks in the Americas also have a relationship similar to what we have; it is not the same. Their oppression and response has an added layer of fuckery which comes from being stolen From their roots, as opposed to having their roots removed from them slowly over the course of time.

In this country the prison population is predominantly Maori (tangata whenua), for both male and female. It has always pissed Me off and within my studies, been a topic of interest.

These ‘over – representations’ are labelled as such, by those that came here without any knowledge of who we were. They went about having an opinion on what and who we were. Two of the myths used to build a lie into a stereotype view are;

a. We were a warrior people

b. We were native, unintelligent savages.

It is at the very base of it all, that these little stereotypes have caused some deep seated fuckery within our world. It’s these little fuckers which lead to the arrogance which presumes we can’t learn adequately; we can’t get gainful employment; we need assistance to maintain any and all types of mental and physical health; our ‘families’ are dysfunctional.

It is with the repertoire of twoddle that the Crown sets about setting up ‘help’ or assistance for the culturally deprived. Because apparently We need their assistance.

But they presumed we were like them. That our way of being was inferior to theirs because it was different from theirs. In my opinion, our way of being was far superior to their diseased and deeply infested way of being.

I wonder though; how much assistance do We need from an entity that fucked Us over in the first place?

And this seems to be a point that I can fight tooth and nail for and it still falls on deaf ears.

If this was an abusive relationship, We would be advised to ditch his ass and get some counselling and move the fuck on.

But in this scenario We are encouraged to access their ‘assistance’, their education, their ‘help’ and are disparaged when we refuse; and locked up when we don’t comply. It seems to be a huge old blind spot that the coloniser and colonised do not understand.

And I wonder at this point, if:

Being ‘White’ is more a state of mind. If that blind spot is what brought them here in the first place. If that arrogance is what keeps them believing they are far superior and need to assist the inferior natives.

Fuck That! There’ll be No conceding from this Camp any time soon!

Moana Jackson asks some pertinent questions in the following video: the most pertinent being:

“Why did Maori never have prisons?”

He addresses the lies that have been told, believed and are continuously perpetuated to keep a system in place that does not work for Us.


On Golliwogs and Barbie dolls – and liberal double standards

#feminism #women #refocus #reframing #resisting
Another brilliant article by “Writing by Renee”.

writing by renee

Nip it in the bud. It’s a good principle, when it comes to expressions of injustice in general – and the Golliwog dolls recently resurfaced in a store on Waiheke island, New Zealand, in particular. While Golliwog dolls are not exactly a norm in New Zealand the way they are in, say, the Netherlands – we don’t want them back. Resisting them is also a way to remember their history, their connections to the institution of slavery, and their real symbolism and its impacts. This conversation not only keeps the dolls out of circulation, it makes us more sensitive to the racist caricature generally. So let’s have it.

At the same time, I cock my head sideways at liberals who love these conversations because of how comfortable they are, considering that we tend to think of the Golliwog doll as a bygone product of a bygone era. Boy does a…

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it is what it is: fuck the Crown i say

Ok, so after such a lovely calm day yesterday (aka, calm before the storm!), I woke up to a fluster fuck this morning … thank fuck yesterday was calm ay!

This is going to be an un-editted rant / vent / whatever yah like to call it, and there is a point, but I’m not sure that it’ll be that clear at the outset … bare with Me … again 😉

To start:

My eldest moko plays the drums and he is freaking awesome!

We’ve had dramas with the school and his supposed ‘behavioural difficulties’ over the last year. In a nutshell though, they want him medicated (after the suspension routine failed), and his only ‘crime’ to warrant such a reaction:

Asking questions whilst being Brown.

It’s something we’ve fought and will continue to fight …. forever.

But now it’s a new generation and we’re having to teach them how to Be in a world that sees only skin colour whether they admit it or not. That fucks Me no end!

So, moko was supposed to be playing the drums for his end of year performance at school. My fuckery of course is getting there … as with anything. Suffice to say, I am Not there today and I want to be, but oh well, moving On.

The school moved the dates and times of this performance / school finale and his Mama and Papa were unable to take time off work; his Aunty was unable to attend; my partner is making a fast last minute dash to get there and record it … and my beautiful Mama took the bull by the horns and got there! She’s updating Me by text as I type and I am, of course, having Big old tears … not completely sad ones … just tears. I love my mokos more than life itself ❤

I sent their presents and cookies off with my partner so they’ll get those after as well.  I’m glad someone got to be there to see moko do his thing!! ❤

So, in amongst all that, I got a phone call from my daughter; she’s in tears, crying about how sucky being an adult is … and when I managed to tease out what was wrong, it turns out she has been trying to dispute a fine that was given to her a couple of years ago; sent to an address she hasn’t resided at for years and during that time it’s escalated from $60 to $180. She can’t pay it; they won’t let her off it and she believes it’s unfair.

Enter my notation and angst with this issue:

Starting way back when (1840ish), once the Crown had made their dubious arrangement with tangata whenua; set up their foreign laws and started changing them to assimilate and devastate Us. I won’t go into all those now … suffice to say, they engage in goal-post moving exercises, thereby changing the rules continuously so we are continuously on the back foot … and then fining the infringements as a revenue building scheme. They (the Crown) have done this for centuries throughout the colonies they’ve invaded and it’s a strategy that works effectively.

My conundrum is more basic:

To give my mokos a fighting chance, We are going to have to teach them how to live in duality earlier than I expected. And we need to teach them how to Know the rules to Break or Bend those rules, and to live free of those rules.

Here is my daughter / whom I taught about colonisation and the Treaty, when she was still in Primary school /, still struggling with the concept of Power over her life. She’s still struggling with the Crowns will versus Her will … she’s still struggling with how to live in both arenas.


Because we weren’t supposed too. No set of peoples were supposed to have dominion over another! Period. Not ever. Anywhere. Ever!!!

But we are an amazing peoples … and we have learnt how to live like / with /around our ‘oppressors’. My struggle though, which is what I hear in my daughters voice … Is the Why? And How is this even fair???

I know the answer:

It’s Not Fair. But short of a world-wide revolution, it is what it is at the moment and we need to learn to live within it or be stung and butt fucked continuously by it.

The video below is an old one. Mr Brownlee was / is a Crown representative at that time, with his Party being in power at the time; the arrogance that he exudes is A.Typical of this lot. And it has nothing to do with Left and Right Wings / Different Parties … this has to do with Power and Control by the Crown (government). It’s an arrogance shared by a shittonne of governments world wide.

The response to Mr Brownlee is given by Moana Jackson, an Indigenous Lawyer; a righteous, well spoken, softly spoken, well educated and self determined Maori man.

On the days, like today, when the Crown pisses Me off … when I’m wondering what the actual fuck we’re doing … and what the actual fuck life is going to be like for my mokos ….

I watch this clip: He restores my fight ❤


activism ~ a word from:

#meme (screen shot facebook post) reads:

Bigot: I demand that you carefully consider my position and patiently refute my points one by one and then, when I move the goalposts, I’m gonna need you to refute a whole set of new completely disingenuous points, and I’m going to need this to go on all day.

Me: I’m gonna need you eat a dick.


(Falls dramatically to the floor, preferably clutching a linen handkerchief)

Every time.

Just let them. Step over that quivering thespian and go do, like, anything else. You don’t owe them a “debate”. You can even use those words, if you aren’t comfortable telling someone to eat dick.