activism ~ “Pakeha Anger: Why Do They get Mad at Maori?”

activism ~ Cognitive Dissonance succinctly explained ❤

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Exploring the Depths of the Maori Experience

So on one beautiful Sunday arvo in downtown Auckland, I was out having a couple of catch-up beers with the cuz, when we unexpectedly got talking to a Pakeha, let’s call him Joe. In his late thirties, living in a predominantly Pakeha populated, small town in Southland, Joe has worked hard his whole life, made a decent way for himself and his family, which forms his philosophy and worldview towards living – work hard and reap the rewards. And so, according to Joe and his life philosophy, anybody that can’t make a life for themselves should suffer the consequences for being lazy and useless, which led him to offer opinions on Maori issues such as;

“Maori come from an aggressive culture and so Maori need to whiten up”
“The land is not Maori’s, as the Maori sold it and so Maori need to get over it”
“Maori/Pakeha conflict is a North Island thing…

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activism: “Dear White America: This is Your Mess.”


One of the most resounding and succinct articles I have read so far.

I am not an African – American. I am not an American.

I am of colour. Brown to be precise.

I am Indigenous.

And from that perspective, this article speaks volumes.


I don’t think you understand how serious I am.

This is your mess.

Every single time you barked about how BLM protested, you supported go fund me campaigns for racists and cops that killed unarmed Black (minority) people.  Every time you shouted freedom of speech when someone called a Black person a nigger you created this mess.

brothers A young black teen with his little brother, MLK Day, Washington D.C., 2017.

When you shouted all kinds of “Black bitches” from cars like bullets in a drive by.  Every fricking time you stepped on the grass of a barbecue and threatened the children, Black children in attendance.  Every time you applauded police after they served Roof a cheeseburger you gave the okay.


Every fucking time you let “thug” leave your mouth or find place on your facebook page in lieu of the word nigger, Black people knew better and yes…

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activism ~ “But the police protect people … if you weren’t … “

And this is usually where I stop the conversation.

You see, while it is true that there are a great number of police officers who do an impeccable job; there are those that do not.

Which is why #BlueLivesMatter has absolutely nothing to do with #BlackLivesMatter. And why this retaliatory kind of too-ing and fro-ing, only scratches the surface of whats really happening.

Even in a little country like ours.

When it becomes necessary to train your children how to avoid being shot, there is an issue. A large one. And one that still needs further discussion.


While not dis-similar to training a child how to avoid being sexual assaulted; should this not set off alarm bells – all around the world – that something is seriously fucked up.

In our little country, we have just been ‘alerted’ to open and illegal sexism through the questions recently levelled at the new leader for the Labour party. However, this, like racism, is nothing new. It’s just that it gets highlighted at certain times, and then creeps back to the corner to talk amongst it’s like-minded companions.

What the fuck is with that?

Is this a consequence of assimilation? Or integration? Is this what comes with the package deal?

Is this what has become the new norm? That we fight for equality, or equal opportunity, or the right to be safe, or the right to have a say … and we firstly are disparaged for ‘rocking the boat’; secondly, blamed for the faulty conduct, and thirdly, told we ourselves have the problem.

It’s tiring.

It’s tiring trying to bring to light ‘the issues’.

It’s tiring trying to rectify ‘the issues’.

It’s tiring trying to rectify the ignorance that comes with rectifying ‘the issues’.

It’s tiring.

Theres a history to it all. And that too, becomes tiresome to explain.


But to say it is not just about race / colour, is naive. Like saying sexism is not about being the owner of a vagina. Yes we can get all theoretical, about the divisions of labour, about ‘our place in society’, about ‘the sins of the past’. If it was not about colour, then the divisions would not be so obvious, and the similarities from country to country would not be so apparent.

At the end of the day though, these are all actions that can be un-learned.

The police can un-learn prejudice. Just as men can un-learn chauvinism.

The last word goes to this righteous woman:









activism ~ john ballance who?

Whanganui: where the ‘H’ became a debacle.

Nevermind that there was always a ‘h’ sound in the name,

prior to colonisation.

And in this place, where the grandiose buildings stand;

as a reminder of what they could build:

our memories are of where our tipuna nurtured the whanau;

of where our Nannys taught their mokopuna to ‘mind the pakeha‘.


And speaking of pakeha.

Upon his throne,

outside of the council building,

sits the right honourable John Ballance.

The plaque reads:

“To commemorate nation builder and Wanganui citizen John Ballance,

premier of New Zealand (1891 – 1893)

also founder and editor of the ‘Wanganui Herald’ newspaper.

Born in county Antrim, Ireland, 27 March 1839, 

died in Wellington, New Zealand, 27 April 1893.”

But how inaccurate are the words of the pakeha,

that the Nannys warned off.

They did not build the nation:

They stole it.

You see, in our world,

John Ballance is infamously known as the racist twat who stated,

and I quote:

“The only good Maori

Is a dead Maori”

So what became of the right honourable twat

John Ballance?

If you make your way through

the open gates of the

Whanganui Cemetery,

You will find a rather large piece of stone,

where the Ballance is truly restored.

And on this plaque, its noted:

That Johnny was the PM;

where he was born and where he died.

And some other lame ramble

that I cut out of the photograph,

because I can.

And the moral of the story:

Even Racist Pricks Eventually Die Too.




activism ~ Australian Indigenous

When I went to Australia for a holiday, years ago, (we were on the ‘Gold Coast); one of the first questions I asked a ‘local’, was ‘Where are all the Indigenous Peeps?’, as in where do they hang out. I wanted to get a taste of who they were; their culture; their arts … their lives. I was met with a blank stare. Then it registered for them, that I was asking about the ‘Aboriginal’ people. The short sharp reply was that they don’t live ‘here’, more in land … and apparently I wouldn’t like them; ‘They’re violent, drunken, filthy people’, was what I was told.


I continued to look … and it saddened me, that the only ONE, yes one; I met, was in a ‘souvenir’ shop on ‘the Sunshine Coast’. When I asked him the same question, he looked slightly offended but got what I was asking eventually. Very politely, he explained that he was a ‘half-caste’ … that most of his ‘tribe’ lived ‘outback’ on a type of ‘reservation’. They owned this shop and this is where they made their living. He didn’t go into great depth … but this is the jist of it:

Indigenous peoples all around  this world, have been demonized, terrorized, tortured, butchered and annihilated. Australia and its Indigenous, are no different.



activism ~ superiority, inferiority and ignorance

It’s all in the tone.

The tone of the voice; the demeanour; the ‘conversation’.

Whilst this is a possible ‘playing to the audience’ dialogue, it is symptomatic of a superiority mentality, played out in every day events between those who believe they are superior to those they dub to be, inferior.

What is particularly telling of this ethnocentric bullshit, is that ‘they’ believe they hold the moral high ground, which is the classic savage versus civilised mentality. That because they are ‘better’ than the ‘others’, their opinions, whether based on fact or not, are indeed, right.



activism ~ #lestweforget – we aren’t superior

is it superiority.

i surmised

it was.

to believe, that we

have the right

to take life.


away altogether.

away to another place.

to believe that, somehow,

it be an ok thing,

to take another humans life

from them.

You see,

in any other circle,

whether it be


or an academy, of sorts;

to watch on,

being an active bystander,

to an act,

such as




t’would be

a crime.

#lestweforget how fucken revolting we can be when we forget that we are not superior to anyone else.



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activism ~ #lestweforget – how they arrived

There was a Buffalo Soldier
In the heart of America
Stolen from Africa, brought to America
Fighting on arrival, fighting for survival

Bob Marley ~ Buffalo Soldier

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activism ~ police violence

Police Violence has been highlighted in big bold neon signs recently. And the continuing conversations still read like something out of the dark ages.

Recently there was an article published, relating to the fatal shooting by New Zealand Police, of a 57 year old man. The tone of the discussion on this article, was one of blaming the dead guy and ‘people like him’, and praising the police for their excellent service.

I noted the following point:

“We seem to be missing the fact that they (poupou) are trained to restrain and use other tactics BEFORE shooting someone, irreversibly, dead. And they are employed, by us, to protect and serve, not shoot dead and ask questions later. I don’t think we have the right to blame a dead guy. But we should be holding all civil servants accountable for their actions. Especially irreversible ones.”
Like · Reply · June 10 at 7:02pm

And was met with a tirade of verbal abuse all singing the same tune:

“Police in New Zealand do not shoot and kill people just because they can. You’ve obviously been watching too many videos of cops in America to understand that police have strict guidelines when it comes to shooting people.”
Like · Reply · 3 · June 10 at 8:26pm

Now this kind of mentality is nothing new. But what surprised me the most, is that even with history a click away, and recent events relating to police brutality, in our country and those abroad, also only a click away; Naivety and ignorance still reigns supreme.

As a country, we should be asking … what the hell?! This isn’t about blaming the police; this is about asking questions about a public service and their performance. We seem to have more concern about the performance of who is picking up the rubbish from our front gate, than how our ‘law enforcement’ are enforcing.

We should be asking why the police are taught to racially profile. Shouldn’t this ‘profiling’ be focussed on an a specific action or behaviour instead of trying to brush stroke an entire community with a stereotype based on an ethnocentric ideology?

And yes, the new Zealand police are taught to racially profile. Why do you think Maori are more likely to be pulled over – arrested – and locked up? It has nothing to do with our actions but entirely, what we ‘look’ like.

Do we remember the last time this happened?





366 reasons to smile ~ +189.

+189. The comedy of this dude 🙂