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it finally fucking rained!!! yah!

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on a good note: it’s raining.

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the rain. me. & photography.

i love the rain.

like, absolutely, love the rain.

not sure why & i don’t really care to figure it out.

all i know is it makes me feel good.

so, i tried to take photographs, in the rain.

i’ve tried before, unsuccessfully. & i’m sure theres expensive little doo-hickey things i could purchase if i had the money & felt like wasting it … but instead, i covered my trusty little camera with a plastic bag.

yes i did lol.

it was funny AF & awkward AF & out of like, 20 odd photographs, there were only a few that came out alright.

but, by fuck, i had fun!

that last one, is me trying to dry & straighten up the plastic bag … in the rain lol


& looking forward to doing it all again the next time it pisses down xx

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cleanse & reset

its not even the end of the month yet & i feel tired.

not really what i had planned for 2019: being tired as fuck that is. i wanted to gain some strength & momentum to work on ‘owning my space’ & ‘feeling’ more ‘in body’ – attached, instead of dissociated. *insert large eye ball roll here please*

but i hadn’t planned it looking like it has so far.

when i woke this morning, i had a kick ass sore throat – which means for me, that i am not being congruent & somewhere along the way, i’ve silenced myself. i know this because its my norm.

so today was about cleansing & resetting.

after a healthy dose of coffee, i went to the beach. i had to gulp back the anxiety that comes with leaving the house – even if i’m going somewhere i love – but i got down there. it was a beautifully overcast day, which made it a bit easier on the senses.

i knew i needed the ocean. so thats what i did.

as cold as it was, i stayed in the water until i felt some sort of relief. i had massive waves of anxiety come & go but when i’d finished, i felt good.

so good, i headed to our cafe for coffee. it felt easier than it has in a long time & i enjoyed that. i love it when i feel relaxed … its just getting to the relaxed bit thats  a head fuck.

bonus: on the way home it pissed down with rain! so i made sure i walked slow & purposefully lol. god i love the rain, & it was pretty much the final thing that i needed.

& when i got home i did music. lots & lots of old comforting tunes.

it was nice.

in it all, i found a tiny bit of clarity. as i do …

that life goes on around me whether i’m anxious or not. it don’t give a fuck. it just keeps going.

it’s been a hard life so far, & i need to be alright. i need to feel at home in my own skin. otherwise it’s not worth being alive. which is just bullshit.

but thats where i’m at.

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dinner time?

did i tell yah, we had dinner at my beach?

and it was cloudy A.F?

just the way i like it?

had bacon & eggs btw,

i know, i know.

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dreams ~ fleetwood mac

dreams ~ fleetwood mac, 1977






Homai to Aroha



I don’t know if this is mindfulness or just contemplative shit or if both of those things are one and the same hah! … But its gonna be short, cos short is what I feel like today … and its about the ocean …

And dark, rainy days.

I’ve gone on about these before and feel like going on about them again. Because … they are 3 things that make Me feel good … not happy clappy good … but calm, peaceful, all is alright with the world kind of good.

Aside from the practicalities ie: the salt air; the cold air and the rain are all absent of over powering pollutant type smells. They’re like a wash for my senses … which is why i think i love them so much and am drawn to them.

The same thing happens in the dark. Theres an absence of smell and noise … it kind of lets my whole being breathe.


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so my love of the rain has been stretched to almost the utmost limit …

“Why?” I hear you friendly fellows and fellowesses ask …” we thought you absolutely whole heartedly loved loved loved the rain! You bleat on enough about it …*insert eyeball roll emoji*”.

Yes well …

It pissed down hardcore last night and I had just enjoyed a few puddles and soaking up the wet goodness … go into our lounge room to get my drink and there is a river of water over flowing from the bottom of our ranch slider doors, into our lounge room.

Ok. Cool. I can deal with this. Towels are down and the water is still pouring in … “calm the farm … and breathe …”

I head off to the bathroom and find the contents of all outlet pipes bubbling up through the shower, the toilet and the bath tub … Ok, calm … still breathing.

I make the call to the property people and get some tart who gets the address wrong who rings a plumber twat who obviously doesn’t want to make a buck and … “ohhh, I can’t do much … ” code for: I can’t be bothered coming out 9 pm on a sunday night!”

So this morning we have flooded carpets in the lounge room, with 3 industrial heaters and a dehumidifier going, drying that shit out.

Guess what?

They sound like two aeroplanes starting up and they’re as hot as fuck!

So I’m trying to calm my feng shui … look at the positive … still looking btw …and in the meantime I’ve set up camp in our back room (usually ‘The Man Cave’). Oh and did I mention the humidity today is 54 with a temp of 24 and rising and the rain is still persisting :) And the old hot flushes are coming fast and thick … 5 so far today … and I’m still sweating like a rapist!

Fun times.

Breathing, breathing …. breathing some more!!!


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unfucking in the rain.




Homai to Aroha


Does it need any explanation really?

It rained today :) And I enjoyed the sound of it, the feel of it and of course, the puddles! Theres nothing quite like bare feet and puddles!

My Mama used to make Me wrap up warm, with a raincoat and an umbrella and of course, gumboots, before I went out in the rain as a kid. But one of the lovely things about adulting, is I can do what I please now :)

*after thought: It seems like we teach our kids (advertently or inadvertently), to be fearful of things like … the rain … the dark … the cold … when in all actuality, these things are as necessary as sunshine, heat and light.

Namaste peeps … enjoy whatever weather you’re having!


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it was:

i am pleased to say, a nice day today.

it rained, and rained, and rained. and i love the rain. i dug the garden in the rain. and planted carrots in the sandy soil. thanks to Jim, i now know carrots, garlic and onions, go well in sandy soil. thanks Jim.

i had chorizo for dinner. never had it before, and it won’t be the last time!

i updated my profile picture and am going to change my categories. again.

i need minimalism.

lots of minimalism.

and rain. lots more rain.

i feel calmer today. not wound up.

realised: i am what i am. and thats ok.



thank you rain gods

Apparently, even productive renovating

members of society

don’t like the Rain.

The Renovation twat has laid down his


and has gone the fuck home!

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for my friend Jim :)

Walking in the rain … should, or should not? I think Should!! I’m actually a dance in the rain kind of girl myself. But my friend Jim, over at “Random Writings On The Bathroom Wall”, finds he tends to get wet tootsies.

My solution was gumboots.

And just to prove that gumboots also look pretty good with shorts, heres the kiwi classic proof!  His name is (was – he died recently) Fred Dagg :)

Your Welcome Jim :)

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feline issues ..

Ok, so I don’t really have a deep and meaningful relationship with our cat. If anything I despise the little fucker … possibly because he has the life I want …

Sleep … eat … yeah that’s about it LOL

But today, I had a little moment of … possible admiration … possible … “OK, I get your deal” … I do after all have unresolved feline issues, but they were put on the back burner a long time ago .. in exchange for more pressing issues  … yah know, PTS(D) and shit.

So the moment of admiration :


Whilst having my morning fag and coffee … I noticed our black bundle of fur, sitting in the pouring rain.


He didn’t move a muscle, just soaked it up and carried on sleeping as it pissed down!

He now has an inch of my respect! … not that he cares … and i feel slightly … ‘bonded’ with the furry little critter!

He does his own thing :) I like that ;)

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