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it finally fucking rained!!! yah!

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raining ~ six60

raining ~ six60, 2019


the rain. me. & photography.

i love the rain.

like, absolutely, love the rain.

not sure why & i don’t really care to figure it out.

all i know is it makes me feel good.

so, i tried to take photographs, in the rain.

i’ve tried before, unsuccessfully. & i’m sure theres expensive little doo-hickey things i could purchase if i had the money & felt like wasting it … but instead, i covered my trusty little camera with a plastic bag.

yes i did lol.

it was funny AF & awkward AF & out of like, 20 odd photographs, there were only a few that came out alright.

but, by fuck, i had fun!

that last one, is me trying to dry & straighten up the plastic bag … in the rain lol


& looking forward to doing it all again the next time it pisses down xx

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unfucking in the rain.




Homai to Aroha


Does it need any explanation really?

It rained today :) And I enjoyed the sound of it, the feel of it and of course, the puddles! Theres nothing quite like bare feet and puddles!

My Mama used to make Me wrap up warm, with a raincoat and an umbrella and of course, gumboots, before I went out in the rain as a kid. But one of the lovely things about adulting, is I can do what I please now :)

*after thought: It seems like we teach our kids (advertently or inadvertently), to be fearful of things like … the rain … the dark … the cold … when in all actuality, these things are as necessary as sunshine, heat and light.

Namaste peeps … enjoy whatever weather you’re having!


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thank you rain gods

Apparently, even productive renovating

members of society

don’t like the Rain.

The Renovation twat has laid down his


and has gone the fuck home!

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feline issues ..

Ok, so I don’t really have a deep and meaningful relationship with our cat. If anything I despise the little fucker … possibly because he has the life I want …

Sleep … eat … yeah that’s about it LOL

But today, I had a little moment of … possible admiration … possible … “OK, I get your deal” … I do after all have unresolved feline issues, but they were put on the back burner a long time ago .. in exchange for more pressing issues  … yah know, PTS(D) and shit.

So the moment of admiration :


Whilst having my morning fag and coffee … I noticed our black bundle of fur, sitting in the pouring rain.


He didn’t move a muscle, just soaked it up and carried on sleeping as it pissed down!

He now has an inch of my respect! … not that he cares … and i feel slightly … ‘bonded’ with the furry little critter!

He does his own thing :) I like that ;)

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