These guys.

It’s currently ‘technically’ winter in Aotearoa. It is a warm and not so wet winter so far – much to my disgust lol.

So, we’re currently trying to clean our shit up in the yard; although we’ve had a 6 month reprieve from the house being sold, I am forever the realist and am not taking the shit for granted. It’s given us time to clean up, pack up, look for decent alternatives etc etc.

Anywho … here we were wading through weeds and we came across these 2 guys.

The georgian calendar says these beauties should’ve stopped growing Jan / Feb. They’ve never done the random grow like this either … but I think what made Me smile is their sheer tenacity.

Sitting there all bright red and shit, pretty much screaming (in a nice way, not a freddie kruger way ..) fuck yous … we won’t do what you think we should ;)

And because they’re just out there doing their rebel thing, neither Me nor the Partner can bring ourselves to pick it and eat it lol.

So I decided to take a picture of them …

‘Ode to #Resistance !

kpm ©




I must say, my pumpkin plants amuse the living shit out of Me. They feel like compadres actually.

You know, I planted them all in a nice little row (actually, I thought they were zucchini seeds at the time of planting … but oh well lol), into the soil like I thought I should … and initially they grow up in straight little lines …

And then … well, then they just proceeded to do whatever the fuck they wanted to do!

This specimen is the one of the last to sprout and he’s found his way up the hill (from his place of planting), and onto our back shed. And as you can see, he’s gone up, down and back up. He’s got huge leaves and even a growing pumpkin hanging from one of those feeler-ly thingys.

Made respect to the pumpkin plants and their ‘fuck you, I won’t grow where you want Me too … attitude’.

Much Respect ;)


kpm ©