think that’s grief that i can feel,

pressing against my chest.

kpm ©


i do love my grandfather. but.

today i heard my grandfather

in your voice.

not in a nostalgic way.

but a cringe, a recoil.

he spoke to my nan like she was a piece of shit.

a waste of space.

an annoyance.

he rolled his eyes @ her.

grimaced when she spoke.

if you weren’t a child with child eyes

if you weren’t a child with child ears

one would wonder:

why on earth he stayed around.

why on earth she stayed around.

is there a pain more stinging

than being in a place, you are clearly not wanted

or required.



big ups to those:

who hate this time of year,

for what ever reasons.

may the force be with you lovelies!

from Me.



hey girl.

hey girl, with your thoughts

hey girl, with your dreams

hey girl, with your wishes

hey girl, with bright eyes

hey girl, with a radiance of hope

dare not hope

dare not shine

dare not wish

dare not dream

dare not think

read between the mother fucking lines

youre only good for a fuck

note: it should paint a vivid picture of the messages we receive advertent and inadvertently, everyday, as a biological female.

it’s time that shit changed.