guess what else ..

i sat outside and read 2 chapters of my book.



home is ..

home is where u feel safe.

feel yourself.

are loved.

but there isn’t necessarily anyone else there.



qt .7

for the kids:

if the adult won’t listen, find another one. if that one doesn’t listen, find another one.

its not you.

a lot of adults are stupid.

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not sure what i was expecting. but i should’ve known better.

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sort of christmasy …

replace weekend with christmas & you’re sorted:

#YouAreWelcome & i’ll see you on the flip side!

not my meme :)

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i lock the doors.

close the windows.

sob till my insides ache.

find a corner.

a safe corner.

back right up into that bitch.

till i feel






Today was a sicky, yucky fucked day health wise. I’m not sure whats going on but may actually warrant a trip to the doctors / hospital if it doesn’t settle. I even had trouble focusing and holding my hands steady to actually take a photograph! Not cool!

Anywho … on my hundredth trip to the bathroom, I passed the fridge … again. And this little beauty grabbed my attention.

Our fridge is covered with all the Mokos (grandchildren) drawings, and this drawing was done by Moko #2 when she was about 6. All these gorgeous little stick figures are part of our ‘family’; the 3 in focus are:

Blue – Moko #2

Orange – Koro (Grandfather … my partner)

Crimson – Me :)

I love how moko #2 feels in her family … safe and loved … and she has always drawn just that. I am always drawn / placed on the outside edge of their pictures and this used to offend Me until I realised Moko #2 seems to know I’m the Watcher … the Protector.

How mindful is this scene? I’m uncertain … but it means a hell of lot too Me.

Love and extra light today.


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