the remake: its like

screaming into the wind.

it just comes right back at’cha.

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the 90s was my freedom scream, of sorts. i paid dearly for it of course. but i don’t regret it.



drugs for the pain.

i remember my uterus screaming @ me.

it should’a been screaming @ you yah cunt.

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hollah bitch

screaming. @ them.

those that won’t listen. can’t listen

don’t want to listen.

screaming & screaming.

screaming @ cunts to hear. but they don’t.

but that little mouth made no sound.

it didn’t even open.

no scream got heard. cos no scream left her lips.

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me, she

no more said she

she said no more

but no-one listened


why me she said

she said why me

but no-one listened


scream she did

she did scream

but no-one listened


rage she did

she did rage

but no-one listened


no-one listened

too her

her too

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