randoms :

thoughts that is.

its been nearly a week since i’ve taken up residence in my new whare. & holy shiet .. its what expected & what i didn’t expect.

for example:

i’m currently sitting in my favourite chair, staring out the window / sliding door, & i can see the sun setting. i can see the clouds moving across the sky & i can hear the roar of the waves & tawhirimatea (wind god) blowing around the house. the house is light .. by sight & by ‘feel’ .. its .. beautiful.

& i can smell, nothing. no damp. no mould. no dust. nothing.

my senses are freaking out (goodly) @ nothing. its kind of hard to explain. but every now & then it feels way overwhelming, but in a good way. & that just doesnt make a bit of sense to me lol.

i’m taking it in. enjoying. mellowing.

every now and then i can feel anxiety reaching for my toes, my legs, my chest .. & then it dissipates. i like that.

whats strangest of all sensations .. is i feel safe here. safer than i think i have ever felt in my entire life. & i know thats not just the environment.

its me.


i’m changing.

& i like it.

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my hearing is changing.





photography .72

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the ear plug update:

Bit of a shitty ass photo (taken on my shitty ass phone lol) … but these puppies finally arrived!!

I am still undecided as to whether they live up to their claim to ‘blocking sound’, but they are definitely more comfortable, I think because they’re smaller, than those ugly foamy things.

The next phase of this whole sound proofing Me will be noise minimising head phones that can go over these and that I can play music through … while my little recycled headphones work pretty good at home when I’m desperate … they are really heavy to wear for long periods of time.

Fussy? Mabes .. .but hey it’s all trial and era ;)

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Homai to Aroha



I don’t know if this is mindfulness or just contemplative shit or if both of those things are one and the same hah! … But its gonna be short, cos short is what I feel like today … and its about the ocean …

And dark, rainy days.

I’ve gone on about these before and feel like going on about them again. Because … they are 3 things that make Me feel good … not happy clappy good … but calm, peaceful, all is alright with the world kind of good.

Aside from the practicalities ie: the salt air; the cold air and the rain are all absent of over powering pollutant type smells. They’re like a wash for my senses … which is why i think i love them so much and am drawn to them.

The same thing happens in the dark. Theres an absence of smell and noise … it kind of lets my whole being breathe.


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They say to see you must open your eyes.

what if you don’t see with your eyes?

can we still ‘see’?




I think all anyone ever really wants, is to be seen. You can dress that up as you please. It all amounts to being seen…Really seen. With all of our senses. Not to have to explain or reason or find or search. Just to see. You can see words, sounds, movement. You can see a twitch of the hand,  a sniff or a shake. You can see a hum or a teeth grind, and breath or a rattle. You can see lonely, afraid,  tortured. You can see excitement, happy, thoughtful. You can see with your eyes shut.

I see you.