so my love of the rain has been stretched to almost the utmost limit …

“Why?” I hear you friendly fellows and fellowesses ask …” we thought you absolutely whole heartedly loved loved loved the rain! You bleat on enough about it …*insert eyeball roll emoji*”.

Yes well …

It pissed down hardcore last night and I had just enjoyed a few puddles and soaking up the wet goodness … go into our lounge room to get my drink and there is a river of water over flowing from the bottom of our ranch slider doors, into our lounge room.

Ok. Cool. I can deal with this. Towels are down and the water is still pouring in … “calm the farm … and breathe …”

I head off to the bathroom and find the contents of all outlet pipes bubbling up through the shower, the toilet and the bath tub … Ok, calm … still breathing.

I make the call to the property people and get some tart who gets the address wrong who rings a plumber twat who obviously doesn’t want to make a buck and … “ohhh, I can’t do much … ” code for: I can’t be bothered coming out 9 pm on a sunday night!”

So this morning we have flooded carpets in the lounge room, with 3 industrial heaters and a dehumidifier going, drying that shit out.

Guess what?

They sound like two aeroplanes starting up and they’re as hot as fuck!

So I’m trying to calm my feng shui … look at the positive … still looking btw …and in the meantime I’ve set up camp in our back room (usually ‘The Man Cave’). Oh and did I mention the humidity today is 54 with a temp of 24 and rising and the rain is still persisting :) And the old hot flushes are coming fast and thick … 5 so far today … and I’m still sweating like a rapist!

Fun times.

Breathing, breathing …. breathing some more!!!


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