time ..

yah spend an awful amount of time feeling sick and just as much time worrying about feeling sick.

aren’t yah sick of it?




what doing on yah evening out?

don’t get too excited: aka was a trip to the hospital.

how-the-fuck-ever … I did awesome! and thats what I’m partially here to brag about lol.

I had started feeling ‘off’ the other day and in true ‘me styles’ i tried to fix myself. lots of vit c, rest, veggies, home remedies etc. and a lot of this is because we have a shit healthcare system which now costs a small fortune to access if you want adequate and prompt medical treatment. our healthcare system is now the proverbial ambulance and the bottom of the cliff, like the rest of our ‘systems’.

any who … 2 days later nothing was really working and i could feel it getting worse, os last night i decided to go to a&e. 1. because it doesn’t cost 2. cos if i left it any longer i’d be in the back of an ambulance anyway 3. this is how you utilise healthcare when you have no income.

we sat in a&e for 6 hours. i had a temperature spiking 39+ and then back down, cold sweats, nausea and a throat that was swelling shut. from my experience of this form last time i knew i needed antibiotics. 6 hours was not to bad a wait for a&e, and all the gripes aside, heres the reason i was fucken awesome – sick – but also fucken awesome.

i don’t wait. But … I waited. now this may have something to do with being slightly delirious from the spiking temp and low blood pressure … oh well, it worked lol and I waited. 6 hours in a room full of strangers ; of strange sounds, smells, lights and movements.

i was pretty dam proud of myself actually. so proud of myself i forgot to tell them my pain scale was a 10. Note: if your in a&e, your pain scale is always 10. a 5 gets you a 6 hour wait. JS.

so that was me.

today i rest and dose up on penicillin and ice cream.

speaking of ice cream … the ice cream gods sent me this gorgeous specimen and i’m wondering where the fuck its been all my life!

anyways … was gonna write about the rest of my week (s) but cant be bothered now and no-one likes to read to much shit in one go .. i fill y’all in on my other shizz later.

in the meantime … cheers to the #wins !!

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choices choices

What does one do when you have no money and no insurance …

and you’re sick?

we have choices you know:

  1. You can let your temperature rise and the infection fester, ring for an ambulance. Cost: Ambulance: $90 (invoiced). Hospital – free – but a 18-48 wait and no guarantee they’ll treat you unless you are literally dying.
  2. Stay home, try home remedies. Cost: Nothing. But no guarantee it’ll work.

Welcome to 2017 where the healthcare is as fucked as it was is 1817.

Good one NZ.

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