pts(d) anxiety

Interesting thing racked up to a ‘learning  moment’ today.

I’m currently having one of those long moments, where I don’t want to go anywhere.

I try and sit with and decide whether it’s just a ‘today’ thing or I’m actually nervous about going outside.

Most of the time, it’s the latter.

And even if it is the former, that tends to be laden with guilt for some fucked up reason, which in turn turns it into the latter.

Either way, I’m usually to headfucked by both by the time I’ve tried to work it all out and then I’m physically too fucked to go anywhere or do anything.

Upon reading information regarding ‘social anxiety’ and generalised anxiety symptoms, I have, in all my infinite wisdom, decided that pts(d) anxiety, whilst similar, is most definitely different.

The interesting similarity though, is the fear of what is expected of us … real or imagined.

The slight difference with pts(d) anxiety, is those imagined fears, have at some point and time, been realities.

Whats my point?

I aint got one.

Suffice to say: Fuck anxiety in all of it’s forms.

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