my day is nearly done.

photograph was taken the other day, on one of my ‘active meditation’ days: at my beach, of course <3

And what a day it has been!

I was going to shut up shop and move directly on to blobbing with a movie and then decided I should actually celebrate my days victory.

I usually do on here … with all the intricacies and unfoldings that a day does too Me … but this time … well …

I did fan-fucking-tastic today.

Today was moko #5s 1st birthday, and I had been dreading it slightly because of it’s location and because … well because, of the usuals … anxiety, smells, surprises, noises … etc etc.

But I’ve been preparing for Months … literally.

And that prep paid off today.

The morning was stress free … the trip to town was stress free … the stops and starts … the minor hiccups … managed beautifully by Me! Anxiety was at an all time low!!

The event itself was lovely for our little madam! And the stresses I had planned for went smoother than expected. I am pleased to announce, I handled it like an absolute Boss!

Oh. forgot to say … the location was my in-laws, and I haven’t been there for nearly 6 years.

So tonight I have the night to myself and I’ve had my dinner and am about to have a nice hot bath and then an extra large milk and milo lol … living the good life aight ;) And then it’s My movie time.

FYI … its not a typical girlie movie night … I shall be watching my all time favourites: The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo Series.

I know.

You too can be Me ;)

Anyway … love and light to Me as we head down the home straight of the busiest part of my year … one pending birth of moko #6 due any day now xoxox

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Homai to Aroha


Not sure what this little fullah is but he is beautiful, and I spent plenty of time stalking the little shit to get a half way decent photo of him. And this was the best I could do … i know ..

We get a few different birdies out here but besides the humble sparrow and the gorgeous fantails and of course the tui, I’m not really up with the play on bird watching and naming names.

What I love about them though, is they just do their thing. They don’t stress or worry and I’m pretty sure they’re not anxiety ridden over where their next meal comes form or where they’re going to lay their feathery little heads for the night. They just Do. They just Are.

I can appreciate that and its something I’d aspire too xo.

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