he did it & i did it:

with the help of my daughter & mother, i got there & mingled ;)

i was so proud of my brother!

he’s such a good man; a beautiful father & an awesomely talented artist. he owned his spot last night & his videography is sublime! this exhibition marks the end of his 3 year degree journey & it’ll be cool to see what he does next!

tonight – is my mama’s exhibition!!

i am currently doing calming, happy shizz ;)

btw: i talked with the ceo of the gallery we are in & apparently in the history of this gallery & the one in wellington, no family has ever exhibited in the same place @ the same time & no gallery has left art up (mine ;) ) so the entire family could be in the same place @ the same time ;)

neat alright!

kpm © : ig @kpm-artist



chaka khans, aint nobody [cover]

chaka khan’s ‘aint nobody’ <3


i met god

I love this Poem!
An amazing Poet! For more go to “The Freedom Of – Drunk Conversations and My Boring Life”.

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The Freedom Of

i met god and She was black,
as black as the lies on Her lips
the music. the lullaby.
the song She sings at us.

i met god and She was blacker
than the thoughts,
the ones that make my knuckles bleed,
the ones that feed the demons
behind my muscles.

i met god in the middle of
an empty parking lot.
i was sitting in my car
and She fucked me.

She tasted like the sea
like the salt-black pool
that sits in my stomach
and bleeds out my pores.
She smelled like me.

i met god and Her
movements were selfish.
She was brief, She was gone
i was left naked, cold
with no answers told,
no direction.

i met god and She fucked me black.
i met god and She fucked me.

“i met god”

©Steven Cuenca

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