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speaking of racism & police violence

they say there is none.


a myth made up by those

who are criminally inclined

those that break windows

in a sleepy little town,

those who drink to get drunk

those who disturb

the peace, and the peaceful.

those that deserve

everything they get.


i wonder what those

well informed souls

believe about those in

the neighbouring vicinities

who under the ever watchful mauri,

of the black sands and maunga majestic,

tilled their soil

in peaceful protest

against the armed constabulary

ordered to remove them from their homes.

“As fears grew among white settlers that the resistance campaign was a prelude to renewed armed conflict,[6] the Hall Government began planning a military assault at Parihaka to close it down.[7] Pressured by Native Minister John Bryce, the government finally acted in late October 1881 while the sympathetic Governor was out of the country. Led by Bryce, on horseback, 1600 troops and cavalry entered the village at dawn on 5 November 1881.[8] The soldiers were greeted with hundreds of skipping and singing children offering them food. Te Whiti and Tohu were arrested and jailed for 16 months, 1600 Parihaka inhabitants were expelled and dispersed throughout Taranaki without food or shelter and the remaining 600 residents were issued with government passes to control their movement. Soldiers looted and destroyed most of the buildings at Parihaka. Land that had been promised as reserves by a commission of inquiry into land confiscations was later seized and sold to cover the cost of crushing Te Whiti’s resistance, while others were leased to European settlers, shutting Māori out of involvement in the decisions over land use.”

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we went on a hikoi.

Me and my Mama decided to go for a bit of a trip away.

Huge deal for me … I haven’t been anywhere for ages … I don’t usually go anywhere without the partner … strange place … strange smells … the unknown.

But whilst festering in bacteria in the hospital the other week, I decided that I really needed to start getting out more, and doing things that I actually enjoyed … and which didn’t involve a hospital!

Aside from that … I figured if I managed an ambulance and a hospital; 2 of my worst things to do … then I could probably handle some ME time away from my home.

So, with decision made last Thursday, I tried not to focus on the unknowns and focus on the excitement part instead.

… I get to spend time with my Mama

… We both enjoy photography and would get to take a shitload of photos on our trip

… We were going to the Taranaki, and I’d wanted to go there for ages

… Something different

I spent the entire day packing and reorganising and repacking and covered all my bases; taking everything I thought I might need; stuff to decrease anxiety; all my little ‘bag of tricks’; I packed them all!

The morning of, I was as nervous as hell and thought about pulling out, but didn’t. The partner dropped me off at Mamas, and even he was more than a lot surprised! We packed up the car, Mama and Me, and we headed out!

Without going into the blow by blow … I did it! And I enjoyed it .. loved it in fact!

I had a couple of freak out moments where I wanted to cover my ears and close my eyes and breath … so I did. And guess what … I survived!

We spent 2 nights and 3 days away. And I thoroughly fucking enjoyed all of it! So much so, we gonna do it again in a few months!!!

I’m enjoying the feeling of some kind of freedom – the freedom I used to have, but better!

photos of our expedition ;)

mama is an artist & photographer, and her latest subject matter had to do with the colonial assholes. this freak, was NZs prime minister for a time in the 1860s. hes quoted elsewhere, as saying ‘the only good maori, is a dead one’. and here he is! dead!

the whanganui opera house: i performed here when i was a little ballerina ;)

mama taking more photos john ballance: the racist cunt.

where we stayed, this little fullah decided to pose for a few dozen photos: introducing the kereru.

this fluff ball was @ the farm where we were staying. cute little dude i thought.

west coast beaches & that black sand <3

even a light tramp (aka strol) through our beautiful greenery <3

& no matter which why you turn, you can see our maunga (mountain) … shes majestic! x

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