done and done

I had my big ass assessment this morning … holy hell, what a mission. I was nervous … so nervous, my tummy has been in knots for days.

But now its over, thank fuck!

Aside from the obvious, which I survived to tell the tale, I gleaned a few tidbits I am ruminating on.

  1. Our health, particularly our mental health, system, is fucked. As per usual, my descriptions are ‘layman-womans’ terms. Now this news is nothing new; however today I got another awakening to just how stitched up everything is. After wading my nervous, semi sedated self through the myriad of questions relating to ‘permanent impairment’, I discovered that our health system rates permanent impairment in levels. Under 30% permanent impairment means – whilst you may not be able to hold down a job, or drive, or socialise, or talk on the phone, or be alone, or leave the house – if you are not in an institution and on medication, you are fine. Another words, 30% is the cap before they haul you off to the nut house and jab you with drool inducing meds. As this reality dawned on me during the assessment, 2 things happened.
  2. I became very aware that I didn’t want to rate over 30%.
  3. I became very aware that the likely-hood of receiving anymore than $35 a week for ‘permanent impairment’ was nil.
  4. Which brings me back to point 1.

I left that office slightly grateful that I hadn’t been institutionalised at any time. It would have killed me if I had. I shit you not. Me – Caged? Fuck No. It can’t happen.

But I was also very aware that my dance with ACC is grinding to a rather unproductive halt. It has been an exercise in asserting and flexing my rights, for sure. As far as having a productive outcome … well, apparently I am entitled to a life times worth of counselling slash psychologist intervention. Oh and mind bending medication if I so wish to be mind bent.

What struck me whilst answering all those rather intrusive questions, was that interacting with ‘the health system’ makes me feel more unhealthy. How is that possible? I’m unsure. Maybe because with every question about concentration or socialisation, I am trying to figure out what is deemed as normal. No I don’t interact with many people. But on a whole I don’t find people very interact-able. When I tried to explain this, I actually ended up sounding reasonably mad – even to myself lol.

You see (and I’ve talked about this before), when I go somewhere – meet people -just enter a place really – theres a shit tonne of things that happen. I was trying to relay this reality today.

When I arrived for my appointment, this is what I noted:

  • There are two large slow moving sliding glass doors to get into before you enter.
  • Not an easy exit.
  • 2 ladies sat at the front desk.
  • Mellow, low, horrid music in the background. It’s source was in the corner of the foyer.
  • 1st woman recked of cheap perfume.
  • 2nd was more interested in her lunch. It was 8.50am.
  • The lights were seedy. Lots of them. Meaning it was bright.
  • No open windows.
  • 1 door open, to files room, to the left of me.
  • Waiting room – large, hospital set up.
  • 2 large ugly pictures on far wall.
  • 2 framed ‘signs’. 1 about phones and photos.
  • 1 large ugly picture behind me.
  • toy box to the right in the corner.
  • water cooler far left.
  • it smelt dusty but cleaned.

And thats not the office. And this is me on an unobservant day.

So hows my concentration?

I don’t know how to answer that.

What I know is, it’s all fucking tiring.

Anyways … I am here … I survived. I still hate the system and I’m still unsocial lol.

On a lighter and nicer note: We are now waiting for the impending birth of moko #5 🙂

My partners daughter went into labour this morning and this is her first baby. If she’s anything like her mother, her labour and birth should be quite short. But bubbys have a way of doing what they please 🙂 It was moko #4s 3rd birthday yesterday, so we will end up with 2 birthdays close together which is kinda cool.

Right, I’m going to find some chocolate and make a cup of tea.

Peace Out 😉

and last, but not least …

My ACC assessment is on Tuesday morning at 9 fucking am.

I am nervous as fuck. And have only been waiting for like, over 5 years.

This is Me versus the System … again.

This is Me trying to act normal – but not too normal – to get what I need.

This is Me being bent over and fucked up the proverbial asshole.

This is Me hating, with every little fibre of my being, being controlled.

This is Me hating on the medical system big time.

This is Me trying to be Me and knowing that that will Not cut it here.

This is Me, hating them determining what and who I am.

This is Me detesting that to get an extra few dollars, I need to figurative spread my legs and let them do what ever the fuck they want.

This is Me hating everything that they are.

This is Me hating everything they stand for.

This is Me continuing to a hate a system that is nothing more than a fucking farce.

This Is Me.

and then theres him.

My father.

Yes, long time No hear about him.

This is another bullet pointing bitch.

  • he came back to this country
  • straight back to ‘his land’
  • and building project
  • nope – haven’t seen him
  • our last interaction turned into a heated debate
  • slash argument
  • he tried to tell me that everything i am, everything the kids are
  • is all thanks to …
  • wait for it …
  • him.
  • i don’t fucking think so mate.
  • and haven’t heard from him since.
  • until.
  • i messaged him the other day.
  • just to be polite.
  • just to check how he’s doing.
  • i’m not a nasty bitch yah know.
  • turns out, he left.
  • again.
  • a few weeks ago.
  • oh, and.
  • ‘your cousin wants to ask you something … can you message her please’
  • oh. ok.
  • turns out, he spat the dummy at the cousin and she now wants me to finish his building project.
  • Me.
  • Me, the one he’s ignored.
  • the one he belittles for not wanting to sell out the land
  • Me.
  • thats right.
  • he thought, by the cousin asking me, instead of him asking …
  • i wouldn’t say No.
  • and this is how little he knows Me.
  • good fucking grief.
  • I always wanted to build my own house, so am not completely closed to doing this project.
  • But could you fucking imagine it?
  • Arrgghh.
  • ‘do this … do that’
  • get fucked … and get fucked again.

that gnawing feeling

Ever get that feeling in your gutt?

I’ve had it most of the week and am well over it.

And ever noticed how ‘stuff’ comes in waves? Like one after the other? And you’re just taking a breath and get hit with the next one?

Thats Me.

And don’t get me wrong … I’ve been doing aight. For Me anyways 😉

My moko being suspended rocked my world more than I realised. I’ve only just managed to calm the Nanny farm today.

But heres what I figured: finally: (yes, we’re bullet pointing 😉 )

  • i despise the ‘system’
  • i despise being controlled; especially by ‘the system’
  • schools are systems
  • they condition us to think, act and be a certain way
  • don’t believe me? think about it …
  • i hate that this shit ass system is trying to fuck over my next generation
  • is it a little OTT?
  • mabes
  • but thats my moko.
  • i despise ‘the system’ trying to control my moko.

I have control issues. Big ones. This is no surprise. But I’m also Not wrong.

Have you ever tried to extract yourself from the ‘norm’?

Why would I, you may say.

Just try it. Wear something completely different for You, to work. Still in keeping with suitable ‘work attire’; but just see what happens. Note how many remarks you get – good and / or bad. Try not shaving for a week. Or go to the supermarket in your PJs and see what happens.

These are just simple things. But have a go .. see what happens.

And then you have to ponder how we all got to be so uptight about what is ‘right’ and ‘wrong’. This week, if we didn’t know it already, we all figured out Nazis aren’t cool. 50 odd years ago though, there were peeps siding with those bastards left right and centre. Why? Because no-one wanted to be on the losing side – well, not those that thought they mattered anyway.

And we’re still doing the same thing.

And that conditioning starts in school.

And if we don’t comply, there are consequences.

And thats where we learn, that it was ok to be creative and think ‘outside the box’; eat the play dough and dance in front of the mirror – right up until you have an actual opinion and want to stand for something. Then you are to think inside the box; glad wrap the play dough and adjust your hair and look for blemishes, instead of dance, in front of the mirror.

I never wanted this for my children. I don’t want it for my mokos.

But I also don’t want them to suffer.

If we teach them to be compliant, they’ll suffer. If we teach them to be free thinking and creative, they’ll suffer.

Don’t believe me? I’m not wrong.

And its the fact that We suffer – just living – we suffer – that I hate hate hate that my mokos are in a world so fickle.

I want to protect them from everything … but I know I can’t …

And thats whats been fucking me over the entire week.

I wish I was born with some kick ass super hero powers … you know I’d clean shit up and there wouldn’t be 1 unhappy, hurt child on this planet!


activism ~ “Pakeha Anger: Why Do They get Mad at Maori?”

activism ~ Cognitive Dissonance succinctly explained ❤

For More Please Visit:

Exploring the Depths of the Maori Experience

So on one beautiful Sunday arvo in downtown Auckland, I was out having a couple of catch-up beers with the cuz, when we unexpectedly got talking to a Pakeha, let’s call him Joe. In his late thirties, living in a predominantly Pakeha populated, small town in Southland, Joe has worked hard his whole life, made a decent way for himself and his family, which forms his philosophy and worldview towards living – work hard and reap the rewards. And so, according to Joe and his life philosophy, anybody that can’t make a life for themselves should suffer the consequences for being lazy and useless, which led him to offer opinions on Maori issues such as;

“Maori come from an aggressive culture and so Maori need to whiten up”
“The land is not Maori’s, as the Maori sold it and so Maori need to get over it”
“Maori/Pakeha conflict is a North Island thing…

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366 reasons to smile ~ +231.

+213. All the time! But I don’t want to waste my money either – is a lose lose situation lol!


oh, I’ve got issues …

And not the usual ones 😉

My eldest moko was ‘suspended’ from his school today. He’s 9.

My issues aren’t with his alleged behaviour … my issues are with the school.

I can hear the ‘oh you’re biased’ tone … but, I know I’m not.

Here’s the deal.

Moko has been bullied for months at this school. His parents have been down there and talked with his teacher (as is protocol) on numerous occasions. The story is always the same. And always gets flipped back to moko being too aggressive.

Is it aggressive to stand up for yourself?

I think not!

And then today, his parents receive phone calls to say that they need to pick him up from school because he had another child in a head lock, was waving around a toy gun and pointing it at others kids heads, ‘pulling’ gang signs, wearing a gang ‘bandana and acting threateningly’.

Also noted was that mokos behaviour had been unmanageable ‘for awhile’ and they suggested that he get ‘professional help’ and change his attitude before he came back to school.

I note: at no time had the school contacted mokos parents about this ‘unmanageable behaviour’, and at no time was there an incident report filed or a police report made as to mokos behaviour. And at no time was there any other warnings given about his behaviour.

Instead, he was given a Principals Award for his school work and efforts in class.

His teacher has nothing but glorious praise for ‘such a clever young man’.

So whats happening?

I see a lot of lazy ass covering going on, covered over with a large helping of covert racism.

You see (I have delved into this in other areas of my blog), there is an assumption from some of our population, that those ‘of colour’ are automatically gang affiliated. That those ‘of colour’ have parents who ‘can’t be bothered with their kids’. That those ‘of colour’ are predisposed to aggression and aggressive behaviours.

And this is the rat that I can smell in this scenario.

Moko has never been near anything ‘gang related’. Not even television.

And none of this even touches the fact that the last time moko was bullied and his parents went to the school, it was discovered that moko had retaliated to the bully referring to him as being ‘black’. The other child wasn’t reprimanded. Instead, the incident was ‘left’ and it was decided it was a misunderstanding. Moko was told that if he was bullied again, he was to go straight to the teacher.

Here’s where it gets interesting.

The teachers reside in the teachers lounge during ‘breaks’. There may be one or two walking the playground during these breaks. When mokos parents have confronted the school about their lack of supervision, they have been told that they have ‘cameras’ surveilling the playgrounds. So how is moko supposed to tell a teacher he is being bullied if there is no-one around to tell?

As you’ve probably guessed, messing with my mokos pisses me off greatly!

I compiled a rather short sharp letter for the parents to send to the Principal. It states that the school didn’t follow procedure in the suspension of moko and if they don’t give them written documentation of what transpired today, then they would be  referring this to the Education Department Ombudsmen.

No body fucks with my moko and gets away with it.

Yes see, to suspend a 9 year old is huge. And it pisses me off that they thought that that was the right move. No discussion. No conversation. No getting to the facts. Just a knee jerk suspension.

And don’t get me wrong; if moko did something wrong, he should be reprimanded for it. But reprimanded in light of the Entire story, not just one small piece that they don’t want to deal with.

Thats just bullshit.

So I’m not a happy Nan at the moment. Not happy at all.

ruminating on the demise of the pedo cunt

this has been swirling around the grey matter for a few days. since the conversation with my girl.

i haven’t let it effect me too much. so thats either progress, or dissociation or both lol.

i found out the pedo cunt has yet another victim. not surprising really.

there is a strange thing that happens though, in the psyche of the victim(s) of pedo cunts generally. we tend to believe, or come to believe, that we are the only ones. i think this is in part due to the disbelief that their sickness is indeed a sickness … like a disease, it spreads. we tend to believe that (maybe thats for preservation of our own sanity, I’m unsure) their deeds must have been a one off; that they couldn’t have possibly gone around fiddling with everything in sight and no-one notice it.

through my studies though, i gleaned that the average offender will have racked up a cool 20+ victims in the course of an average lifetime. these are minimal stats. the true representation is far higher, given that the average offender may have started in their teens and die in their 60s. most of these are unreported.

but these stats alone are revolting.

so back to the pedo cunt at hand.

turns out a neighbours son had quite a bit to do with him. enough time spent for the pedo cunt to introduce this child (7 at the time) to sadistic pornography. if anything else was done to the child, this has yet to be disclosed.

if anything was done to his siblings; this is also unknowen.

the likelihood of the pedo cunt having only picked 1 of the siblings for his loathsome pleasures is unlikely.

this leaves me wondering – how the fuck does the universe let this revolting human live on? why?

on a more realistic note however; it makes the idea of outing him completely and utterly, a likely scenario, to commence very soon.

i won’t dwell on it to much here. at the moment.

i can’t.

i just needed to get it out of my head.

these eyes

these eyes have seen


there and here.

crimson fog

orange hue.

glazed, yet glassy. moving

through the halls

down the stairs.

noting the darkness surrounds


the smoke in the air

the spoons on the stove

the oil dripping

from the caps.

no food in the darkness,

but bottles and bottles.

of tears

of piss

of losses

of pills

the haze it follows

her. me.

through the dark.

fuck 1

fuck 2

fuck 3

it makes no difference.

a woman once was.

her womb a sacred store house.


slaughtered and wretched.

and she passes dem pipes


watching them inhale


their lives.

but no high

no low.

just sweet balance.

tranquil balance.

tomorrow, she will shit not.

too constipated to care.

to heavy.

eventually wiping her ass

hole on yesterdays news.

and no food.

just drink.

no touch

just invasion.


sweet balance.

have these eyes

seen to many.


to readjust

in the light.

to remember.

is to smell.

to feel.

to weep.


are held in

these eyes



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366 reasons to smile ~ +225.

+225. L O L