fuck ups

have you ever seen

the escalation of

fuck ups

at work?

how they roll

one into another

like a giant snow ball?


don’t take your eye off the ball


argue …

you know what …

i don’t think

i have anything

to add to this




thats a new place

For Me.


IMO – Paedophilia

[From my FB]

One of my daughters sent me this link a while ago, and its taken this long to get round to watching the entire thing.
Anyone that knows Me Well, knows Me disdain for all things ‘kiddie-fuckerish’ and my passion for doing away with them completely.
That ‘passion’ took Me to Criminology … it took me to [my place of work] … its shaped how I respond to offenders … more importantly, or so I thought, it shaped the ingenious ‘alternative’ plans I came up with re Rehabilitation and Prevention.
How-the-fuck-ever … We are Not a country that supports rehabilitation and especially Not prevention. Argue that if you will, but I’m not wrong.
So when it comes to sex offenders, what are the rates of actual successful ‘rehabilitation’? And is there any stats on ‘Prevention’ per se?
Fuck No. Because anyone thats lived in NZ long enough, knows we just make that shit up as we go along and to fit the ‘status quo’ that needs to be fitted for that year.

So back to this ‘Virtuous’ Paedophile.

A paedophile is a person who is attracted sexually to children. Now noting that, makes my skin crawl. And that will never change. And in my learned fucking opinion, I’ll never accept pedosexuality as a sexual orientation.

HOWEVER: After watching this, with a pretty fucken open-mind I will say … This is what I’ve decided.

If this person … self proclaimed non-offending pedo … wants to raise awareness among his Own peeps … if he wants to educate Them … Support, Them … Then go for it.

There are too many victims, and have-been victims, like myself, who have spent shit loads of years exorcising our own demons and trying to re-educate fuckers on these fuckers … trying to rehabilitate them so they stop hurting our own kids … trying to prevent the cycles from starting … so we can protect our own kids. If this cunt wants to put his neck on the chopping block .. .wants to spend hours and hours learning and teaching … Go For It.

Would I leave my mokos with him … fuck NO!
Do I think his sickness is Normal … also Fuck NO.
But if he wants to be a recluse and manage himself somewhere out in the whops … sweet as!

Our system isn’t going to rehabilitate, prevent or educate these people. And they’re definitely Not going to protect Us or our children.

If he’s supporting and hopefully helping pedos to manage their sickness (i won’t call it a sexuality), is that not a better solution than any we’ve come up with so far?

Don’t get Me wrong … I am completely down for lining them up and putting a bullet in their skulls. I’d volunteer for that job.
But NZ doesn’t do capital punishment for sex offenders. And that law isn’t going change any time soon.

hey, did i …

did i tell yah

bout the cunt next door?

new cunt …

thinks the volume

dial on his stereo

should be louder

than the birds


and the waves of

the ocean crashing …

I can feel my

golf club, and I

making a trip

next door

to make our

acquaintance …


reconciling the hormones #60

Captains Log:

A beard? Really? Haven’t I already done enough shaving??

Ay! What gives? I guess in the large scheme of things abit of facial hair aint nuthin but a chain swang 😉

Happy to report it’s been a calmer week … even had a day where there was No hot flushing … Bonus!

Each day … week, as it comes … thats my mantra at the moment … whew.

#meme is a cartoon drawing of a woman all wrapped up in a scarf and jacket, both pulled up to cover her face.

The caption reads: Where oh, where has my oestrogen gone? Oh where, oh where can it be? I was once young and fair, now I sprout facial hair … Oh hormones, won’t you come back to me …


unfucking thyself 101.46




Homai to Aroha



My Mama gave Me this little beauty when we moved here. It says it all really.

We moved here (next to the beach) so I could hear the waves … smell the salt air … and when I got a bit better-er … swim in the ocean.

Thats happened … happening … slowly but surely. We’ve been here nearly 4 years and sometimes I forget the shit-fucked state I was in when we first arrived here. And I was like it all the time! Shaking … panicy … couldn’t get out the front door during the day, let alone the clothesline or the letterbox … couldn’t ride in the front seat of the car … couldn’t talk on the phone …

On some days I have long moments of all these things, as they raise their ugly heads again and kick Me in the Vag … I can almost hear them laugh at Me … saying “Hey bitch remember Us”.

Yeah I remember.

I remember how far I’ve come and that I am Not as fucked us I used to be 😉


happy ‘captain cooks dead’ day :)

Big Ups and Mad Props, to my Hawaiian Tipuna, who did the deed ❤


Our little town has been awesome to live in … aside from the obvious … The Beach … its usually pretty quiet. Every town has it’s ups and downs, and this place is no different, but overall it’s small and quiet … just like I like it.

I’ve loved being here … it’s been way more ‘healing’ (believe it or not …) than virtually anything else I’ve tried.

I guess you don’t realise how noisy and busy everything around us is until you take it all away. It’s so quiet out here at  night, you could literally hear a pin drop. And dark! Theres hardly any street lights so you can see the stars at night … bright as!

Can you feel the downside coming?


Something we didn’t realise when we moved here, is because it’s a ‘holiday’ town, as in, cunts from miles around, come here to get away from all the aforementioned noise and pollution and lights, 3 to 4 times a year. They come, they take over, leave their rubbish and piss off again. That I can manage … sort of.

The down, down side, is the property vultures. Houses go up for sale and are sold like hotcakes round here. Apparently is wasn’t always like this, because holiday homes (very small, modest houses) were family owned and whole families would come once a year, enjoy themselves, their neighbours, their surroundings.

Now they’re building big ass mansions along the shorelines, where they’re bound to get swept away first if there was ever a storm big enough. Property developers and are knocking shit down, carving shit up and selling shit off.

Why my angst?

As renters, with a good history of renting … none of that means shit here! In town property owners usually want long term tenants that are going to look after their rentals. Here, you’d be lucky to find a house that is permanent for more than 2 years.

Which brings Me to this:

Today we have a property appraiser coming through our rental to take photos. First sign of the house going on the market.

It seems that our landlord, who has been lovely, has gotten abit spooked by the housing shift that is happening at the moment and is thinking about selling this place to pay off the mortgage on his other place.

I would too if it was mine.

But where does that leave Us?

The same position we were in 2 1/2 years ago.

There is nothing to rent out here at the moment, and while I am quietly freaking out, at least I don’t feel as crap as when it happened last time. We got this place about 5 days before we were due to leave our other place. That was some freaky deaky shit!

I haven’t quite gotten to the place where I can say: Oh this is exciting … a new adventure!

But I’m working on it ❤

so my love of the rain has been stretched to almost the utmost limit …

“Why?” I hear you friendly fellows and fellowesses ask …” we thought you absolutely whole heartedly loved loved loved the rain! You bleat on enough about it …*insert eyeball roll emoji*”.

Yes well …

It pissed down hardcore last night and I had just enjoyed a few puddles and soaking up the wet goodness … go into our lounge room to get my drink and there is a river of water over flowing from the bottom of our ranch slider doors, into our lounge room.

Ok. Cool. I can deal with this. Towels are down and the water is still pouring in … “calm the farm … and breathe …”

I head off to the bathroom and find the contents of all outlets pipes bubbling up through the shower, the toilet and the bath tub … Ok, calm … still breathing.

I make the call to the property people and get some tart who gets the address wrong who rings a plumber twat who obviously doesn’t want to make a buck and … “ohhh, I can’t do much … ” code for: I can’t be bothered coming out 9 pm on a sunday night!”

So this morning we have flooded carpets in the lounge room, with 3 industrial heaters and a dehumidifier going, drying that shit out.

Guess what?

They sound like two aeroplanes starting up and they’re as hot as fuck!

So I’m trying to calm my feng shui … look at the positive … still looking btw …and in the meantime I’ve set up camp in our back room (usually ‘The Man Cave’). Oh and did I mention the humidity today is 54 with a temp of 24 and rising and the rain is still persisting 🙂 And the old hot flushes are coming fast and thick … 5 so far today … and I’m still sweating like a rapist!

Fun times.

Breathing, breathing …. breathing some more!!!





I know I know … but are we not all guilty of this … hmm ? ?

#meme reads:

My favourite thing about being an adult is avoiding going to the doctors until I need to be hospitalised.