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one small victory …

Posted on my FB page:

One small victory for OUR children, everywhere.

And a large fucking warning to kiddie fucker porn scum everywhere: I’ll find you bastards!!

Links below are where you can also report anything dodgy relating to child abuse.

Don’t be one of those waa waa people that say they don’t like child exploitation – rape – abuse – and then do nothing but complain about it over a cup of tea with your mates.

1. Take a screenshot / save the URL.
2. Report it to FB – note it as ‘ I think it shouldn’t be on FB’ – ‘It’s sexually explicit’
Web and FB:
3. Put URL into

Check with :

4. Report to
(at the bottom of this site you can report websites)

5. Save all correspondence.

Again: Your welcome.

You can also donate to
These poor bastards get to view this sort of filth everyday: and you would think in this day and age they wouldn’t have to be scrambling for money to make the job easier … but they are.
And for every site they remove, others pop up somewhere else, photos are kept and exchanged and perps go undetected.

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survival hints. your welcome.

  1. Charge your cell phone before night-time and before you go out.

2.   Have a ‘get away’ pack with you all the time.

Pack should include:





Car keys

Cell phone, charger



Bottle of water

(all in a plastic bag)

3.  Know all exists in every room.

4.  Have a weapon within arms reach.

5.  Your best defence is your voice; use it.

[While PTSD is a bitch, its taught me things that your average peep doesn’t take into consideration – how to survive in the meanest of circumstances with minimal resources at hand.]

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